Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C198 Dreampearl's Injury(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C198 Dreampearl's Injury(1)
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C198 Dreampearl's Injury(1)

However, she knew Nangong Feng's temper, so she gave him an awkward smile. "I'm used to it. Young master Nangong, don't mind me!"

Nangong Feng was very happy to admit his defeat. He snorted and changed the topic. "Why don't I see that devil? He still hasn't come? Could it be that he's afraid that I'll take revenge on her? "

It wasn't that he said that they hadn't seen each other for eight years. He, Nangong Feng, had been worrying about these two women for so long that he had lost count of how many strands of white hair had grown on his temples. However, Lan Xuehan was still alright. She was the only one who was a little too heartless. It was not easy for them to meet again. It was one thing for her to put on a veil to cover her face. She had even given him such a huge embarrassment in front of everyone. Therefore... If he, Nangong Feng, did not seek revenge, his surname would be the same as hers today!

As soon as he finished speaking, an extremely arrogant voice came from behind him. Nangong Feng, you are just a defeated opponent of mine, aren't you afraid of losing your tongue by saying such big words? Now that I am here, I will take a look at you today. How are you going to take revenge?"

Lan Xuehan and Nangong Feng turned their heads at the same time and saw a beautiful figure coming from afar. However, after she walked in, Lan Xuehan could not help but frown and a trace of deep thought flashed across her happy eyes.

Why was Mengyao still wearing a veil?

Nangong Feng clearly saw the veil on her face too. The eight years of anxiety made him ignore the provocative words just now. He raised his eyebrows, his eyes carrying a mocking look. "Do you think you are interesting? In the arena, this young master can take it that you are creating a mystery, but now, you are still wearing a veil. Isn't that too hypocritical? "

He was a man and was not as meticulous as Lan Xuehan so he naturally did not see the grief and resentment that flashed across Xi Moyao's eyes.

Nangong Feng saw that after he finished speaking, the woman in front of him still did not have the intention to take off the veil. He could not help but frown, then he took action to take off her veil. This action was too sudden, making Xi Moyao unable to react at all. The veil was already in Nangong Feng's hands.

Her expression changed immediately, complicated emotions appeared in her eyes, but in the end, it turned into a bitter smile that she did not care about at all.

When Nangong Feng and Lan Xuehan saw her face clearly, the expression in their eyes changed drastically. From the initial shock to the huge anger, it turned into heartache in the end.

Her gorgeous face could be called peerless beauty, but there was a devilish purple-black pattern on her left cheek. It was like an ancient talisman that was entrenched on her face, destroying the beauty of her face. It was like a ghost, causing people to feel an infinite chill when they looked at it.

Half of it was gorgeous, and the other half was like a ghost!

This kind of disparity made this woman, who had a small pox on her face that would make wolves howl and ghosts howl for a long time, how could she bear it?

Nangong Feng, who had always been cheerful and unrestrained, had a heavy expression on his face that caused one's heart to palpitate. His eyes carried a sharp light that was like a sharp sword as he shot towards Xi Moyao's left face. His body was filled with a suffocating and terrifying aura.

His voice seemed to have been dyed with ice as he asked word by word, "What's going on?"

Lan Xuehan did her best to suppress her impulse to kill. Her eyes were scarlet as she stared at Xi Moyao without saying a word. But the coldness in her eyes was the same as Nangong Feng's and her expression also wanted to know what was going on!

Xi Moyao looked at the expressions of worry on their faces and pretended to be pointless as she smiled. Then, she reached out and took the veil from Nangong Feng's hand. She hurriedly and elegantly put it on. A pair of stunning beautiful eyes with her unique pride, "What else could it be? When she woke up, it was like this. This child was poisoned. He died! I happened to catch up, but the poison was too overbearing, and I couldn't cure it even after searching all over these years. However, it's good that I can see you guys alive. This is much better than playing chess with the King of Hell. Otherwise, I'll be the only one, and I'll be so lonely without you guys!"

He pretended to be strong, but his eyes were filled with sadness. They were all people who had fought side by side, experienced many years of hardships together. Even though they hadn't seen each other for eight years, the tacit understanding between them had never changed. It was precisely because they understood that they chose not to pursue the matter. They carefully protected her pride.

Everything that happened here was seen by Dongfang Jin, who was sitting quietly in the pavilion. He looked at the tacit understanding between Lan Xuehan and the other two, and the same aura circulating between them. He suddenly realized that the Heavenly Lady that his master had mentioned in the past did not only represent the hearts of the people and a name.

She was more of a strong and righteous person, and she loved the people. Looking at the people who appeared beside her, they were all proud sons of heaven. Every action was closely related to the trend of the world. In fact, everything had already been decided in the dark. That was why she had gathered so many heroic elites of the present world with her as the center!

It was just that everyone had their own responsibilities and could do nothing about it. When all of this collided with interests, no one could guarantee that their friendship would never change. So many emotions mixed with mistakes, and in the end, the one who was difficult to choose was always her!

Lan Xuehan looked at Nangong Feng's gloomy face and Xi Moyao's bitter eyes. For a moment, the joy was replaced by this heavy atmosphere. She also felt very uncomfortable in her heart. She did not dare to think about it now. In these eight years, Mengyao actually had this face. How could she be so proud and stubborn to survive in that Imperial Palace!

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