Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C172 War of Tongue Officials(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C172 War of Tongue Officials(1)
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C172 War of Tongue Officials(1)

This logical view immediately silenced the noisy study. The old Imperial Uncle also fell silent. His old face, which had experienced the vicissitudes of life, was completely red. The corner of his mouth was tightly pursed as he remained silent.

As for the others, they were all drenched in cold sweat. They had only seen the benefits on the surface, but they had never thought that a single move would affect their entire body. There would be so much trouble in the future.

At that instant, they looked at the young and promising Minister of Works. They suddenly remembered that this Liu Wenqing seemed to have been personally promoted by Prince Xu. In other words, he was Prince Xu's man! Then, didn't his words represent Prince Xu's meaning?

Initially, they thought that it was extremely immoral for Prince Xu to be angry over a beauty in Chenggan Palace. But now, they felt that perhaps it was because Prince Xu had thought it through thoroughly that he would make such a move!

However, there was still an extremely stubborn person in the end. The old prince was momentarily at a loss for words, then immediately shouted with great anger, "What nonsense! Who ordered you to scare people here?! As a subordinate of mine, Lin Feng, to actually be so cowardly and cowardly, what kind of major thing can be accomplished like this? That Lan Xuehan is only a lowly civilian woman. Even if she is Old Man Tianshan's disciple, so what? Can she compare to a country's Crown Princess?

Furthermore, it was not like they were going to give up on the marriage. Instead, they were going to let Crown Princess be the official consort, and she was just a side consort. This is already a great honor for her. If she is smart, she should be grateful."

The tone of the voice was arrogant. When Lan Xuehan was mentioned, it was like charity, full of arrogance!

At this time, a clear and cold voice suddenly came from outside the door, but it carried an endless chill. "The old prince really has a big tone. Jin actually doesn't know when Shi Jin's private matters can be decided by others?"

The people inside felt that it was clearly the beginning of May, but it was even colder than the winter and the winter. They felt a chill in their hearts. As soon as he finished speaking, the door to the Imperial Study was slowly pushed open. A man dressed in white clothes that was as white as snow, with a face that was as poetic as a painting, had a slightly cold expression. The space between his brows was clear and distant. The temperament of the high clouds made people unable to help but worship him. The demeanor of a king who looked down on the world carried endless elegance and nobility.

The moment Dongfang Jin appeared, Dongfang Cong narrowed his turbid old eyes. An unnatural expression flashed across his face. His eyes shifted, but he didn't look at ___. Many of the ministers sitting there were like this, not daring to look directly at Dongfang Jin. First, it was because he was full of elegance. Second, it was because they disagreed with each other!

After Dongfang Jin came, he elegantly sat in his seat, and then swept his gaze across the people below. Finally, he fixed his gaze on Dongfang Cong.

"The old prince hasn't seen you for a long time, and you're still as strong as before. It's just that you have too much time to worry, and it's easy for your health to not be good. Jin is still hoping that the old prince can live longer, so that he can watch Jin and Xuehan live happily for the rest of their lives!"

As soon as these words came out, Dongfang Cong immediately felt that the fury in his heart was soaring. He was originally the senior with the highest seniority, even Emperor Wenjing gave him some face. However, he couldn't stand being choked by a brat who hadn't even reached the top yet.

Dongfang Cong tried his best to ignore the pressure he felt when facing Dongfang Jin. His eyes were burning with anger. Then, he shouted loudly, "King Xu, I am an elder after all. Is this how you treat your elders? Who taught you to be so rude? Don't you know to respect your elders?"

Upon hearing this, Dongfang Jin looked indifferently at the furious Dongfang Cong. Then he calmly said, "What does the old prince mean by this? Jin respectfully wishes the old prince a long life. Could it be wrong? Also, Jin's etiquette will naturally be given to the person who should be given it. Does the old prince think you can afford it?"

His voice was pleasant to the ear, and his tone was calm and leisurely. However, the words he spoke carried a unique sense of nobility and unruliness.

When the old prince heard this, his chest heaved up and down in anger. Veins popped up on his forehead, but he had nothing to say. Because Dongfang Jin's words reminded him that when Dongfang Jin was given the title of "Young Master Wushuang," he was promised by the Emperor that he would not kneel to the Son of Heaven. He would never bow to his father if he died. If he let Dongfang Jin bow to him, wouldn't that mean that he would secretly express that he was even more honorable than the Emperor?

Dongfang Cong eased up a little and decided not to bicker with Dongfang Jin about this trivial matter. He said with a bad expression, "You have come at the right time. We are discussing the marriage between you and the Zihua Country. Now that you have come, let's set a date!"

This sentence was very decisive and there was no room for negotiation in his tone. However, he did not expect that Dongfang Jin was not someone else. Naturally, he would not allow Dongfang Jin to make such an arbitrary decision!

"I reckon that the old prince was not around a few days ago, so I did not hear what Qing Jin said in Cheng Qian Hall earlier. Since that's the case, Jin might as well say it again. I hope that everyone present will remember!

In Jin's life, she will only marry Lan Xuehan alone. Only this one wife, the only consort!"

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