Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C194 The Three of Them Reunited(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C194 The Three of Them Reunited(1)
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C194 The Three of Them Reunited(1)

Her black hair fluttered in the wind, as if it were going to stir up the most extreme of temptations in the world. His exposed eyes were like glazed black jade, circulating with a faint halo. It was intoxicating. Wearing a purple dress, her entire person seemed to be noble and inviolable. However, it also carried a trace of charm. This extreme combination was perfect on her body.

Lan Xuehan stared at the beautiful and beautiful woman on the stage. The overlapping figure perfectly matched with the one in her memory. She tilted her head to look at Nangong Feng. She saw that Nangong Feng also had the same expression as her. She felt that perhaps fate really allowed them to reunite in this foreign world!

She was eighty percent certain that this girl was most likely Mengyao!

A clear and melodious voice that sounded like a debauchery in the sky resounded across the entire platform. "This emperor's daughter is the second princess of the Zihua Country, Xi Moyao. Because of the relapse of Crown Princess's old illness in our country, the following competition will be attended by this emperor's daughter in her place! In this competition, I will represent the Zihua Country. I hope that the Crown Prince of the Xiyue Country will not be stingy with his guidance. "

The words that came after sounded somewhat provocative and arrogant, causing Nangong Feng's handsome face to turn slightly dark. He felt that this time, regardless of whether she was the devil or not, he would beat her until even her parents didn't recognize her!

Nangong Feng carried his extremely high Light-body Technique and landed on the ground without even the slightest movement of his clothes. It could be seen that his Light-body Technique had reached the pinnacle. On the opposite side, Xi Moyao's glaze-like beautiful eyes contained a trace of excitement and disdain, and she put on the airs of a princess of her own country. Her voice was very calm as she said, "Prince Chen is really elegant. It seems that this time this princess has encountered an opponent!"

Although she said that, there was not the slightest bit of prudence and seriousness in her eyes, and she still had a smiling expression.

Nangong Feng was very annoyed at this time. He really wanted to let her take off her veil. So that he could see it clearly. Unfortunately, she just didn't move. He couldn't possibly let a man hit a woman first, right? When he thought that such a predicament was caused by this woman in front of him, Nangong Feng secretly decided. Regardless of whether she was the culprit or not, she owed this debt to him!

"No problem, no problem! Let's do it!"

However, before Nangong Feng could finish his words, his opponent had already attacked. Using his hand as a palm, the wind carried by him was piercingly cold, and his speed was extremely fast. When Nangong Feng saw this, he cursed, but a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes!

This kind of extremely shameless fighting style was exactly what she had done in the past. She remembered that he was very angry and tried to reason with her at that time, but her eyes slanted. She sneered and said, "Young Master Nangong, do you think everyone is your mother? Do I have to kindly inform you when I make my move? Then you don't have to participate in the battle. Why don't you just make them surrender? "

His words were extremely shameless, but Nangong Feng could not refute them in the slightest. After a long time, he said in exasperation, "You are really not a woman! Count it as me digging up your ancestral grave in my previous life. In this life, you have come to collect debts. Is that enough? "

"Hey, don't! Although she said that, the pride in her tone and the bright smile in her eyes had already betrayed her true feelings.

Now everything was so similar. Although this person had changed his appearance, the feeling between them had never changed!

The two of them came and went, and almost two hours had passed. Nangong Feng's figure changed extremely quickly. Every move he made was filled with confidence and elegance. His moves were unpredictable. However, Xi Moyao, who was facing him, was not bad either. Her veil and black hair danced in the air. It gave people a cold and charming feeling. Her fighting style was extremely simple. But very practical. Every move and style was aimed at a person's life.

The two of them fought evenly for nearly two hours, but Lan Xuehan, who was in the stands, smiled and opened her eyes. Although her veil covered her face, her moves were a modern fighting style. Nangong Feng must have also seen that she was really Mengyao!

Although he did not know why she would meet them in such a way, he was certain that she had recognized them!

Nangong Feng was very helpless at this moment. He wanted to end this match as soon as possible, but this grandaunt in front of him seemed to be deliberately going against him. There was nothing he could do about it.

While he was in a daze, he suddenly heard a shout, "Be careful!"

A bad feeling rose in his heart, and he hurriedly blocked it. Unfortunately, he was still one step away. The beautiful woman opposite him had a proud smile on her face as she looked at his pitch-black handsome face. Her delicate little hands were like a monkey stealing peaches.

Nangong Feng was instantly enraged. He felt that his brain had become a joke. That was why he had been thinking about this woman for eight years. But then? What did he get in return? Provoke in public? Or was it this shameful humiliation? She really had no conscience as usual.

The two of them were quite close, so other than the few sharp-eyed people on the stands, no one else saw this action at all. They simply thought that the two of them were fighting.

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