Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C176 Spring in the Room(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C176 Spring in the Room(1)
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C176 Spring in the Room(1)

The next morning, when the sun shone through the window into the house, when it hit Lan Xuehan's eyelashes that were as long as butterfly wings, a gentle shadow was projected. Her delicate and glistening red lips slightly curled up and her peerless face had traces of red. It was quiet and beautiful.

Feeling the sunlight shining on her, she hugged Dongfang Jin and frowned unhappily. Then she turned her head and found a comfortable place to sleep with light on her back. She then continued to sleep!

Dongfang Jin leaned on the bed. His white shirt made him look as handsome as jade. He looked at Lan Xuehan's rare lovable posture and a gentle smile on her face that was as poetic as a painting. When his gaze shifted to her slender and fair neck, his clear eyes instantly became deep. His pupils shrank and were dyed with a thick fiery light!

Red plum blossoms bloomed on her fair neck, extending all the way to an addicting place. His jade-like skin emitted a refreshing fragrance as his inner clothes, which were the same color as his, spread out slightly. A large piece of delicate skin was revealed, and it was covered with his marks.

Dongfang Jin narrowed his eyes. He had almost gotten himself into trouble last night. The self-control that he had always been proud of had disappeared without a trace in front of her. Fortunately, he had finally managed to hold on at the last step!

It was not that he was unwilling, but he had already made preparations. He was always prepared to be responsible for her for the rest of her life. However, although she was moved last night, there was still some confusion and uneasiness in her eyes. Because of this, he forcefully suppressed the burning desire in his heart.

He respected her, so he would not let her have a grudge because of a moment of greed. This was not what he wanted to see. Besides, he also hoped to leave the most beautiful thing between the two of them for the wedding night. At that time, she would be the most beautiful bride in the world!

Thinking of this, Dongfang Jin felt that he should ask them where the matter that he instructed them to go! After all, this was the wedding between her and him, so he naturally had to give her the best in the world!

Looking at the time outside, Dongfang Jin's eyes flashed with joy. How could he not know that she was extremely angry when she woke up? But she still had something to do today. He really could not delay any longer. Originally, he had planned to let Lan Xuehan rest in the Manor, but with her character of watching a show, it would be a pity if he missed it. Furthermore, if he was the only one who saw the results of his hard work last night... Wouldn't that be too wasteful? He should let those who coveted her take a good look. She was already his person. It would be best if she did not have any thoughts that she should not have, right?

He picked up Lan Xuehan's scattered black hair and swept it across her face. Lan Xuehan's eyes were tightly shut, but she frowned and slapped down the source of her displeasure. However, she still felt an itch on her face. She opened her hazy eyes reluctantly, and then glared at Dongfang Jin with anger in her eyes. She let go of his waist and turned around. She said, "Dongfang Jin, you're not going to let anyone sleep if you don't want to. Don't you know it's immoral to disturb other people's sleep? "

Dongfang Jin saw her turn around and planned to go back to sleep. When he heard her grumble unhappily, his jade-like handsome face flashed an intoxicating smile. Then he lowered his head and whispered into her ear, "Alright, it's already late in the morning, it's time to get up! In today's Four Nations Banquet, everyone would perform their own duties. Fighting for excellence, don't you want to go and take a look?"

Dongfang Jin's warm breath swept past Lan Xuehan's ears. She trembled slightly. Instantly, half of her sleepiness disappeared and she heard what Dongfang Jin said. She just remembered that the most exciting part of the Four Countries pageant was when the various countries competed with each other. It was indeed worth watching.

In Dongfang Jin's eyes, she was silently ignoring him. A rare evil light flashed in his eyes. Then he reached out and hugged Lan Xuehan's soft body. He opened his mouth and held her small ears. He whispered, "Still not willing to get up? Then I will call you in a different way."

This was where Lan Xuehan was most sensitive. Dongfang Jin's words here could make her tremble. Not to mention that he had acted so rashly. Lan Xuehan felt as if she was being roasted. Her whole body was slightly red. Her heart was also like a kitten that had scratched it. It was itchy but also nervous and shy.

She could not help but roll over according to Dongfang Jin's strength and subconsciously pushed him. She whispered, "Don't!" Her tone was charming and had a craziness to it.

When Dongfang Jin heard this, his eyes darkened. He took advantage of the opportunity to hold her delicate lips, drowning all of her words in this incomparably gentle but lingering kiss.

After a long time, Dongfang Jin finally let go of Lan Xuehan's lips. However, when he saw that her brows were filled with ripples of spring, he almost could not control himself. He glanced at her slightly, then his voice was extremely hoarse and low. "Are you going to wake up now? "

Lan Xuehan's three souls and seven souls were gone from his kiss and she almost choked on this kiss. When she heard Dongfang Jin's voice, she immediately became angry from embarrassment and said," Dongfang Jin, I usually see you with a gentle and elegant appearance. I didn't expect you to be so rash. I should let those girls who worship you come and see what kind of big tail wolf you are on the surface!"

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