Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C183 The Battle of the King(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C183 The Battle of the King(2)
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C183 The Battle of the King(2)

He didn't come with his cousin, he left with his trusted aide. So, when he arrived four days ago, he heard that his cousin and Prince Xu's fiancee were very close. He didn't believe it, so he went to ask his cousin. However, he didn't expect his cousin to admit it so generously. He even told him that this was the person he had been looking for!

He naturally knew that his cousin had been looking for two people. Now that he saw them in person, he truly felt the similarity between the two of them. It was as if they had lived together for a long time. He didn't know why, but it gave him this feeling!

He just didn't know what the other one was like.

At this moment, Dongfang Jin, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly spoke. His voice was gentle and gentle, but it carried his unique dignity and disdain. "I have a suggestion. I wonder if Prince Beiming will agree to it?"

Beiming Yu's eyes were cold and indifferent. His handsome face was still as cold as ice. "What suggestion?"

"This competition is supposed to be a show of the strength of the four kingdoms. Now, the Xiyue Country is fighting the Zihua Country. I think they must have used up some of their strength in the formation. If we were to fight them now, it would be an unfair victory. Therefore, I suggest that the soldiers of Xiyue Country rest for a while. The next battle will be between us two countries. At that time, the winner will be fighting the Xiyue Country. How about this match?"

Dongfang Jin was very thoughtful and straightforward. At this moment, all the ministers of Xiyue Country looked at Dongfang Jin with gratitude in their eyes. They were all thinking in their hearts, 'It's said that Young Master Wushuang is highly recommended by the world, and that he would do it so openly and honorably.' He was also worthy of such a great reputation!

All of them shifted their gazes towards Beiming Yu, looking at his attitude.

"Alright, I agree with this. However, I have an additional condition for this battle!" Beiming Yu's voice was sharp and pleasant to the ears, and his peerless face was as enchanting as an ice sculpture.

Upon hearing Beiming Yu's words, Dongfang Jin's jade-like face carried a gentle smile. He said elegantly, "What condition does Prince Beiming have? Just say it."

"This battle will be fought by me and Prince Xu!" His tone was firm and his eyes were piercingly cold.

As soon as these words were spoken, the crowd immediately boiled up. These two had always been deified figures in Shenghe Mainland. They both said that Young Master Wushuang was the one who shocked the Nine States. And that Prince Beiming was the only one who could be on par with him. However, this had always been the saying of the people in the world. For so many years, the two of them had never met on the surface, so they naturally didn't have the chance to compete.

But now, the two of them had finally met! This was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Everyone's eyes were filled with anticipation as they looked at Dongfang Jin, waiting for him to agree as soon as possible.

A profound look flashed across Dongfang Jin's eyes, and the gentle smile on his face remained unchanged. He looked into Beiming Yu's eyes with a cool gaze. After a long time, when everyone was holding their breath, Dongfang Jin nodded indifferently. "Alright!"

When he said that, his voice was gentle, but it carried the demeanor of an unparalleled king. The people below immediately exploded with explosive thunder. The excitement on their faces was obvious!

Lan Xuehan's expression was languid, but her face still had the same unchanging expression. Nangong Feng, Shangguan Lan, Dongfang Lyi, Dongfang Xuan and the others all looked at these two people with smiles and anticipation in their eyes. They weren't worried at all. Dongfang Jin and Beiming Yu weren't the kind of people who would disregard the consequences of their actions. They understood the principle of stopping when it was necessary.

Emperor Wenjing, who was on the higher ups, naturally didn't have any objections to this request. He still had a lot of faith in Dongfang Jin. Therefore, he very quickly ordered Lu Cheng to go and prepare.

This was the battle of kings!

At noon, everything was finally ready. Everyone on the grandstand was focusing their attention on the battle below. Compared to the battle between the Zihua Country and the Xiyue Country, this battle was truly exciting!

Below, a man in white and a black clothes were standing on the command platform. Although there were thousands of soldiers and horses below, they did not conceal the natural demeanor of a king. Each person had ten percent of the scenery, occupying the most beautiful scenery in the world!

White clothes lightly tapped the nine heavens, the black clothes dyeing the world's scenery clean!

This was the true portrayal of the two of them. Putting aside everything else, just this peerless Fenghua was indeed evenly matched!

Very quickly, Dongfang Jin and Beiming Yu waved their flags. The soldiers of Linfeng Country quickly followed Dongfang Jin's instructions, changing unpredictably. The formation changed very quickly. To the laymen, what they saw was a perfect defense and an unfathomable formation. But to Lan Xuehan and the others, what they saw was endless killing intent.

This was a killing formation with more than one ancient grand formation as the main and supplementary Universe Formation. But the most mysterious part was that Dongfang Jin had integrated the defense of the Zhenlong Chess Game. This way, the Gate of Life and the Gate of Death was completely shrouded in fog, making it impossible for anyone to differentiate them. Moreover, these were just ordinary soldiers, not Dongfang Jin's trusted subordinates at all. However, they still gave people a biting cold feeling and an inscrutable feeling of fear. How could such a Dongfang Jin not be respected? How could he not be respected?

On the other hand, Beiming Yu's cold and handsome face didn't show any change. Looking at Dongfang Jin's formation, he calmly commanded the soldiers below.

Under Beiming Yu's command, the Holy Snow Country soldiers spread out their wings like a huge bird spreading its wings. In front of the formation of Linfeng Country, a portion of the soldiers changed their formation very quickly, without the slightest bit of panic.

Lan Xuehan looked at the changes in the formation of the Holy Snow Country. Her eyes were filled with doubt at first, but then it turned into caution. This was the Vermilion Bird Formation?

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