Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C19 An Agreement Was Reached
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C19 An Agreement Was Reached
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C19 An Agreement Was Reached

At the same time, she thought to herself, Damn old man, he actually revealed her whereabouts. Otherwise, if he went down the mountain today and didn't even tell his parents, how would he know?" Thinking of this, she secretly made a note for Old Man Tianji in her heart.

Lan Xuehan lowered her eyes and after covering the expression in her eyes, she said, "Senior brother overpraises me. No matter how powerful I am, I can't compare to senior brother's fame as a youth. Crown in the Nine Prefectures. Now, I have just left the mountain and am in a hurry to go home and pay my respects to my parents. If there is nothing else, I will take my leave first." As he spoke, he turned around and prepared to leave.

At this moment, her heart was filled with longing for her parents. Although the day eight years ago was short, but the gentle and beautiful mother and the fairy-like father made her feel the warmth of home, the happiness she sought in her previous life. She was fortunate enough to obtain it in this life. She must treasure it. Even if there were letters in her daily life, she had not seen it for eight years. However, her heart was still set on returning.

Besides, she did not forget that although the man in front of her looked like a painting and looked elegant and harmless, the coldness and alienation in his bones, the evil and scheming mind, and the identity of the son of the Linfeng Country made her feel that it was better to stay away from him.

After a thousand twists and turns in her heart, Dongfang Jin had already seen through her alienation. A trace of an unsolvable expression flashed across his clear eyes, and then they returned to normal. Yu Yan said gently, "Junior sister, why are you in such a hurry? I'm waiting for you here because I have something that I need your help with. "

When Lan Xuehan heard this, some surprise appeared in her beautiful eyes. Then, she smiled lazily, "Senior Brother is really joking. I have stayed far away from the Imperial Court and have lived in the snowy mountains for a long time. I have neither power nor wealth in my hands. How can I help you, Young Master Wushuang, who is famous all over the world?"

Dongfang Jin heard the rejection in her words, and his handsome brows slightly raised. Without changing his expression, he said, "This is a matter of the martial world, but it involves the royal family, so I was ordered to investigate. However, this is not the imperial court's capital after all. I must have something I am powerless about. Junior Sister's father is in charge of the martial arts world, and my connections and influence are beyond my reach. That's why I've come to trouble Junior Sister. I hope you'll agree to help me with this."

Lan Xuehan's first instinct was to oppose him. He was a wise and close demon. A person as deep as the sea was definitely not a small matter. Moreover, the Emperor's family had always been ruthless. If she agreed on her father's behalf, she did not want to use the warmth that she had spent so much effort to bet. Not to mention, this person in front of her was someone she could not rush to avoid. Thinking of this, she was just about to open her mouth to refuse.

Dongfang Jin said before her, "This matter involves a lot of things, Royal Father is very concerned about this matter. Since your father is in charge of the martial arts world, he must know about this matter. It is impossible for him to stay out of it now. So, the best solution now is for us to work together to resolve this matter. If we succeed after this, your father will naturally have a troublesome matter to deal with. If he does not succeed... It is also my fault and dereliction of duty. Even if there is anything, I will take responsibility for it. Besides, you have been under Master's tutelage for many years, and Master has taught you everything. Are you still afraid that you can't solve these problems? Wouldn't that be a disgrace to Master's reputation? "

When Lan Xuehan heard Dongfang Jin's words, her smiling face instantly sank into deep thought. "That's right. It's a blessing, not a disaster. A disaster cannot be avoided. Since things had already come to this point, this was the only way. Moreover, didn't he say that even if the matter doesn't succeed in the end? Father..."

After she thought it through, her lips curved slightly, and she looked at Dongfang Jin with a smile on her face. She said," Since that's the case, then I'll agree to help you settle this matter. But you must guarantee that my parents won't be harmed because of this matter, and even if the matter fails... It has nothing to do with my father."

Dongfang Jin was distracted by her light smile, and his eyes were filled with warmth. It was just that neither of them noticed it. Lan Xuehan's words brought him back to his senses and he smiled. She replied, "Of course. I can assure you that you can rest assured."

His elegant smile was like several snow lotuses blooming in a charming manner. Lan Xuehan was almost mesmerized by his smile again. She shifted her gaze slightly and asked, "Since that is the case, can you tell me what is it? What does my father have to do with this matter?"

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