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C184 The Two of Them a Draw(1)

According to rumors, the Vermilion Bird Formation is one of the God Realm's four killing formations. The two wings of the formation had the imposing aura of devouring thousands of soldiers and horses, and the vanguard was like an incomparably sharp knife. It could pierce into the enemy's internal organs in the blink of an eye. Destroying the enemy's army in an instant, making it impossible to form an army. It was chaotic and scattered.

Lan Xuehan had traveled for so many years, so she naturally knew that there were many things in this world that could not be explained with common sense. Although the God Realm was destroyed, there were still magical places left behind. But because it was a place in the Divine World, most of them had a slim chance of survival. For example, life was like a dream!

Therefore, she believed that there were very few people in this world who knew this formation. The reason Lan Xuehan could recognize it was because she read it in the Skysnow Mountain's letter. The Skysnow Mountain's letter was written by the previous generations of the Skysnow Mountain's Sect Masters, and it was filled with the meticulous works of their ancestors. The Skysnow Mountain was a place that had existed for a long time, and all the masters were like that old man. It had the ability to reach the heavens. But even so, the ancestor who explored the Vermilion Bird Formation all those years ago still came back with a body full of injuries.

And now, Beiming Yu was able to use this formation so accurately and perfectly. Lan Xuehan really couldn't imagine how powerful Beiming Yu had grown in the years she wasn't around.

The people in the stands saw the soul-stirring battlefield below. They held their breaths and concentrated, afraid that they would miss anything. Although many of them did not recognize array formations, this kind of powerful pressure and intimidating heart palpitations were enough for them to never forget for the rest of their lives!

Dongfang Jin looked at the formation set by Beiming Yu. His eyes were no longer as calm and indifferent as before. Instead, a fighting spirit was ignited in his eyes. The gentleness between his brows was also withdrawn, replaced by a cold and murderous aura that only belonged to the battlefield. A life without opponents was a lonely life. This time, it was the real battle between the two of them!

His technique changed extremely quickly, waving the flag with an imposing manner of pointing out thousands of miles of land. The defense of the Zhenlong Chess Game was also changing, completely confusing the Gate of Life and the Gate of Death. The Universe Formation also began to change, and the ancient killing formation inside was the main formation. But at this moment, there was a slight difference, as if it carried an even more ethereal mysteriousness.

Lan Xuehan focused her eyes and looked carefully. Then, her expression changed and a strong sense of respect appeared in her eyes.

Dongfang Jin was indeed a genius!

He was actually able to combine the killing formation and the illusion formation. The ancient killing formation inside was indeed powerful, but it was an aggressive formation. This way, if the attacker made a mistake, then the entire game would be considered a loss. However, Dongfang Jin had mixed the Constellation Illusion Formation into it. This way... Covering it up. The main force of the killing formation had made it impossible for the enemy to figure out what was going on. When the time was right, the next attack would definitely hit!

On the other hand, Beiming Yu was not someone to be trifled with. He had clearly seen through Dongfang Jin's intention. His technique changed, and the people below changed in response to the flag. The front of the Vermillion Bird was split into two, and then the two wings were inserted into the center.

At this moment, Lan Xuehan deeply felt that if Dongfang Jin and Beiming Yu met on the battlefield in the future, it would definitely cause the world to lose its color and the wind and clouds to change!

Because these two people were too strong, so strong that even she had the feeling of submitting to them!

This battle lasted from noon to midnight for a full eight hours. The people on top also focused their attention, and no one noticed the passing of time. Nangong Feng, Shangguan Lan, Feng Ziran, and Dongfang Xuan's laughter at the beginning had already changed into solemn and respectful feelings.

They were all legendary figures in the world, but this time, they were facing Dongfang Jin and Beiming Yu. Only now did these people deeply feel the gap between them and ___. Their minds were as deep as the ocean. This was the kind of glory that could shock the entire Nine States, and it was something that they couldn't even catch up to!

At the moment of Young, the two parties actually obtained the other party's flag at the same time in front of the disbelieving eyes of everyone. In an instant, the entire audience fell silent, as if dead silence.

Even the referee forgot to announce the result. He also had a look of complete disbelief with his eyes wide open!

It was only until Beiming Yu's cold voice rang out, "This battle is a draw!"

Dongfang Jin nodded and smiled, "A draw!"

A battle between kings, no difference in rank, a draw!

At this moment, the crowd was in an uproar, and all of them wore the most excited expressions they had ever seen in their lives. This battle, they were truly fortunate to be able to see it! From today onwards, this battle would bring joy to the world. It would be known by the four nations, and it would also be recorded in the annals of history. This was an unprecedented battle between kings!

After the two of them returned to the stands, Dongfang Jin looked at Lan Xuehan with a warm gaze. Seeing the excitement and a trace of worship in her eyes, Dongfang Jin instantly felt incomparably pleased. Her worship was even more delightful and proud than the praises of everyone in the world!

Putting away the warmth inside, he lightly swept his gaze around. Seeing that everyone's faces were filled with excitement and admiration, his expression was elegant and indifferent, without the slightest change.

Beside him, Beiming Yu's beautiful face, which was as beautiful as an ice sculpture, also didn't have the slightest change. He had always ignored the gazes of others. He felt very satisfied with this battle. The feeling of meeting an opponent in a game of chess had really swept away the loneliness and boredom!

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