Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C193 Love Is Not Allowed(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C193 Love Is Not Allowed(2)
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C193 Love Is Not Allowed(2)

Beiming Yu, who was standing next to him, heard his answer. There was a trace of doubt between his eyebrows. He then said, "You didn't ask her, so how do you know she doesn't want to recognize you? Rather than borrowing alcohol to harm his body, why not go and find her and ask her for clarification? And also tell her about what happened back then!"

When mentioning what happened back then, it was as if Lyi Beichen had changed into another person. His entire body was emitting a frightening aura, and even his eyes were filled with intense hostility. The corner of his mouth was tightly pursed, and the coldness in his eyes intensified. "She has already defined me as a heartless executioner. What's the point of explaining it to me? Besides, I didn't do anything wrong with what happened back then. Even if I have to do it again, I will still do it! So, I won't apologize, and I won't say anything to her.

Today, on the viewing platform, I saw it clearly and clearly. She and that Prince Xu were whispering to each other, and they couldn't see me at all. Perhaps, in her heart, the things that happened that day, such as her death yesterday, were different. Since that's the case, just treat it as if we've never met!"

The entire Li Residence had caused both mother and son to be in such a miserable state, yet she had actually helped that bunch of bloodthirsty beasts beat him up. And she even said those words. After his mother died, she was his only family. But his only family actually helped his enemy. How could he accept this?

This time, it was because he heard the rumors between her and King Xu. That was why he decided to come to Heavenly Saint Capital. He had thought that she would be the same as before. She smiled and said that he had grown up and become even more outstanding. If that was the case, he would definitely put down all his pride. He would forget the unhappiness from back then and call her elder sister. Unfortunately, from beginning to end, he never existed in her eyes. Even though everyone was proud and praising him, she didn't take him seriously even if she admired him!

Since that was the case, then what else did he have to say? Perhaps, he was just a burden to her back then, just a burden. Because of her compassion and compassion, that was why she gave him three years of charity and warmth!

Hearing this, Beiming Yu fell silent. He was a person who was not good with words, so he only persuaded Lyi Beichen this way because he did not want to make her unhappy. However, since Lyi Beichen rejected her like this, he was not some third aunt or sixth aunt. Naturally, he would not talk too much!

After a long time, Lyi Beichen opened his mouth and said, "This time you are a thousand miles away and can even get rid of the two great officials by the Emperor's side. Regarding this matter, he was very furious. I'm afraid now you are thinking of ways to ally with others to seize your power. If nothing unexpected happens when you return this time, it will be another bloodbath! "

An endless chill and killing intent rose in Beiming Yu's eyes. He said coldly," All these years, I have been thinking about the remaining father-son relationship. He had always turned a blind eye to his deliberately making things difficult and assassinating. However, this time Dongfang Jin casually provoked me, and he wanted to join forces with others to openly oppose me. He wanted to forget about my position as the Crown Prince.

Since that's the case, then I don't need to care about the father-son relationship anymore. Besides, in order to prevent me from making a move to facilitate the marriage alliance of the Zihua Country, Dongfang Jin... Such an opportunity... How could I miss it? After cleaning up the internal affairs, I can only be at ease when I face foreign enemies in the future. Isn't that so?"

"Even though that's the case, do you really not regret it? She was about to become Dongfang Jin's Princess. The world will soon not be peaceful. If it was only Dongfang Jin, you would still have the ability to fight him. However, if you add her, then you can only admit defeat!"

His words were very straightforward, but they all knew that this wasn't a joke!

When Beiming Yu heard this, a hint of loneliness and loneliness flashed across his eyes. His brows were covered with grief that was never easily revealed. "I can't give her what she wants, so I can only become friends. I don't want to use those schemes and schemes on her. If that's the case... With her personality, I'm afraid she won't be able to be my friend from now on. However, it would be better to retreat to the side and protect her as a friend. As for the situation you mentioned, it won't happen. She won't interfere in the matter between me and Dongfang Jin!"

Lyi Beichen listened to the divine man in his heart narrating the indescribable grief. His heart was filled with bitterness. Love but not being able to, this was one of the eight hardships of Buddha! But because he was Prince Beiming, these sorrows could never be easily seen by others.

In reality, everyone was someone who struggled in this endless world of mortals. The cycle of fate made people experience life that was like a joke from time to time. In the end, they realized that more than half of life had passed, and those that should have been seen clearly still hadn't been seen clearly. Those that should be put down still had not been put down. From then on, they would leave the scars on their bodies to the lonely years!

The third day was the most crucial day of the Four Nations Banquet. Out of the three matches, the first match was a draw between the Linfeng Country and the Holy Snow Country. The second match was a draw. The Holy Snow Country won. Only the Linfeng Country won the third match. Only then would there be an additional match. Otherwise, the Holy Snow Country would be the winner of the Four Kingdoms Banquet!

Emperor Wenjing and the officials of the Linfeng Country naturally attached great importance to today's match!

The first match was between the Xiyue Country and the Zihua Country. Although they couldn't win the first round, they had to at least determine the winner and give their people an explanation.

But this time, the one who participated in the match was a woman with a white veil over her face. Moreover, Xi Moyue had not appeared from the beginning until now. This made Lan Xuehan stare at the girl on the stage with doubt.

But for some reason, even though she had never seen her before, she felt very familiar with her!

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