Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C191 Early in the Morning(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C191 Early in the Morning(2)
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C191 Early in the Morning(2)

Lan Xuehan was a little surprised. After all, she had only been in contact with medicine for three years. Furthermore, she was not interested in this. She had mostly learned it. So until now, she had only learned how to take the pulse!

However, being looked at by such a hopeful gaze... Lan Xuehan did not want to break his hope. She could only bite the bullet and say, "Bring me to take a look first. Only then will I know your mother's condition!" Her heart sank. If she could not do it, there were other doctors? In short, they would definitely help him treat his mother!

Just like that, Lyi Beichen brought Lan Xuehan back to their place of residence. This was a slum. It was filthy everywhere, and there was an unpleasant smell everywhere. Lyi Beichen sneaked an embarrassed glance at Lan Xuehan as he walked. This place did not seem suitable for her to come!

Lan Xuehan was only ten years old. She was only one year away from Lyi Beichen. Even though he was malnourished, he was about the same height as Lan Xuehan. Lan Xuehan naturally saw his expression. Lan Xuehan smiled. In her previous life, she was a special forces soldier. When she was carrying out a mission, she had gone to a place that was thousands of times worse than this. This was naturally not a big deal!

When they reached the place where he lived, Lan Xuehan had yet to enter. She heard a very weak coughing sound coming from inside. The sound was extremely weak, one after another, coughing that tugged at one's heart. Lyi Beichen's face darkened, then he quickly pushed open the door and went in. "Mother, I'm back!"

Lan Xuehan also followed him in. The layout inside was very simple, but it was spotless. Seeing the filial piety of the mother and child in front of the bed, Lan Xuehan raised her eyebrows. It seemed that he was also a person with a story!

Madam Li's face was pale but she still did not conceal the graceful grace between her brows. She was gentle and delicate. She saw Lan Xuehan behind and asked doubtfully, "Chen'er, who is this person behind you?"

Lyi Beichen looked in the direction his mother pointed and looked at Lan Xuehan, who did not fit in with the room. His expression was slightly awkward and then said unnaturally, "Mother, she is my friend. She just helped me today and even said that she can cure your illness."

When Madame Li heard his words, she was surprised. This little girl in front of her did not seem to be more than ten years old and was not much older than her Chen'er. Could she really be so capable?

She weakly raised her hand and waved towards Lan Xuehan, indicating for her to come forward. Lan Xuehan naturally would not refuse. She came over and stood in front of the bed. She very politely smiled and said, "Auntie is very polite. I am Lan Xuehan, a friend of your noble young master!"

"Miss, there is no need to be so polite. Thank you for helping Chen'er. It was just that the cold house was simple and crude, so there was really nothing to entertain the girl. I hope Miss won't laugh at me." These words were extremely polite and immediately raised her image in Lan Xuehan's heart.

Just like that, she got to know Lyi Beichen and his mother. That year, she helped the mother and son buy a new house. She found a doctor to treat her illness. Actually, it wasn't as easy as she had imagined at the beginning. Because she had just come down the mountain and didn't have enough silver on her. Moreover, she didn't know anyone, so many things were difficult to take a step forward.

In desperation, she went to find something that was easier to get money for. It was precisely because of this that she was carelessly plotted against and her life was hanging by a thread. Luckily, Beiming Yu had saved her. Later on, she brought Lyi Beichen under Beiming Yu's command, giving them a place to live.

Although she had only known Lyi Beichen for a short period of time, she really loved him as much as she treated him as her own brother. She told Lyi Beichen a lot about the military life in her previous life, and Lyi Beichen had been looking forward to that place ever since.

That day, when she asked Lyi Beichen to work for Beiming Yu, Beiming Yu asked him if he wanted to work there. He answered without hesitation, "I want to go to the military camp!" There was a firm look on his face.

She asked him why he chose that place. He looked at her. With a plain tone, he said, "The military life you yearn for, I've been there for you! It's good to guard the border. It doesn't matter if you fight on the battlefield, I will always carry you with me." He only wanted to become someone like her!

It was also that year when she helped Beiming Yu seize the crown prince position. She helped him stabilize the imperial court and inadvertently made him feel sincere. Later on, although she wasn't with Beiming Yu anymore, every year she went down the mountain. She would still go and see Lyi Beichen. She looked at his young and tender face that was maturing with each passing day. She looked at his thin and thin shoulders that were becoming wider and wider with each passing day. She watched as his martial arts grew stronger and stronger, as he gradually rose to fame. Her heart was filled with pride. This was her younger brother. An outstanding younger brother!

However, something that caught Lan Xuehan off guard happened. Two years ago, she went down the mountain to look for him. She did not expect to run into him when he was mourning for his mother. Lan Xuehan looked at the young man who was suppressing his grief and her eyes turned sour. She raised her head and blinked, forcing the tears back into her eyes. Then, she went forward and hugged him. Her voice was hoarse but firm. "Beichen, from now on, I am your family, and you are my blood brother!" She would take care of him in his mother's place!

During those few days, Lan Xuehan had accompanied him from his mourning to his burial. But half a month later, he suddenly disappeared. Lan Xuehan was burning with anxiety. She looked for him everywhere and even asked Beiming Yu to ask him to help her find him. After half a day, they finally found him. However, that scene made Lan Xuehan furious.

Her brother, whom she had always been proud of, had his hands stained with blood, and his eyes were filled with endless killing intent. He raised his hand and the blade fell down without any hesitation or hesitation, just like an emissary from hell. A devil specialized in harvesting lives. The entire Li Residence was covered in blood, not a single survivor. Corpses littered the ground!

Lan Xuehan immediately felt the blood in her chest surge. The overwhelming disappointment and heartache all attacked her!

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