Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C18 Goodbye Jin Xue
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C18 Goodbye Jin Xue
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C18 Goodbye Jin Xue

Royan Curtain, white veil dancing. The room in front of them was luxurious and elegant. It was an ink painting of a distant green mountain. Tables and chairs made of high-quality sandalwood, and the air was filled with a fragrance that was like bamboo and snow. It made people feel as if they had stepped into a palace in the Nine Heavens, and they exclaimed in astonishment.

Lan Xuehan stood at the door and fixed her eyes on the slender figure behind the purple bamboo screen. It matched with the purple bamboo and seemed to seize the splendor of the sun and moon. With just one look, she felt that she had been reincarnated for tens of thousands of lives. This scene was like a painting.

Instantly, the torrent of memories crossed over time and rushed towards her. A familiar feeling lingered in Lan Xuehan's heart, as if the peerless boy from eight years ago had arrived in front of her again.

The sound of a clear jade sound rang out in the room, "There is a beauty in the south that is left behind and independent in this world. We haven't seen each other for eight years and Junior Sister's charm is even greater than that of the past. I wonder if Junior Sister still remembers me?"

As soon as she finished speaking, Lan Xuehan saw a scene that she would never forget in this lifetime.

The young and inexperienced man from eight years ago vanished, and his picturesque features were like a stroke of god. He was overflowing with peerless elegance, and his eyes that were like clear springs contained vast and profound wisdom. His white clothes were purer than snow, and the embroidered bamboo on his sleeves and neck seemed even more peerlessly elegant. Besides a piece of fine white jade at his waist, there was no more decoration, but the elegance and nobility in his bones made people feel that he was as far away as a mountain. He stopped like Jingyang.

When Lan Xuehan saw this scene, countless beautiful words flashed in her mind. But they were not enough to describe this person's elegance. Perhaps "Master Mo is like jade, Young Master is unparalleled in this world" was the best description of him. There really was a "bandit gentleman, like jade like the moon, like a chakram like grinding." But even though it was so elegant, Lan Xuehan could still feel the coldness and alienation in the depths of his soul.

In a moment of trance, Dongfang Jin had already walked in front of her. Concentrating and looking at her, a touch of amazement flashed in the depths of her clear eyes.

The polishing of time allowed her to accumulate the coldness and freedom of the Skysnow Mountain, and her beautiful eyes that were like stars were filled with the liveliness of the world. Her jade-like skin revealed a peerless elegance. Every frown and smile was a beauty that could topple cities. The lake blue muslin dress accentuated her elegant temperament. Her ink-like black hair was tied up by a few strands of pure white hair. It swayed with the wind, and the light and free aura caused his mind to tremble.

Lan Xuehan immediately recovered her senses. Her cherry lips curved slightly and she said with a smile, "I'm afraid senior brother is too modest. We haven't seen each other for eight years. I don't have to forget such an elegant senior brother. After all... It is probably very difficult to find someone like senior brother in this world, isn't it?"

Her brows raised slightly as she looked at Dongfang Jin with a mocking gaze.

Dongfang Jin heard her and raised the corner of his mouth slightly. His voice, which sounded like broken jade, carried a trace of undetectable joy as he said, "Senior brother is very fortunate to be praised by junior sister. Today, after learning that Junior Sister has successfully learned and left the mountain, I specially waited here. We haven't seen each other for eight years, so I want to know how far that girl who can turn the world upside down with her bare hands has grown. However, when she turns old, she doesn't bully me."

Lan Xuehan looked at the clear spring like eyes that reflected her peerless appearance. For a moment, she seemed to be in a trance. After a moment, she regained her clarity of mind, and in her heart, she scolded herself for being not firm and monstrous like him.

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