Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C195 The Three of Them Were Reunited(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C195 The Three of Them Were Reunited(2)
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C195 The Three of Them Were Reunited(2)

Until they heard Nangong Feng's suppressed voice, "This match, I have lost!" They were still wondering where Prince Chen had lost. Why didn't they see it?

When Feng Ziran, who was sitting on the grandstand, saw the scene on the stage, a glimmer of light flashed across his eyes. He was as excited as if he had seen something extremely fun. This woman was really good. She was actually able to come up with such a vulgar and great move and win over his cousin, the Crown Prince. She was simply the object of his worship!

On the other hand, Lan Xuehan was smiling until her teeth could not be seen. She could already imagine how much of a mental breakdown Nangong Feng was feeling right now. In the past when they competed, Mengyao also did not play according to common sense. Therefore, Feng was always angered by her until he stomped his feet, but there was nothing he could do about it!

But now, in Gu Da, where the people were strict, Mengyao was still so careless. Feng previously thought that he could beat Mengyao, but now he had no choice but to be tied down by Mengyao.

These two were really a pair of enemies!

Although the judge did not know what was going on, Prince Chen had already admitted defeat, so he naturally had nothing to say. He hurriedly announced this strange match!

On the grandstand, Xi Moyue first saw Lan Xuehan. An excited expression flashed across her face, but the faint wetness at the corner of her eyes was indeed obvious. She did her best to suppress the soreness in her nose before cupping her hands and bowing. She said calmly, "Greeting Your Majesty of Linfeng Country, long live Your Majesty!"

Emperor Wenjing's expression was the same as usual. He said with a probing look in his eyes, "I have long heard that the second princess of the Zihua Country is extremely talented and her martial arts skills are excellent. Today, I really did not disappoint the rumors! However, I wonder what illness your country's Crown Princess has committed? It is so serious that even the Four Nation pageant is difficult to participate in!"

These words were somewhat provocative. Emperor Wenjing's words were ordinary, but the pressure contained within was indeed very frightening!

The Four Countries' pageant had reached this stage, and there was actually a change of person midway? Furthermore, it was a person who was extremely difficult to deal with. How could he be happy about this? Furthermore, Crown Princess still came with a secret decree, even though Dongfang Jin had used a forceful method to suppress the marriage. Therefore, he naturally did not like Xi Moyao.

In contrast, Xi Moyao also did not like him. Hearing his question, she just casually replied, "The old illness of the daughter's family is not something outsiders can talk about, but she really cannot come. I have long heard that the Linfeng Country Emperor is magnanimous, I think he would not be so calculative, right?"

Her words made Emperor Wenjing speechless. Since this Second Princess had already said so, what else could he say?

He could only reply dryly, "Since that's the case, then forget it!"

The conversation ended with Emperor Wenjing's anger.

Next was the fight between the Holy Snow Country and the Linfeng Country. This was an extremely crucial battle, so everyone was paying close attention to this battle.

The Holy Snow Country's opponent in this battle was actually Ming Yi, and the Linfeng Country's opponent was Dongfang Xuan.

Lan Xuehan looked at the two people below. The corner of her mouth was tightly pursed, and her eyes were misty. She had been by Beiming Yu's side for so long, how could she not know about Ming Yi?

Beiming Yu's secret guard had always adopted a change system, and those who were capable would take it. This was the first condition for him to change his secret guard. Therefore, he had an extremely large training ground under his command. It was also called the Asura Arena, and it was not something that he had never experienced before. The people inside had undergone countless harsh training before engaging in slaughter, and only the last remaining people were left. Only then would they be qualified to become a member of the underworld.

The one who had died in front of the Duke of Xu's residence was Ming Er. He was also a very powerful existence. However, he only stayed by Beiming Yu's side for two years. However, Ming Yi was different. Ever since she and Beiming Yu had known each other, she knew about the existence of Ming Yi. He was the only secret guard that had not been surpassed in so many years. Even she wasn't sure if she could defeat Ming Yi. With such a comparison, would Dongfang Xuan still have a chance to win?

Her eyes were filled with worry as she looked at Dongfang Jin in the blink of an eye. Feeling the gaze coming from beside him, Dongfang Jin tilted his head and saw the worry in her eyes clearly. His eyebrows raised, and then he slowly said, "Lan Xuehan, you care about other men in front of me like this. Okay? "

When Lan Xuehan heard this, a few black lines appeared on her forehead. She really could not accept that this guy was still saying such useless words at this time. Her eyes narrowed and carried a trace of displeasure. "Dongfang Jin, he is also your younger brother. Don't you worry about him?"

When he heard this, a dark light flashed in Dongfang Jin's eyes. He looked at her. Then he said in a cold voice, "Those who can survive in the royal family are not simple. Furthermore, he can go out and travel with his heart for so many years. He has been pampered ever since he came back, except for the maternal family. Have you never thought that he is not simple?"

His words were superficial, but it was an undeniable fact. Lan Xuehan had always thought that Dongfang Xuan was the young master of the Jianghu, the young master who lived a free and unfettered life. Even though she later found out his true identity, she had never thought that the schemes and plots of the royal family would be related to that man who was as clear as the cool breeze and the clouds. But today, Dongfang Jin's actions had made her deeply understand the helplessness that Dongfang Xuan spoke of!

However, everyone had their own side that no one knew about. They also had the life that they wanted to pursue. Furthermore, since they had met, Dongfang Xuan had treated her sincerely and protected her with his life at all times. Therefore, even if Dongfang Xuan really hid his strength, she would still treat him as her best friend!

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