Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C187 Riding the Horse and Shooting the Arrow(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C187 Riding the Horse and Shooting the Arrow(2)
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C187 Riding the Horse and Shooting the Arrow(2)

But in the blink of an eye, Lan Xuehan felt the world spinning around her. By the time she reacted, she had already fallen into Dongfang Jin's arms. The fragrance of bamboo and snow lingered around her nose. The warmth of her skin was mixed with her thin summer gown. Feeling the masculine scent from Dongfang Jin's body, Lan Xuehan's beautiful face blushed.

However, she immediately remembered Dongfang Jin's half-threatening words just now. A trace of vigilance immediately rose in her eyes, and then she asked crisply, "What do you want? Dongfang Jin, you can't be so petty. You are a gentleman, so you should be magnanimous, especially to me. So you can't..." The words that came after dissipated in Dongfang Jin's mocking eyes.

"What if I can't? En? " Dongfang Jin was extremely close to her. He could already feel his warm breath on her face. Her originally bright red face became even redder now.

Dongfang Jin, who had shed his elegance, was now like an alluring demon that had fallen into depravity, charming the hearts of people!

Lan Xuehan was carried out of the door in a daze just like that. The cool breeze of the night blew over. It immediately made her shiver and wake up. Before she could say anything, Dongfang Jin's hoarse voice had already drifted into her ears along with the wind. "Lan Xuehan, I have never said that I am a gentleman. Furthermore, I have always been petty, especially when it comes to your matters! Didn't you already know? "

His tone carried a trace of malevolence and unruliness, and the ending of his words flowed continuously. It was a matter-of-fact firmness!

Lan Xuehan secretly rolled her eyes in his arms and then said in a drawn-out voice, "I know, Young Master Wushuang! However, if you don't sleep now, where do you want to take me to?"

Seeing that they were about to leave Lanhua Pavilion, the evening light shone on his face. It made his facial features look even more stunning and dreamlike. The servants who passed by saw this scene and covered their mouths to laugh. Their eyes were filled with excitement. Lan Xuehan suddenly felt that she had really lost a lot of face. She glared at Dongfang Jin in annoyance and embarrassment. Then she hurriedly scolded in a low voice, "Where are you taking me to? Put me down first. My skin isn't as thick as yours. Everyone else is watching! "

Dongfang Jin acted as if he did not hear her words. He did not have the slightest intention of letting her down. He only said in a low voice, "I will bring you back to Bamboo Garden!"

Return to his courtyard? A smile appeared in Lan Xuehan's eyes, but she snorted coldly. Her tone was eccentric, "Yo! His Highness can't take it anymore? I thought that I would never think of stepping into your Bamboo Garden again! Today is only the fourth day, right? Isn't this a little too short?"

Seriously, why did he just move when he said so? Why did he just go back when he said so? Did he use her as a soft persimmon to pinch her?

Dongfang Jin could hear the hidden meaning behind her words. He used a little strength in his arms to hold her tighter. Then he murmured softly, "Lan Xuehan, is it four days? Why do I feel like a long time has passed?"

Lan Xuehan was stunned. Did he mean that the days without her were like years without her? Recalling what Liuyun said to her earlier, Lan Xuehan's heart immediately felt a little sour. She reached out and wrapped her arms around Dongfang Jin's lean and slender waist, burying her face in his embrace. Then she said in a hoarse voice, "Dongfang Jin, don't torture yourself in the future. My heart aches!"

Her voice was very low, but Dongfang Jin, who was hugging her, still heard her. His expression was normal, but his clear eyes were glowing. He was like the brightest Morning Star in the night sky, lighting up the loneliness of life. He did not say anything else, but firmly replied with a single word, "Okay!"

In this love, it was not easy for him to leave with her. Every step he took was cautious, fearing that if he took a wrong step, he would miss her. Everyone in the world said that he was unmatched, that he had everything, but they really didn't know. The truly unmatched person was her! The one who made him use up all of his life to love her! She was everything to him!

The next afternoon, a new round of competition began. On this day, the Holy Snow Country faced off against the Zihua Country first. The one who came out this time was the young general of the Holy Snow Country, Lyi Beichen. The one who came out from the Zihua Country was also a general, his name was Mi Yun.

Looking at the young general in the arena, a pair of eyes as bright as the rising sun was embedded under the sharp eyebrows of the sword. His handsome face was blown by the yellow sand at the border into a bronze color. His tall and straight body carried the toughness unique to soldiers. He sat upright on the horse, and his entire body was filled with a murderous aura.

Lan Xuehan looked at the corner of his tightly pursed lips, her eyes carrying a faint light. For some reason, a hoarse and tender voice suddenly appeared in her mind, "The military life that you yearn for, I have gone there for you! It is also good to guard the border. Whether it is the battlefield fighting or not, I will always carry your temperament!"

"From now on, we'll meet again on a different path!"

He had grown up in the end, but no one knew who he had grown up to look like! Looking at the viciousness filling his eyes, the naivety and naivety of the youth completely disappeared in the long river of time. And now, just as he had said, goodbye was a strange road. Even if there were occasional gazes coming over, he would never look at her. After so many days, even when he came to the capital, he had never appeared in front of her!

Covering the emotions in her eyes, Lan Xuehan quietly looked at him. No matter how rebellious he was, he was still her younger brother, the younger brother that she couldn't help but care about the first time they met!

Although he was still young, horse riding and archery were all Divine Skills. Amidst the exclamations of the people present, his face was calm. His actions were swift and decisive, as if he was the king of the battlefield. He was extremely carefree and unrestrained, and his confidence was soaring!

Although Mi Yun from the Zihua Country was also a top expert, she was still lacking in courage and ruthlessness.

This round: Holy Snow Country wins!

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