Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C188 Holy Snow Won(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C188 Holy Snow Won(1)
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C188 Holy Snow Won(1)

Everyone was amazed by him. Lan Xuehan looked at him. She suddenly felt that her son had just grown up. Even if he did not want to see her and did not want to say something intimate to her. But in her heart, he was always her younger brother, so... At this moment, she was also proud and proud of him!

Facing all the praises and admiring gazes, Lyi Beichen's handsome face didn't show any emotion. It was as if all of this was just a normal thing to him!

His tall and straight body walked up the stairs, his steps steady and firm. The murderous aura emitted from his body didn't seem like something that someone of his age should have. His face was silent. He walked in front of Beiming Yu without looking and knelt in front of him in a standard manner. "This general greets Your Highness!"

He did not have the slightest bit of pride of winning, nor did he have the unruliness of a young man who was arrogant and domineering. He was filled with silence and a faint hostility. Beiming Yu's gaze inadvertently swept across Lan Xuehan's face, then he supported her. "In this battle, you have won glory for the country. Reward!"

"Thank you, Your Highness." After saying that, he stood behind Beiming Yu. His eyes were lowered, as if nothing could enter his eyes!

Lan Xuehan looked at him like this and did her best to suppress the inexplicable feeling in her heart and no longer looked at him.

He was still a child after all!

The next stop was the Linfeng Country versus the Xiyue Country.

The Xiyue Country's opponent was actually Feng Ziran, who looked like a noble young master. Unexpectedly, he looked like a completely different person as he rode the horse. His phoenix eyes were covered with laughter, and his body was covered in cold sweat. He looked like a blood-soaked Asura. He was peerlessly handsome. It was as if he was born for the battlefield, and he carried a sharp light that was like a sharp blade that had been unsheathed from its sheath!

As for Dongfang Lyi from the Linfeng Country, his bloodthirsty smile today was as if it had been dyed with poppy. It was so dazzling that no one dared to look at him directly. The evil and unruly look in his eyes faded away, and a strong fighting spirit was ignited in the depths of his eyes. The usually flamboyant and playful aura had been replaced by the blood-soaked killing intent. It could be understood at a glance. This was a general who walked out while stepping on white bones!

Including Lyi Beichen, these two could be counted as generals. The three of them were born kings of the battlefield. Their styles were different, but their bodies were filled with a similar murderous aura! Perhaps, this would really be a chaotic world, which was why they appeared at the same time!

The drum sounded, and the competition officially began.

Although Feng Ziran was young, he did not hesitate to make his move. His horsemanship skills were superb, and he was able to move freely on the back of the horse. He had a confident look on his face. Following a series of exclamations, he hit the red heart a hundred steps away. There was no deviation at all. Such archery skills, it was really hard for anyone in the world to surpass him!

On the other hand, when Dongfang Lyi saw such a challenge, a thick fighting spirit and interest was emitted from between his brows. It was like the joy of finding an opponent.

He took out ten arrows with great speed and placed them on the bow at the same time. He slightly turned his wrist and shot them out in front of everyone's disbelieving eyes. However, ten arrows shot out from his eyes and followed the arrows in front of him. There was a clanging sound. The arrows shot out from behind all hit the arrows that were about to fall in front of him. The first arrows that were shot out seemed to have been injected with a new force and all of them flew out in an instant. Directly hit the bullseye!

Such a shocking technique was completed in just a few breaths of time. Even Lan Xuehan felt that it was really godly! She did not expect that Dongfang Lyi actually had such ability. After a few seconds of silence, everyone immediately let out thunderous applause. This kind of ultimate technique was really eye-opening!

Feng Ziran looked at Dongfang Lyi's hand. At first, he was surprised, but later, he admired him sincerely. He walked very calmly in front of Dongfang Lyi, his face full of admiration and sincerity towards the strong. He smiled and said, "I lost. I admit defeat!"

Dongfang Lyi looked at the calm Feng Ziran. His eyes, which had always been charming to others, revealed a smile that only appeared to Dongfang Jin. He laughed loudly and then said in a carefree manner, "No need to be like this. Your horsemanship is also the best in the world!"

Hearing this, Feng Ziran smiled and did not say anything! He, Feng Ziran, was born with pride. If he lost, it was a loss, not to mention that the strong had always been respected!

The judge shouted, "Linfeng Country wins!"

Dongfang Lyi, who had returned to the stands, had a calm look in his eyes, but his eyes were filled with hostility. An evil smile appeared on his face. It seemed like a casual but serious smile.

Next, it would be the battle between the two of them! He was looking forward to it!

Emperor Wenjing was obviously very happy. He laughed loudly, and then praised very happily, "Fifth Brother, good job!"

Dongfang Lyi said carelessly, "Thank you, Royal Father!"

The following battles were even more exciting. It was Lyi Beichen versus Dongfang Lyi. This kind of competition made people's heart beat faster and very excited!

This year was definitely the most exciting event in the history of the four kingdoms!

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