Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C179 Art of War Strategy(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C179 Art of War Strategy(2)
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C179 Art of War Strategy(2)

She cleared her throat, then smiled and said, "It's okay, it's okay. Previously, there was a slight friction, but now it was fine. As for my body, it's much better now. I'll be fine after resting for two more days! "

Dongfang Xuan was a carefree person. Seeing that Lan Xuehan did not want to say anything, he naturally would not chase after Lan Xuehan and ask again. He smiled and said to let her rest well, then did not say anything else.

Lan Xuehan agreed with a smile. Then she suddenly thought of a question, "Ah Xuan, didn't you always travel the Jianghu? Now that you are back, when do you plan to leave?"

Dongfang Xuan looked at her with a teasing look and said leisurely, "What? Do you want me to take you with me when I leave? Don't forget, you are going to be the bride soon. I don't want Third Brother to chase me to the ends of the earth!"

After saying that, he even shot a glance at Dongfang Jin, who was elegantly sipping his tea.

Lan Xuehan glanced at him sideways, curled the corners of her mouth, and said with disdain, "Do you think you can compare with Dongfang Jin? Can make me abandon him and leave with you?"

When Dongfang Xuan heard her, the smile on his face could not be hung. He looked at Lan Xuehan with a dangerous look. "We are good friends who have drunk before. Do you think it is appropriate to say that?"

"Haha, I am joking. I am joking. Ha! "Lan Xuehan waved her hand very smoothly. She naturally knew what Dongfang Xuan meant by this sentence. It was nothing more than using her absurd past to threaten her! This was too much! A man who was not frivolous was a waste of youth. Who did not have such a ridiculous matter?!

However, even though she was laughing, she still did not forget to ask Dongfang Xuan the question. "Seriously, I hope you can attend my wedding with you, Third Brother, before leaving. Isn't this too much?"

When Dongfang Xuan heard this, his face covered his unrestrained smile. His clear eyes were filled with sadness and sorrow. He said faintly, "I'm afraid I can't leave anymore!"

It was like a bird with broken wings mumbling with incomparable sadness, which made Lan Xuehan very uncomfortable when she heard it. She frowned and said, "What do you mean? How can I not be able to leave?"

"You also saw it. Once the Four Nation pageant is over, it only needs a turning point. The world's peace will be broken. I am the prince of Linfeng Country, and I have an unshirkable responsibility and mission. Although I want to travel around the world, my identity won't allow me to do so. Han, this is the sorrow of being born in the royal family, enjoying the supreme glory. You still have to give up everything you have. Otherwise, how can there be such a fair thing in this world?" Dongfang Xuan said it very calmly, but the sadness and helplessness in his eyes could not hide the yearning for freedom in his heart!

Lan Xuehan also became silent when she heard that. She did not know what to say. Because Dongfang Xuan understood very well, and she also understood very well. This was a responsibility and a mission that couldn't be shirked. A man couldn't live just for himself. With family, friends, subjects, there was a so-called responsibility!

Dongfang Xuan probably felt that what he said was a little too serious. He hid the sadness in his eyes. Then he smiled and said, "Alright, there will be a day when the dust settles in this world. At that time, if I am still alive, I will throw away all restraints. From now on, I will sail the mortal world, travel thousands of miles, and live only for myself! "

Lan Xuehan heard his words and understood his thoughts. She followed his words and said with a smile, "Yes, there will definitely be that day!"

They did not know that no matter how beautiful an imagination was, it was still just an imagination. In the end, they were no match for the constant erosion and erosion of the world. In the end, only this sentence was left to make the living suffer even more!

Just as they finished speaking, Emperor Wenjing came. After everyone bowed, he sat at the head seat and looked around sharply at the people below. When he saw Lan Xuehan and Dongfang Jin, his eyes went deep, but he did not say anything.

After exchanging greetings with Beiming Yu and the others, he instructed Lu Cheng to start the competition.

In the beginning, it was a competition of strategy and strategy. One of the countries appointed people would lead their troops and set up the formation according to the command of the commander. Then, he would let the other three countries break the formation. This competition was very fair, and it was equivalent to a simulated battlefield. Looking at the good boys below, filled with youth and blood, Lan Xuehan suddenly felt as if she had returned to the military camp in her previous life. Even her eyes emitted that kind of awe-inspiring military righteousness.

Obviously, Lan Xuehan was not the only one who felt this way. There was also Nangong Feng. He looked at Lan Xuehan with a warm smile in his eyes. The life in the military camp was the life she was most familiar with. It was a pity. She could not go back!

The order of the matches was decided by drawing lots, so the first one to set up the formation was the Xiyue Country. Looking at the formation below, Nangong Feng said with a smile, "Our country is ready. Let's see which country wants to break the formation first!"

Dongfang Jin and Beiming Yu were the kind of people who planned before making a move. Naturally, they were not in a hurry to break the formation. Xi Moyue, on the other hand, said proudly, "Let my Zihua Country come first!"

After she finished speaking, she made a hand gesture. The people below responded with a hand gesture and began to break the formation. The Zihua Country was worthy of being called the Womanland, so the people who went on stage were all women. But compared to the men, they were all men who were as strong as men. They did not have a trace of the delicate aura of a daughter's family, and they were all filled with an austere aura that came from the battlefield!

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