Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C173 Words of War(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C173 Words of War(2)
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C173 Words of War(2)

This is no doubt provoking Dongfang Cong's anger again. He slammed the table. Then, his eyes widened in anger as he said loudly, "Insolent! You are the son of the Imperial Family, the direct descendant of the Emperor. How can you only marry one wife? This was nonsense. Not to mention the people of Linfeng Country, even the royal family will not agree!"

Facing Dongfang Cong's furious roar, Dongfang Jin's face was pale and his brows were cold. Without any change in expression, he sneered. Heh, does the old prince think that Jin is the Zhao family that you all forced back then? Then you are too old to admit defeat! I have been struggling with life and death for so many years, if in the end I still have to be manipulated by you all... Wouldn't that be wasting my master's painstaking teachings for nothing? You've borne the great reputation for so many years in vain? "

His tone was cold, causing many people's facial expression to change, especially those who were related to the Imperial Family. Their pupils contracted as they stared at Dongfang Jin, as if they wanted to see how cruel and ruthless his appearance was!

When Emperor Wenjing, who was standing on top of Dongfang Jin, heard Dongfang Jin's cold words, his already pale face became even paler and weaker. His eyes were deep and deep, and there were traces of desolation and sadness in his eyes.

Was he going to attack?

Glancing indifferently at the expressions of the people around him, Dongfang Jin then said, "As for the marriage alliance with the Zihua Country, everyone should save it! Thinking about it, before this king came, he should have explained the pros and cons clearly. Then I will ask, if it is a marriage alliance with the Zihua Country... It will lead to the counterattack of Holy Snow and Xiyue. At that time, with the current strength of the Linfeng Country... Will they be able to resist the counterattack of the two countries?"

This question really stunned the people below. Those officials who had previously advocated marriage lowered their heads and did not speak. Their faces turned red.

Shangguan Lan, Dongfang Lyi and the others looked at everyone's embarrassment with evil smiles in their eyes. Shangguan Lan naturally helped Lan Xuehan, while Dongfang Lyi stood on Dongfang Jin's side. Therefore, the two of them were surprisingly on the same side.

After a long while, a royal relative asked softly, "Then what if Zihua Country and other countries get married through marriage? Then wouldn't the Linfeng Country be no match for them? Besides, although the four countries looked peaceful on the surface, there were already many conflicts in private. Especially during these years, the Holy Snow Country and the Linfeng Country had always been at war at the border. Most importantly, a hundred years ago, there was a prophecy made by an expert. The unification of the world will happen a hundred years later. Furthermore, it was said that the goddess with the Zi Wei Life Providence would appear at this moment. Those who obtain the Goddess will obtain the world! "

The latter part of the sentence was said to be a secret between the four kingdoms, but it caused the expressions of everyone present to change. Shangguan Lan's peach blossom eyes, which were originally smiling, were filled with coldness and coldness. The smile at the corner of his mouth was filled with a chill that caused one's heart to palpitate. He looked at Dongfang Jin with a sharp gaze.

A dark light flashed across Dongfang Jin's eyes. In an instant, his expression changed. It was so fast that people thought it was an illusion. Dongfang Xiao, who had been silent all this time, looked at Dongfang Jin unwillingly. He saw that Dongfang Jin did not have the intention to speak. First, his expression relaxed, then traces of doubt appeared in his eyes.

Why did he not tell the truth? He said Lan Xuehan was the goddess!

But no matter what his plans were, it would be best if he didn't tell her. Even if he had nothing now, he didn't want to see Dongfang Jin so proud of himself!

"Beiming Yu and Nangong Feng are naturally not fools. Don't tell me they didn't think of it? Besides, it's still a question whether Crown Princess from the Zihua Country can secure this position! What qualifications does she have to be this king's wife? Furthermore, the flames of war had long separated the world. It was just that they were all waiting for an opportunity! Even without the words of the Goddess, the flames of war that rose from all over the world were unavoidable. This King also wishes to see the peace that has been broken for the past hundred years be broken. What exactly is the situation in this world?"

Dongfang Jin's voice was calm, but it carried the demeanor of a king that was unique to him.

Under the heavens, not only was the structure of the four kingdoms changing, there were also hidden families that had existed for hundreds of years. It was time for those families that thought they were superior and could control the life and death of others to withdraw from history!

Dongfang Jin's eyes were filled with bloodthirsty killing intent, and his body was filled with endless coldness and coldness.

The Imperial Reading Room fell silent in an instant, especially Dongfang Jin's prediction of Xi Moyue. It made them smell Dongfang Jin's decisiveness in killing the Wang Family. Perhaps, Dongfang Jin had already arranged everything before they could react. Then, he looked coldly at the ridiculous jokes of others.

In the end, Emperor Wenjing and Dongfang Zuo returned with nothing. This incident had made them realize that Dongfang Jin was no longer someone they could control!

Dongfang Jin saw Shangguan Lan at the entrance of the palace. He still looked as unruly as before. However, the coldness in his eyes could not be ignored. It was just like how he had asked Dongfang Jin about Lan Xuehan's true feelings back in the Dream Life Pavilion.

Walking in front of Dongfang Jin, Shangguan Lan asked with a firm tone, "Did you already know about this long ago? Is everything now your scheme?"

Dongfang Jin knew what he was talking about, but his eyes were calm. He then curled his lips and said, "If I want this world, do I need to rely on a woman and a prophecy? From the beginning until the end, I only want one of her! "

"Huh, one of her? Then why did you leave her unconscious in Lanhua Pavilion and ignore her?" Shangguan Lan only asked for the truth from Dongfang Jin. He also knew that Dongfang Jin was a natural king. It was an insult to him that he disdained to use a woman to achieve his goal!

However, no matter how he and Lan Xuehan played tricks on each other, he could not bear to see Lan Xuehan suffer any grievances. For example, Dongfang Jin's cold shoulder this time!

"This is between me and her. It has nothing to do with you!" After Dongfang Jin finished speaking, he got into the carriage and ignored the angry Shangguan Lan behind him.

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