Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C199 The Wound of Mengyao(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C199 The Wound of Mengyao(2)
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C199 The Wound of Mengyao(2)

Initially, he wanted Feng and Mengyao to meet Dongfang Jin, but with the current situation, what should he do?

Lan Xuehan thought of something and suddenly slapped her forehead. She was simply dumbfounded! Mengyao was poisoned, but Dongfang Jin's medical skills were the best. If she let him take a look at Mengyao, perhaps he would have a way to cure her of the poison?

Thinking of this, Lan Xuehan pulled Xi Moyao in front of Dongfang Jin. Actually, Dongfang Jin had already thought of this a long time ago. It was just that he was more curious. Just how slow could she be to think of him! The result was so disappointing! However, no matter how dissatisfied he was, he wouldn't act up at this time. After all, this was her best friend.

Walking in large strides to Dongfang Jin, Dongfang Jin also stood up elegantly, and the corners of his mouth curled into a smile. He was as gentle as jade and elegant as a noble prince. Xi Moyao sized Dongfang Jin up and down, the intention in her eyes was not concealed at all. How could her boss, with such a cold temperament, fall in love with an ancient person? This was basically the joke of April Fool for her, but the truth was right in front of her. That was why she had to open her eyes wide to see clearly what kind of person he was!

However, combined with the admiration of everyone in the world towards him, Xi Moyao was initially certain of him. After all, this temperament, this appearance, these means were really one and the same.

Previously, she did not know that the one who caused such a commotion with him was actually her own boss, so when she received the news from him, she was as cautious as if she was facing a great enemy. Now that she knew that he was her boss's man, she could finally heave a sigh of relief.

"King Xu, Dongfang Jin? Boss, this is your fiancé?" His tone was teasing, and his eyes were filled with an extremely ambiguous expression as he looked at Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan.

Lan Xuehan was anxious about her condition and was not as relaxed as her. Her willowy eyebrows slightly knitted and her eyes were anxious." Dongfang Jin, Yao is poisoned. Take a look at her! "

The undisguised familiarity made a smile appear on Dongfang Jin's face. His red lips slightly hooked up. "I will be her husband soon, so I will do my best to make her friend. Second Princess, you don't mind Jin taking your pulse, do you?" His tone was gentle and light, as mellow and intoxicating as wine.

When Xi Moyao heard this, she smiled and reached out her hand to Dongfang Jin. Instead, it formed a sharp contrast with Lan Xuehan and Nangong Feng's resentful eyes. Actually, it was not that she did not care about her appearance, but that eight years had passed. With this ugly face, she suffered from ridicule. Her proud character in the modern world had long been polished into a more solitary person in these eight years. Now that she could find her boss and the others, she was already very happy. Thus, she did not dare to ask for too much!

Dongfang Jin treated Xi Moyao's pulse, but his expression became worse and worse. His eyes turned black, with bone-piercing coldness and hatred. His body was also emitting a suffocating pressure. Lan Xuehan and the other two looked at his change, and their faces were filled with doubt and heaviness. Especially Lan Xuehan, the worry and anxiety in her eyes were not concealed at all.

After a long time, Dongfang Jin slightly eased his emotions and withdrew his hand. He looked around at the three people's obviously puzzled eyes. When he saw Lan Xuehan's worried eyes, the corner of his mouth was tightly pursed. There was still lingering hostility in the depths of his eyes.

Nangong Feng looked at him and suppressed his doubt. He asked with a heavy face, "How is it? Is there a solution?"

"There is an antidote, but there are still a few medicinal herbs left!" Dongfang Jin suppressed his emotions and paused for a moment. He then asked, "Is this poison released once a month, and when it breaks out, it is as if you are in a world of ice and fire, with bone-corroding pain?"

Xi Moyao was stunned. She did not expect Dongfang Jin to have such superb medical skills. Even this could be seen. However, she carefully looked at the pale and worried faces of Boss and Nangong Feng and nodded stiffly.

Dongfang Jin saw that it was really as he had expected. He seemed to have recalled something, and his gaze was deep and amiable, causing others to be unable to tell what he was thinking. The only thing that could be felt was the loneliness and sorrow that permeated the air.

Lan Xuehan and the others naturally saw that something was wrong with Dongfang Jin, but Nangong Feng and Xi Moyao looked at him and did not ask. Lan Xuehan went forward and held his slender jade-like hand, then asked softly, "Dongfang Jin, what's wrong?"

It was as if the temperature of his palm pulled him back to reality. He dispersed and calmed down, suppressing all his emotions in his heart. His expression was the same as usual. It was still that elegant and unparalleled elegance, as if the earlier him was just an illusion!

"In order to cure this poison, I must obtain the Leafless Flower, the Flourishing Parasite, the Tear Questioning Heart, and the Sacred Spirit Grass! I must obtain the Leafless Flower, the Flourishing Parasite, and the Sacred Spirit Grass!"

After hearing the antidote ingredients, Lan Xuehan, Nangong Feng, and the others all fell silent. Where did they not know about these four medicinal ingredients? It was just that each and every one of these medicinal ingredients only appeared in the records of ancient texts, and they were things that were passed down from the Divine World. Almost no one had seen them for thousands of years. And for them to gather these four medicinal herbs, it was truly as difficult as ascending to the heavens!

After Xi Moyao heard it, she was silent for a moment and then said, "Alright, since there is a way, Boss, don't frown. I have always been very lucky. This time, I will definitely not be excluded. Besides, after so many years, I don't have much hope for this poison anymore. However, when I met you, Boss, I found a way to cure it. It can be seen that Boss, you are definitely my lucky star. Therefore, with a lucky star like you around, I'll definitely turn bad luck into good luck!"

Lan Xuehan and Nangong Feng only reacted when they heard her comforting words. Xi Moyao had always been proud of her character. She was never willing to expose her weakness in front of others. Their expressions now inevitably hurt her too much. Furthermore, since there was a record of this medicinal herb, then it definitely existed. As long as it existed, they would definitely be able to find it!

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