Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C180 The Formation Changes(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C180 The Formation Changes(1)
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C180 The Formation Changes(1)

Lan Xuehan was the commander of the special forces in her past life, so she did not look down on these female heroes at all. When her eyes swept across Dongfang Jin, Beiming Yu and the others, she clearly saw that their eyes were also filled with seriousness and seriousness. She did not look down on them at all because they were women.

That was true. If they looked down on her because of her gender, Dongfang Jin and Beiming Yu would be too superficial!

She looked away and quietly looked at the battle below. The soldiers of Xiyue Country were all full of courage, and their eyebrows showed the true colors of soldiers. The formation that they formed according to the orders of their commander might be novel to others. However, to Lan Xuehan, there was nothing strange about it. Because this formation was the same as the one used by soldiers in her previous life.

Six people in a group, three people attacking three people in defense. When fighting, it included group fighting, as well as the entire army. Thus, this formation was more perfect and perfect. On one hand, it reduced the number of deaths of soldiers. On the other hand, this formation had both offensive and defensive capabilities. It made it even more difficult for the enemy to break through.

Although this formation was very simple compared to those ancient formations. However, it was very suitable for battles because Nangong Feng used the characteristics of cold weapons in this era. This formation was integrated with many modern and military strategies and tactics. Therefore, to these ancient people who had never seen it before, naturally, it was very strange!

Dongfang Jin and Beiming Yu were no ordinary people. They could naturally tell how powerful the formation of Xiyue Country was with just a glance. Each of their eyes were filled with deep thought, and their brows were filled with a solemn expression. However, this formation was too simple and ordinary for the laymen. For example, Xi Moyue.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with pride. She glanced sideways at the leisurely smiling Nangong Feng. She sneered unhurriedly and said, "I heard that Prince Chen is also a figure among the Four Young Masters in the world. I originally thought that Prince Chen had something extraordinary about him. But I didn't think that it was just exaggerated by the people in the world!

If I remember correctly, the soldiers below are Prince Chen's personal soldiers, right? And they are the personal soldiers that Prince Chen personally trained. Then this formation is naturally Prince Chen's masterpiece? Such a simple and ordinary formation, Prince Chen was sure that they could defeat the Zihua Country?

In fact, Prince Chen didn't need to hide his true strength. He could use any big moves he had. This is a chance for the four kingdoms to spar with each other. If you keep a low profile, it won't be good if you lose!"

These words were spoken with extreme arrogance, as if they were certain that Nangong Feng would lose this time! In fact, she was not aiming for Nangong Feng. She just hated him for no reason. Because sometimes, the Qi that Nangong Feng revealed was very similar to that of her Second Imperial Sister. That slut was the person she hated the most in her life. She hated him so much that she wished she could skin and pull out her tendons in order to relieve the hatred in her heart. No, there was another one, Lan Xuehan!

When Nangong Feng heard her provocative words, he only smiled indifferently and did not refute. However, just because he did not refute did not mean that the people around him would also be silent.

They saw a very delicate looking young man with gloomy eyes. But with a sneer on his face, he said, "Crown Princess, only those who are weaker than others would compete for these meaningless arguments! Furthermore, you are the country's Crown Princess. Why are you like a long-tongued woman? Don't you feel that it is detrimental to your status as a country's princess?"

These words were ruthless, but no one could tell what was wrong with them. Xi Moyue's face immediately sank and her willowy eyebrows stood up, "You..."

Before she could speak, Nangong Feng, who had been silent all this time, cut her off. He smiled elegantly and said with disdain, "Ziran, you don't have to lower yourself to this kind of person. Otherwise, you will lose your value. Besides, dogs bite people, and they can bite flesh. When humans bite dogs, it is just a mouthful of fur! It's not worth it. "

These words were extremely insulting, but Xi Moyue did not have any room for rebuttal. She could only keep breathing to ease her anger. She glanced over and thought in her heart, Humph, I will let you laugh. If you lose later, you will not be able to laugh anymore!

Lan Xuehan naturally heard this dispute and laughed silently. Feng was still as venomous as ever. When it came to people who angered him, other than Mengyao and her, he would never show any mercy!

It was just that this Xi Moyue was really too stupid! As Crown Princess, she had the basic dignity, but it was just a show-off of Jin Xu! Not to mention that she was arrogant and gloomy. She also did not have a brain when doing things. She really did not know how she became a country's Crown Princess.

However, she heard that the Zihua Country also had an extremely talented Second Princess. However, according to rumors, this second princess is a person of character. She did not like power and power, and she traveled outside all day long. It was probably because of this that the First Princess took advantage of him!

Lan Xuehan only thought about it in a gossipy manner and did not have any other intentions. After all, this was a matter of another country and she would not worry about it.

She shifted her gaze to the teaching field below and quietly watched the battle below.

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