Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C181 The Formation Changed(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C181 The Formation Changed(2)
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C181 The Formation Changed(2)

At this point, it's almost the middle stage. Lan Xuehan looked at the formation of the girls from the Zihua Country below. There was a trace of confusion and disbelief on her face. There was a trace of nostalgia and excitement.

The soldiers of the Xiyue Country mostly followed the change of the formation, except for the small group moving. The rest were guarding their own positions. The women of the Zihua Country, in the beginning, mainly used the method to break out of the encirclement by breaking out one by one. But after such a long time, they probably didn't think it was possible. Therefore, they immediately used other tactics.

They divided the entire army into four, then attacked from the west in two. They attacked from the east. Originally, they had nothing to do with each other, but when the troops from the west arrived... They quickly split into three teams, two teams surrounding the soldiers. The other team immediately broke out of the Northern army with the returning Eastern troops. Such a diversion was truly good.

Most importantly, these women's movement techniques were not some martial arts technique at all. They were the most basic fighting and grabbing techniques in her and Nangong Feng's previous lives. No, to be more precise, it was an improved fighting and grabbing technique.

Seeing this, Lan Xuehan could not control her emotions anymore. She turned to look at Nangong Feng who was similarly excited. The two of them looked at each other and understood each other.

Lan Xuehan whispered to Nangong Feng, "Feng, it might be Mengyao!"

Among the three of them, only Mengyao was used to fighting and grabbing. Furthermore, the female disciples of Zihua Country displayed a change formation that they were familiar with. Every bit of this indicated that Mengyao might be in the Zihua Country!

However, even though Nangong Feng was excited, he still lost his rationality. He covered the anxious look in his eyes and replied to Lan Xuehan, "Don't be agitated. We have to take a look at this matter again. Even if it's Mengyao, we don't have to be anxious right now. Isn't it? Let's take a look first!"

Lan Xuehan also knew that what Nangong Feng said made sense. In this situation, it's not suitable for any accidents to happen. She did her best to suppress her surging emotions and then picked up the teacup on the table. She drank a mouthful to suppress the churning emotions in her heart.

Although Dongfang Jin looked at the training ground below, he still paid some attention to her. From the moment she saw the formation of the Zihua Country's female, her eyes were filled with the same excitement she had when she saw the female in the Dream Life Pavilion. He made a fuss in his heart. It seemed like there was another old friend of hers that he could find! However, it seemed like this old friend had an inseparable relationship with the Zihua Country.

Thinking of this, a dark light flashed across Dongfang Jin's eyes, but no one saw it. On the other side, Nangong Feng's unrestrained and unrestrained voice rang out. "May I know which expert has trained these soldiers of the Zihua Country? Such agility can be considered very good!"

This sentence made many people confused. Especially Feng Ziran. His handsome face was still young, but the killing intent in his eyes could not be ignored. He frowned, "Talking to this kind of person, aren't you afraid of losing your value?"

Feng Ziran was the nephew of the Empress of Xiyue Country, and also Nangong Feng's cousin. He had grown up with Nangong Feng since young, and was very close to him. Therefore, there were no formalities between the two of them, so they were very casual with their words.

He was dissatisfied with Xi Moyue slandering Nangong Feng just now, so naturally, he did not want to bother with that woman anymore. However, Nangong Feng took the initiative to talk to her, and this was something he could not accept!

Nangong Feng ignored his dissatisfied gaze and gave him a warning look, indicating for him to shut up. He was as anxious as Lan Xuehan and urgently wanted to know some clues about Mengyao.

Even though he was with that devil. The two of them had always hated seeing two people and quarreled as soon as they saw each other. However, regarding Mengyao, the worry he gave was definitely not less than the worry he gave to Lan Xuehan.

Therefore, at this moment, in order to get some information about her, he did not hesitate to put down his pride and take the initiative to ask Xi Moyue.

When Feng Ziran received his gaze, he suppressed the unhappiness in his heart. He knew very well that Nangong Feng must have his own plans. He would not be so tactful!

Xi Moyue was very proud and arrogant. She enjoyed the feeling of others lowering their heads to her. She did not care about Feng Ziran's words and said very arrogantly, "This is my personal soldier. Naturally, this is my personal training. How was it? It shouldn't be any worse than your Prince Chen's, right?"

His tone was filled with pride, but upon closer inspection, there were traces of guilt and hatred!

Lan Xuehan and Nangong Feng's eyes were on Xi Moyue at the same time, and they carefully sized her up for a while. Then, they looked at each other and shook their heads at the same time.

What a joke. If Mengyao became like this, they would definitely strangle her first! It was obvious that this woman was lying!

It seemed that Xi Moyue would not be able to get anything out of her. Nangong Feng and Lan Xuehan felt that it was necessary to send someone to the Zihua Country to investigate!

The three of them knew each other when they were young and had experienced countless life and death battles. In the beginning, they were all suspicious, unconvinced, and stubborn. Gambling. But after the test of life and death time and time again... All of this turned into brotherhood and friendship that merged with the blood and bones. They had come to this strange era together, and they were each other's family. Their family was the one who had to find each other no matter how difficult and dangerous it was, wasn't it?

Therefore, they would definitely find Mengyao!

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