Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C174 The Two of Them Made Up(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C174 The Two of Them Made Up(1)
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C174 The Two of Them Made Up(1)

The evening sky gradually darkened. The dim yellow lights lit up the Lanhua Pavilion, making the exquisite and luxurious room appear even more hazy and dreamlike. The evening wind blew past, blowing away the heat of the early summer. A faint fragrance slowly flowed through the air. It was very pleasant to smell.

Lan Xuehan had already slept for a few days and felt her entire body aching. Hence, when it was evening, she let Liuyun and Yi help her out for a walk. Liuyun and Yi were worried about her body and in the May weather, she was forced to wear a pure white cloak. Although it was not as good as the light smoke cloud, it was still a rare treasure.

Liuyun looked at Lan Xuehan's indifferent and weak face as she walked and her eyes were perturbed. Her expression was conflicted and after a long time, she hesitantly opened her mouth and said, "Miss, are you angry with His Royal Highness? Actually, His Royal Highness did not have a good time these few days. He heard from Mo Xing that His Highness's health was not good to begin with. He had just gotten out of bed three days ago and was in a bad mood. He raised his hand and chopped a large piece of bamboo outside the Bamboo Garden. He activated his inner energy and did not rest well. During the day, he accompanied the envoys of the three countries to inspect. He stayed in the study all night at night. He only meditated and cultivated in the morning. That was why he looked no different from usual!

Actually, Liuyun did not have any other intentions when she said these things. She just hoped that you would be fine with His Royal Highness. Liuyun had been by His Highness's side since young. His Highness had suffered a lot over the years. Originally, he thought that His Royal Highness, who was far away from the mortal world, would never be tempted by another woman in this lifetime. However, he did not expect that Miss would appear. We all saw it in our eyes. The Royal Highness is truly good to you. He was protecting you from the pain of placing you at the tip of his heart.

However, although his Royal Highness was highly respected by the world, it shocked the Nine States. However, he was still very unfamiliar with it. Sometimes, what the Royal Highness did for the Young Miss was not for us to speak too much. He only silently arrange everything for the Young Miss. Young Miss, Liuyun was clear that the reason why His Highness was angry this time was because the Young Miss hurt her body because of him. That was why she was angry. The Royal Highness had always been very protective of the Miss. He was always cautious and careful. He was afraid that something would happen to the Young Miss, but this time, the Young Miss was injured because of his Royal Highness. That's why the Royal Highness did this."

Lan Xuehan's expression was calm as she listened to Liuyun's words, but her heart could not suppress the heartache that filled her limbs and bones. Did Dongfang Jin not know his own body? He had just recovered a little, yet he did not cherish her so much? Was he torturing himself, or was he using him to take revenge on others?

Her breathing became even more turbid and her heart was filled with mixed feelings! She actually understood what Liuyun meant. Dongfang Jin protected her and did not want her to be hurt in the slightest. She understood and was very touched. However, she had told him long ago that she wasn't willing to stay behind him. In terms of love, she wanted to stand on the same level as him. Only this kind of love would last for a long time, and only then would it be valuable!

She remembered that she had read a book before, and there was a saying in it: The true long-term love is that a man appreciates a woman, and a woman admires a man!

She felt that what she said was absolutely right. Dongfang Jin could not bear to see her get hurt, so could she turn a blind eye to him who was seriously injured?

It was the same as before. If she had to do it again, she would still do it!

"Liuyun, I understand what you mean! Don't worry, I won't be angry with him. I know why he is angry about this matter, but I have my bottom line and principles. This point will never change no matter what! "

Liuyun and Lan Xuehan had been together for these few days and naturally knew Lan Xuehan's character. In her heart, Lan Xuehan's appearance was as beautiful as a city, and she was extremely intelligent. She was decisive in handling matters and had her own bottom line and principles. Her personality was also the best. Lan Xuehan was completely different from the women of this era. She was like the Empyrean Goddess from the Nine Heavens Jade Lake. Every move she made was filled with a magnificent charm that could make people submit to her.

She truly respected such a young lady. From the bottom of her heart, she also felt that only such a young lady was qualified to stand shoulder to shoulder with her Royal Highness. Standing!

Just as she opened her mouth and wanted to speak. A low, pleasant, and clear voice rang out. It was gentle and gentle, but it carried an unconcealable hostility.

"Then, tell me, what is your bottom line and principle? Is it to hurt yourself to help me? Is it to stab a knife into my heart? Lan Xuehan, when you are doing this, have you thought about my feelings? "

Lan Xuehan looked towards the source of the voice and saw the elegant and peerless man carrying the Twilight on his back. There was a coldness that was hard to ignore on her beautiful face, and there was a trace of gloominess between her brows. His misty eyes carried the silence of the night, but when he looked at Lan Xuehan's weak face, a trace of worry flashed across his heart. Pain!

Lan Xuehan also did not expect that the person who had neglected her for three days would appear at this time. Furthermore, even if she did not leave Lanhua Pavilion today, Liuyun and the others had already told her his whereabouts. Didn't they say that he went to the Palace? She thought that at least she would not be able to see him for the next few days!

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