Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C186 Riding the Horse and Shooting Arrows(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C186 Riding the Horse and Shooting Arrows(1)
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C186 Riding the Horse and Shooting Arrows(1)

A moment later, he slowly put down the chopsticks in his hands, he elegantly picked up the silk handkerchief and wiped the corner of his mouth. He looked at the woman who was still sighing beside him with a warm smile and saw that she was muttering with regret and indignation. The gloom in the depths of Dongfang Jin's eyes became even deeper.

As if she felt a piercing gaze, Lan Xuehan held onto her numb scalp and forced a smile. Her gaze shifted to the void, "Dongfang Jin, could it be that you feel that what I said is wrong? Heaven is jealous of talented people. If a person is too smart, it is really not good!"

Dongfang Jin's smile became more and more strange. His jade-like face was covered with a layer of obscurity that couldn't be seen clearly. A sneer appeared in his throat, and then he said gently, "Lan Xuehan, do you know? There is always a kind of person in this world who is jealous of other people's excellence. And then they keep finding excuses to cover up their shortcomings. There was also something even more vicious, that they could not bear to see others' excellence. That was why he wanted to curse others.

Such a hateful person, how could she have such thick skin? You have to understand that there is no lack of geniuses in this world, but no matter how intelligent a person is, if they don't work hard... Everything will be in vain. Now, you are jealous of others here, then have you ever thought about whether you have put in a hundred times more effort than others to make up for your lack of intelligence? Looking at the bright eyes, why is it that you can't see the problem so clearly! But luckily you have me. At the very least, between the two of us, there needs to be a smart one. Isn't that so?"

... "" These words made Lan Xuehan so angry that her face turned red and livid. Her teeth were itching, and she wanted to pounce on him and bite him twice. She had always known that this fellow's mouth was poisonous, but at this moment, she deeply understood the power of words killing people. Such a despicable person, yet he didn't carry a single word! The most crucial point was... And he was extremely narcissistic!

Dongfang Jin looked at Lan Xuehan's angry attitude with both admiration and joy. He smiled evilly. Then he said, "Lan Xuehan, you forgot the most important thing. The talent you mentioned will soon become your husband. You won't become a widow before you enter the house, will you? I can't bear to see that happen! "

Lan Xuehan broke his mouth and tried to ease her emotions. She said slowly, "No, no, you think too much. I have plenty of people who want me. If you die accidentally... I will immediately find a man who is a hundred times stronger than you and marry him. I will not hang him on a tree like you!"

Lan Xuehan immediately regretted it. Because she felt the temperature in the room drop rapidly, this narrow-minded man beside her laughed very strangely and coldly. His eyes carried a thick black color that swept through everything. She seemed to have accidentally stepped into the forbidden area again?

"Heh, well done, Lan Xuehan. You even planned your own path of retreat? Looks like I was too gentle last night, that's why I didn't let you see the reality! Tonight, I have plenty of ways to completely remove that idea from your mind!" Today, I had originally intended to show someone something, but due to an unexpected incident, I didn't succeed. He had always remembered this! If he did not let some people see the truth, he would always have hope.

Prevention before disaster. He had always implemented this truth thoroughly!

Lan Xuehan knew that she had stepped into the forbidden area at this moment. She gave a dry laugh. Then, like a heroic cloud, she flattered, "Dongfang Jin, you don't know. Ever since I saw you show off in the teaching field today, I have been admiring you like a surging river. It's endless!

You didn't see it, where are you going to stand on the command platform? Even thousands of soldiers could not cover up your elegance. Even without armor, even if you were still dressed in white, the demeanor of a king and the killing intent of the battlefield emitted from your bones made people worship you.

No wonder everyone in the world said that you were smart and wise, and that you were close to being a monster! You can indeed bear these eight words, the combination of that kind of formation. I guess there is only one person in the world that you can think of? Seriously, sometimes I wonder how your brain grows? How can you be so smart?"

Dongfang Jin's eyes were cold, but there was a faint smile in them. He did not expect that she would say such a thing just to scare him. Compared to those boot-licking people, her words were very pleasant. Even though he knew very well in his heart that this little girl might not be able to dark him in her heart right now! But he still couldn't help but be happy.

Lan Xuehan saw that she had said something that went against her will for a long time, and Dongfang Jin still had that strange smile on his face. She immediately became a little unhappy. So it turned out that Dongfang Jin still wasn't going to let her off after she said it for a long time, right?

When she was about to open her mouth and was about to break the jar, Dongfang Jin finally said, "Have you finished eating?"

"Uh..." Even though Lan Xuehan was very smart, she could not understand his words.

She subconsciously nodded. "I'm done eating!"

Dongfang Jin smiled brightly and instantly dazzled Lan Xuehan's eyes. Not only was he smart, he was also very monstrous!

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