Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C178 Art of War and Strategy(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C178 Art of War and Strategy(1)
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C178 Art of War and Strategy(1)

The Four Nations pageant has always been a display of the strength of the four nations, and the main content is the art of war and strategy... Ride! The archery of horses and the competition of martial arts were naturally a stage for the males to show their true colors. If they won, they would become famous and everyone in the world would know. And the country that he represented would naturally be extremely glorious.

Therefore, the people from various countries were naturally looking forward to this highlight. This year, it was held by the Linfeng Country. The scene would be as grand as it could be. Furthermore, Emperor Wenjing had specially allowed officials above the rank of rank two official to go with their families. As a result, Lan Xuehan saw the unique style of the entire training ground as soon as she stepped out of the carriage. Her colorful dress fluttered in the wind, and she was adorned with a green ring. She was a stunning beauty!

Dongfang Jin had always been the center of attention, even though he had already said that he would only marry one wife in his lifetime. However, he still could not resist the fierce gazes of those noble ladies. Therefore, as soon as his carriage arrived, everyone's gaze gathered on this side.

When they saw the peerless man who had taken over the sky and merged with the water, they turned around and gently pulled the woman out of the carriage. That jade like handsome face was overflowing with a gentle smile. These women's eyes were filled with sharp envy and hatred as they shot their gazes towards Lan Xuehan.

In their hearts, Prince Xu, who was like a god, was actually willing to only marry one wife for Lan Xuehan's entire life. This kind of deep affection was something that they did not even dare to imagine. They had always hoped that as long as they could enter the Duke Xu's Palace, even if it was a concubine, she would be willing. However, they never expected that in the end, there would actually be someone who would obtain His Highness's love and honor. Such a comparison, how could they not envy and hate Lan Xuehan?

However, Lan Xuehan would not pay attention to them. Her eyes that were as bright as stars contained a smile, and the corners of her mouth was still that lazy smile. After getting off the carriage, she stood by Dongfang Jin's side just like that. Her elegance was comparable to Dongfang Jin's, and she was born a pair!

When Beiming Yu saw these two people, he felt a dull pain in his heart. However, there was nothing unusual on his face. His elegant and delicate face was still cold and hard. He slowly walked to Dongfang Jin and casually swept his gaze across Lan Xuehan, who was beside him. Then, a cold voice sounded, "Prince Xu, Bengong is looking forward to today's competition. This might be the first battle between you and me!"

Dongfang Jin's gentle smile did not change, but his eyes were filled with respect and seriousness. "This king is also the same. It is lonely at the top. Only those who have opponents will not be lonely. Isn't that so? Besides, the flames of war had spread all over the place. The peaceful surface of their relationship had long been devastated. It's time to settle this, so that we can give the people a true peaceful era!"

"Prince Xu is indeed kind and benevolent. He only wishes that in the end, no matter what the outcome of the person in positions of power is, the people will not suffer the pain of war anymore!" This sentence was plain, but it also contained the promise between kings and the welfare of the people!

"Good!" This was the synergy between them. No matter who won or lost in the end, in the end, they would treat each other's subjects well and give them a real paradise!

Lan Xuehan had always known that Dongfang Jin and Beiming Yu were born kings. Although they would sometimes use any means necessary to achieve their goals, they had great love in their hearts. A great love for the people of the world! This was their mission and also their responsibility!

Beiming Yu looked at the backs of Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan as they walked forward. There was a trace of sadness in his eyes, but it quickly flashed past and did not let anyone see it. After tidying up his emotions, he also followed.

The few of them came together and went to their seats. Lan Xuehan just realized that she and Dongfang Jin really did come a little late. Other than Emperor Wenjing who had yet to appear, all that should have come had come.

For example, Shangguan Lan, who had an evil smile in his eyes but still had traces of worry on his face as he looked at her, Nangong Feng, whose face was filled with disdain but could not control his emotions, Xi Moyue, who had hatred in her eyes, and Soong Xiaoyou, who had not seen him for many days!

However, Lan Xuehan genuinely felt that Soong Xiaoyou was definitely a figure. She was only called a princess because of her. But now, facing her, her eyes were calm. There was not the slightest bit of emotion that leaked out. It was really a change of her usual resentful appearance!

Lan Xuehan had a thought in her mind. Could it be that she still had something to rely on? Or did she really see through it?

She felt that she still leaned towards the former. After all, she was well-versed in the principle of calm before a storm!

Just as they sat down, Dongfang Xuan, who was beside them, came over. His eyes were still clear and cool. "Han, I heard that you have not been doing well these two days. Now it seems like that's not the case! But judging from your complexion, why? Is your body not fully recovered yet? "

His voice was low, so the others didn't pay attention to them. Dongfang Jin only took a glance and then glanced over. He sat there quietly and elegantly sipped his tea. From time to time, he would say a few words to Nangong Feng and the others beside him.

Lan Xuehan and Dongfang Xuan were close friends who shared a lot of interests with each other. Even though they were close to each other, they were still very close to each other. They had always been very honest. However, Lan Xuehan still felt that it was better to close the door between the two of them and settle the matter by herself. If she told others about it, it was inevitable that she felt a little awkward.

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