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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C182 The War of Kings(1)
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C182 The War of Kings(1)

Nangong Feng was sure that he could not get any useful information from Xi Moyue, so he half-heartedly said, "Hehe, why don't Crown Princess see the end?" Even if these people were most likely taught by that woman, then he would not necessarily lose!

This was the confidence of a man, and he, Young Master Nangong, still had it!

Lan Xuehan looked at him in understanding and shook her head with a smile. These two had always been a pair of enemies!

This matter had given Lan Xuehan and the rest some news about Mengyao, so the two of them were happily watching the competition below. The people at the side were not aware of the changes in Lan Xuehan's heart and naturally did not have this kind of state of mind. They were all staring intently at the teaching field below, looking at the ever-changing formation below. They were all very nervous. So, for these worthless bickering, they all chose to ignore it!

In the training ground, although the Zihua Country's army had changed their formation, but they still can't break out. When they showed signs of exhaustion, the Xiyue Country's commander immediately changed the formation. The entire army changed the situation of attacking and defending at the same time, and used a fierce attack. Naturally, Zihua Country was no match for them.

Not long after, the flag of the Zihua Country had been taken away!

The sound of a drum was heard from below, followed by a loud shout from the judge, Xiyue Country, victory!

As soon as she finished speaking, Xi Moyue immediately stood up. Her face was gloomy, and she stared at her sinister eyes in disbelief. Defeated? He actually lost? What was going on? Although she hated that slut a lot, she still believed in her talent in weapon training. She had never been defeated in the Zihua Country, but today, she was defeated?

If she lost to Dongfang Jin or Beiming Yu, she would still be able to maintain her balance. However, she had lost to Nangong Feng. Where would she put her face?

As if he knew what Xi Moyue was thinking, Feng Ziran's face was full of ridicule. He said mercilessly, "Ha, I finally taught some people a lesson. Really, do you think that women can have special privileges? I really don't know why the Empress of Zihua Country chose such an idiot as her future successor. However... This can explain why she didn't hesitate to marry Prince Xu of Linfeng Country!"

Feng Ziran's words could be said to be a slap in Xi Moyue's face. Her words were somewhat blank. The people present were all smart people, could they not tell? It was precisely because of this that he was even more detestable!

Xi Moyue's eyes, which were about to devour people, stared fixedly at Feng Ziran's handsome face that was still young and tender. She wished that she could tear him into a thousand pieces, and her ruthless eyes landed on him.

Just as she was about to flare up, Xi Yan, who had been silent all this while, quietly stepped forward from behind and pulled on her sleeve. Then, she said in a low voice, "Your Highness, you must not be angry! This is the Four Kingdoms Banquet!"

Xi Yan's words pulled Xi Moyue back to her senses. She took a deep breath. Then, she covered the viciousness in her eyes and her face turned red. However, the corner of her mouth curled up into a smile that was uglier than crying. "Young Master Feng, you must be joking. This time, my Zihua Country is not as good as you. I hope that Prince Chen will not take my words to heart! Congratulations. It's just that I'm coming down to fight Prince Xu and Prince Beiming. It's better for your country to be careful."

Lan Xuehan looks at Xi Yan who is standing at the back with her head lowered and a trace of deep thought appears in her eyes. This servant girl was really not simple. With just a few words, she pacified Xi Moyue's anger. Furthermore, being able to bend and be flexible was definitely not something a servant girl could do!

Although Feng Ziran was young, his means and mind were even deeper than many old foxes. Humiliating Xi Moyue could only be limited to this. If it was over, he was not that stupid. Of course, he would take it lying down!

"Crown Princess doesn't need to worry about this. Everyone knew that Prince Xu and Prince Beiming were both geniuses who had just shocked the Nine States. If we lose, we naturally won't have any complaints. Furthermore, being able to exchange blows with experts is also a pretty good experience. Isn't that so?"

Feng Ziran's words were very clever. Not only did he slap Xi Moyue's face, he also praised Dongfang Jin and Beiming Yu, and even found a perfect excuse for their defeat.

Lan Xuehan looked at Feng Ziran, who was sitting in the front row next to Nangong Feng. He was dressed in brocade clothing. His appearance was somewhat similar to Nangong Feng's. He was extremely handsome, but he still carried the childish aura of a child. Even so, his eyes flickered with a bright light from time to time, making it difficult for others to treat him as a child.

As if he felt Lan Xuehan's gaze, Feng Ziran turned his head and looked directly at Lan Xuehan's gaze. There was no ripple in his eyes, but at the same time, there seemed to be an extremely deep and stormy look in his eyes.

But this gaze only lasted for a moment. He quickly changed into an elegant and indifferent noble young master with a child-like smile.

This was the person his cousin thought of? He looks not bad. Furthermore, with that glance just now, he could tell that Lan Xuehan was definitely a figure!

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