Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C190 Early in the Morning(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C190 Early in the Morning(1)
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C190 Early in the Morning(1)

But when she showed that excited expression at the end of the match, Dongfang Jin finally felt that his patience had run out. His intuition told him that this woman definitely knew Lyi Beichen, and that their relationship was not shallow!

Dongfang Jin's hidden dangerous voice rang in Lan Xuehan's ears, "Lan Xuehan, don't tell me this is another rotten peach blossom of yours!"

Hearing this, Lan Xuehan glanced sideways at him. Was he blind? Was she the kind of person that her sister-in-law loved? She doesn't have such a heavy taste, okay!

Seeing Lan Xuehan's glance, Dongfang Jin naturally felt that he was right. He raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice, "Why aren't you saying anything? Could it be that I guessed correctly?"

"You got it, my ass! Dongfang Jin, can you be more serious?" Lan Xuehan rolled her eyes speechlessly.

However, Dongfang Jin remained silent and looked at her with a deep gaze. Lan Xuehan could not help but feel a chill in her heart. In the end, she still admired Dongfang Jin's power and said softly, "Alright, alright. I am really afraid of you. I'll give it to you later, alright? Dongfang Jin, you've had enough!"

Actually, she should have seen his true nature long ago. It was definitely his appearance that had bewitched her. Now that she was on the pirate ship, she could not get down even if she wanted to.

However, what she did not know was that this warm and comforting scene happened to fall into someone's eyes. It made everything develop according to a fixed path, and in the end, each step became death!

Lyi Beichen was the first person Lan Xuehan met five years ago when she was thrown down the mountain by Old Man Tianshan. That was because he was just a thin and weak child. His face was sallow and malnourished for a long period of time, making him look like a seven or eight-year-old when he was nine years old.

When Lan Xuehan met him, he was being bullied by a group of people. The little him desperately hugged a steamed bun, not willing to let go even if he died. Everyone's punches and kicks were added to his body, but he could only clench his teeth tightly. He didn't want to make a sound. This kind of thing was not uncommon no matter where it was. When Lan Xuehan saw this, she originally only wanted to help scare those people away.

However, when she just walked in, she heard a burly man with a ferocious expression breaking his saliva in disgust. Then, he spoke with resentment, "Your mother is a person who is about to die. What is there to eat mantou for? It's a waste! You lowly scumbags, you want to eat your fill? What a joke!"

He, who had been holding onto the mantou and refusing to speak even after he was beaten to death, had eyes that did not match his age, desolation, and indifference. Until he heard these words. A strong hostility rose in the depths of his eyes as he stared fixedly at the person who had insulted his mother. He said word by word, "You're not allowed to insult my mother!"

Lan Xuehan valued family very much in her previous life and this life. If not for this, she would not have carried so much burden in her previous life. She was so tired of living! At this moment, she saw this young child using her meager strength to defend her family. She felt it in her heart.

Just like that, she helped this child. Looking at his guarded eyes, Lan Xuehan smiled slightly and said with warmth, "Where is your home? Big Sister will send you back!"

Although Lyi Beichen was young, he was obviously not a child who grew up in an ordinary family. Even though he was dressed like a beggar, his words and actions carried a steady and noble air.

A hoarse voice rang out. "No, I don't need your help or charity. I'm not a beggar!"

In his view, Lan Xuehan was merely a very beautiful noble lady. Seeing such a situation was merely due to his charity. And he just happened to not need this kind of sympathy, so he rejected Lan Xuehan without hesitation.

When Lan Xuehan heard his stubborn words, a trace of praise flashed in her eyes. Immediately after, her tone was stern as she said, "No, I am not a person with overflowing sympathy. There are too many unjust things in this world. I do not have the leisure and experience to help. The reason I'm helping you is because of your filial piety, your filial piety towards your mother! I believe that those who are filial will obtain happiness! "

A look of confusion instantly appeared in Lyi Beichen's eyes. Happiness? Could he still have happiness? Ever since he became sensible, he had never received any warmth. Other than his mother, everyone else had no choice but to beat and scold him. Now, he was even chased out of his home and stranded on the streets. This kind of him, there was actually someone who would say the word 'happiness' to him one day!

Seeing the change in expression in his eyes, Lan Xuehan suddenly felt a heartache. Feeling sorry for his young age, her eyes revealed the old age and old age that did not belong to his age.

She carefully pulled his skinny little hand and then said crisply, "Let's go, take me to your house. I heard them say that your mother was sick just now, take me to take a look. Maybe I can cure your mother?"

These words undoubtedly lit up the hope in Lyi Beichen's heart. It also broke through the last line of defense in his heart. His bright eyes carried great joy. "Really? Can you really cure my mother?" His tone was filled with expectation and hope for her.

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