Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C177 A Room of Spring(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C177 A Room of Spring(2)
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C177 A Room of Spring(2)

Dongfang Jin looked at the girl in his arms. Her face was red, and her eyes were filled with charm and emotions. His heart was extremely soft, and it was filled with happiness and gratitude.

He hugged her and said with a smile, "They are not you. Naturally, they won't see me like this. However, you are still lying on the bed. Do you want to do it again?"

After saying that, he acted as if he was going to suppress it again. Lan Xuehan was instantly shocked and then hurriedly pushed him. She said with a rather disgusted tone, "Get up quickly. You are pressing me down, how can I get up?"

Dongfang Jin saw the nervousness and shyness in her eyes that were about to be covered up and smiled knowingly. Then he got up and lifted the blanket. He took the cloud brocade white clothes from the bedside and elegantly put them on. He indeed did not dare to get angry again. If he were to do it again... He could not guarantee that he would still be so rational and restrained!

After he finished packing, he walked to the front of the cabinet and picked an extremely elegant blue dress for Lan Xuehan. He reached out and handed it to her and said to Lan Xuehan, "Get up quickly! I will first wash up and order breakfast at the same time."

Lan Xuehan lowered her head and reached out to take the clothes from his hands. Then she made a barely audible sound of "En" and no longer looked at Dongfang Jin. But the blush on her ears still allowed Dongfang Jin to clearly see and understand.

He smiled happily and then ordered Liuyun, who was waiting outside, to start preparing breakfast and toiletries.

After Dongfang Jin finished packing, Lan Xuehan was already sitting by the dressing table. Dongfang Jin walked over very familiarly, picked up the comb, and tied Lan Xuehan's hair up.

When Liuyun brought breakfast in, she saw this extremely warm scene. The corners of her mouth curled into a smile. The young lady and the prince were really a match made in heaven. The two of them got along gently. One could also see the love between the two of them in the most ordinary of small matters. Just this pair of mirrors and makeup alone, could there be a man in the world who could do this for the person he loved? However, the prince who was revered as a god had done it. There was not the slightest bit of discord. He did it just like that!

However, the originally warm scene was dispersed by Lan Xuehan's gnashing teeth in hatred. Dongfang Jin had just finished inserting the last hairpin. Lan Xuehan's voice was heard, "Dongfang Jin, can you tell me what is going on? "

Lan Xuehan pointed at the obvious kiss mark on her neck. Her eyes were filled with sparks and she asked the calm Dongfang Jin behind her.

Dongfang Jin had a smile on his face, but he really wanted to beat her up. He said," Lan Xuehan, I also have a lot on me. Why don't you ask yourself? Besides, I was scratched by someone last night. It still hurts now!"

Liuyun, who had not retreated in time, blushed when she heard this. Although she usually did not say anything, she had never touched upon such matters between men and women. Furthermore, the person who said these words with a calm face was their great king. How could she accept this? However, it seemed that the prince and the young lady had done a good deed last night!

Lan Xuehan also did not expect Dongfang Jin to be so shameless. She immediately raised her eyebrows. With a red face, she said, "Stop talking nonsense. Seriously, how can a serious person be so shameless? Dongfang Jin, I really saw you for nothing!"

"There's no need to look at me for nothing. Didn't you see everything last night? Have you touched enough?" A certain someone was still as calm as ever.

"Pffft." This time, Liuyun completely could not hold it in anymore. She actually saw such a prince? If it wasn't for his elegant appearance, she would really have thought that the prince in front of her was impersonated.

This sound immediately woke Lan Xuehan up. She turned her face and saw the blushing Liuyun. She immediately felt that her heart was about to die.

"That, Liuyun, don't misunderstand. Your prince hasn't woken up yet. He's a little confused!" Lan Xuehan's face carried black lines and embarrassment as she explained to Liuyun.

Before Liuyun could say anything, she heard Dongfang Jin leisurely say, "That's right. Last night was too tiring. He is not very clear-headed now!"

Oh! Too tired? Too tired? Liuyun felt that she did not hear wrongly, right? She immediately squeezed her eyebrows and quickly said, "Your Highness, this servant will now go to the kitchen and order the kitchen to boil some chicken soup to supplement you and the young miss!"

Finished speaking, just as she was about to go out, she heard Dongfang Jin's gentle voice sounding, "Put it down now! Instruct the kitchen to prepare it and wait for us to come back tonight before drinking! "Liuyun replied and ran out to do it.

Lan Xuehan, who was left behind, had a dark expression. She seemed to have heard the angry roar in her heart. "Dongfang Jin, who allowed you to ruin my reputation like this? Also, how can I go out and meet people like this?"

Dongfang Jin heard what she said and his eyes slightly narrowed. His eyes instantly became gloomy and deep. "You are my fiancee. You are going to be my wife soon. Don't tell me you have other thoughts?"

Lan Xuehan was just depressed and did not seem to be angry. What she said just now was a bit out of her mind. She always knew that although Dongfang Jin looked strong, he lacked a sense of security. This sentence undoubtedly provoked him.

However, she could not lower her head to him now. She only lowered her voice and said with a depressed expression, "No, I don't have any other thoughts. However, Dongfang Jin, how am I going to get out today?"

Dongfang Jin also saw her giving in, and his eyes flashed with a trace of light. He then cleverly took out a white jade porcelain bottle. "Apply the things inside and cover them. However, this thing is not waterproof. It will be fine as long as there is no water."

Lan Xuehan's eyes revealed joy, and then she quickly got Dongfang Jin to apply it on her. Finally, the first morning after the two of them reconciled could be considered to have ended in an earth-shattering manner!

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