Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C196 Dongfang Xuansheng Won(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C196 Dongfang Xuansheng Won(1)
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C196 Dongfang Xuansheng Won(1)

Lan Xuehan felt slightly relieved when she thought of this. Perhaps it was because Dongfang Xuan had never revealed his side as a member of the royal family in front of her that she had always regarded him as the suave young master of the Jianghu Pavilion!

At this moment, the atmosphere on the stage was very solemn. Dongfang Xuan had a smile on his face, but his eyes were filled with seriousness and prudence that he had never seen before. As for Ming Yi, his face was still expressionless, and there was no ripple in his eyes. No one could see through what he was thinking.

After the sound of the drum, both of them moved. Dongfang Xuan flipped the jade flute in his hand and showed a cool look. As for Ming Yi, it was as if he had condensed the baleful Qi and death Qi between heaven and earth. He raised his hand and swung his blade down, aiming for the vital parts of his body.

In just a moment, both of them had already exchanged hundreds of blows. However, they were still evenly matched. Lan Xuehan felt relieved when she saw that Dongfang Xuan was not any weaker than Dark One. No matter what, she hoped that the people around her would be fine!

Six hours had passed, and Dongfang Xuan and Ming Yi did not show any signs of losing. Just as they were locked in battle, Ming Yi suddenly changed his attack. His tricky cultivation technique and his mysterious skills caused a huge chill to rise up on the stage. He was like a malicious spirit from hell, causing one's heart to palpitate. Lan Xuehan looked down at Ming Yi, who seemed to be possessed by a ghost, and a cautious look appeared in her eyes. It seemed like this was the reason why Ming Yi was able to stay by Beiming Yu's side all the time!

Everyone naturally saw the changes on the stage. Therefore, all of them cast worried gazes to King Ann and Dongfang Xuan, wanting to see how he would deal with this sudden change.

Obviously, Dongfang Xuan also had a backup plan. He saw that Ming Yi had used a killing move. A trace of fearless smile appeared on his crimson lips. After that, he flipped the jade flute in his hand, and formed a strange seal with his hand. Suddenly, the surroundings with him as the center began to rapidly change. A faint mist and a layer of golden light rose around his body, making him look extraordinarily heroic. The golden light blocked Ming One's attack for him, and then the mist enveloped Ming One within. This was not the change of a normal cultivation technique. Even Ming Yi was somewhat surprised.

However, the following scene made him even more surprised. Because Dongfang Xuan had suddenly disappeared in front of him. Before he could react, he felt a wave of air behind him. He quickly turned around to block it, but he was still one step away. Dongfang Xuan's palm struck his body, causing him to spurt out a mouthful of blood. After that, he received another attack from Dongfang Xuan. However, it was still useless. He was still defeated!

This strange scene stunned everyone! Just now, Prince Ann actually used such a wonderful cultivation technique, but why did it seem like a demonic technique that was passed down in the market? But even so, they did not dare to say anything. After all, this was a First Rank King in the current dynasty, and they could not casually comment on it!

But others did not know, but Lan Xuehan and Beiming Yu knew. This was a spirit art, a spirit art that gathered the spiritual qi of heaven and earth to transform, a spirit art that was a level higher than the martial arts heart sutra. However, only the geniuses in the Shenghe Mainland had this spirit art field. How could Dongfang Xuan know this?

Lan Xuehan could not help but look at Dongfang Jin with a puzzled look, as if she understood the doubt in her heart. Dongfang Jin lightly answered her question, "Fourth brother's Royal Mother, Concubine De Your Ladyship came from the Yin family of the Heavens!"

One sentence made Lan Xuehan understand. No wonder Dongfang Xuan knew this kind of spirit technique. There were two big families in Heaven, and this Yin family was one of them!

Looking at Dongfang Xuan who was walking up the stairs, a faint smile hung on his handsome face, as if he didn't see the people around him looking at him. He stood on the grandstand with a smile on his face. He looked straight ahead and stood elegantly.

Emperor Wenjing looked at him, and there was no doubt in his eyes. It was as if he had already known about Dongfang Xuan's cultivation technique. He laughed loudly and said, "Fourth brother, you have worked hard. You have brought glory to our Linfeng Country!"

"This is my responsibility as a member of the royal family. It is not hard at all!" Dongfang Xuan's expression was the same as usual. He did not have any intention to claim credit.

The officials below were all smart people. Seeing Emperor Wenjing's attitude, they immediately understood what kind of attitude they should take to treat Prince Ann. Even the Emperor did not investigate. Looks like this King Ann is really not simple!

At this moment, Beiming Yu said without any displeasure, "Since Linfeng Country won this time, then according to what we said earlier, there will be another match between the two countries! Only this additional match, what should we compete in next round?"

The Linfeng Country had planned this Four Nations Banquet, so they naturally had to solve this problem.

When Emperor Wenjing heard this, he cast his probing gaze towards Dongfang Jin, who was standing beside him with an indifferent and elegant expression. The meaning behind this was obvious, it was to let Dongfang Jin make the decision!

Dongfang Jin's jade-like face was as gentle as a poem, and the smile on the corner of his mouth was just right. He said elegantly, "The Four Kingdom Banquet has always been a competition. Now that the competition has ended, let's compete in literature!"

When everyone heard this, they naturally agreed. Beiming Yu naturally did not have any objections. He nodded indifferently to express his agreement.

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