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C20 The Heavenly Profound Sacred Badge

Dongfang Jin had expected Lan Xuehan's question. She was intelligent and intelligent by nature, so when she saw a problem, it would definitely hit the nail on the head. After thinking for a while, she gradually explained this matter to Lan Xuehan.

It turned out that the Linfeng Country had always had a secret that was not for the world's Dao.

A few hundred years ago, the founder of the Linfeng Country, the Sacred Ancestor, Dongfang Han, was a former dynasty vassal king. Just like the laws of history, the power of the world would always be in sync with each other. Likewise. In the last years of the previous dynasty, Xia Jie, the king of the Xia Dynasty, was a lecherous, bloodthirsty man. He had harmed the loyal. Dongfang Han was a righteous man, and he held the world in his heart.

He could not bear for the people of the world to be in such a dire situation, and his many admonishments were fruitless. Instead, he was hated by Xia Jie. He had no choice but to rise up and help the people in the world benefit. However, even though the Xia Dynasty had declined, the camel was still bigger than the horse. With Dongfang Han's strength, he was not strong enough to resist the Xia Dynasty.

Just as Dongfang Han was feeling distressed, the Pavilion Master of the Xuantian Pavilion, the organization of the Jianghu, suddenly appeared. He claimed that he could help Dongfang Han solve the problem and not ask for anything in return. He just did his best for the people in the world.

Initially, Dongfang Han also had some doubts about him, but at that time, the crisis was imminent, so he had to take the risk. Later on, with the help of the Profound Sky Pavilion, he managed to escape danger several times and gradually dispelled Dongfang Han's doubts.

The power of the martial world in the Profound Sky Pavilion was powerful, and there were many capable people in the pavilion. As a result, Dongfang Han, who had already gained the support of the people, became even more powerful. He won the war, and in just three short years, he overthrew the Xia Dynasty and established the Linfeng Country.

However, at this moment, a new problem arose. The Pavilion Master of the Profound Sky Pavilion was a genius with outstanding talent and was a peerless genius. Now that the world had been decided, it was most likely because of the Profound Sky Pavilion. Naturally, the Pavilion Master of the Profound Sky Pavilion was more popular than Dongfang Han.

However, suffering was also easy. When it involved imperial power, no one could resist it, even if it was Dongfang Han who held the world in his heart.

Furthermore, Dongfang Han felt that when he was in Japan, he had already made it clear that the Profound Sky Pavilion was only an assistant and would not ask for anything in return. However, the current situation was a complete betrayal of the Profound Sky Pavilion, so he was thinking about how to obtain the imperial power in his hands.

Although the Pavilion Master of the Profound Sky Pavilion was shockingly talented, he did not have any intention of becoming an emperor. After noticing Dongfang Han's intention, he decisively withdrew. He only asked Dongfang Han not to kill the Profound Heaven Pavilion because of the Emperor's suspicion. This was exactly what Dongfang Han wanted, so he decisively agreed. However, the Pavilion Master of the Profound Sky Pavilion was afraid that Dongfang Han would go back on his word, so he hid the Xia Dynasty's national treasury and the remaining treasures of the Profound Sky Pavilion in the Linfeng Country's Emperor Qi Mountain. It was also where the dragon vein was located, and he sealed the key and location in the token Profound Heaven Token of Profound Heaven Pavilion.

Although Dongfang Han wanted these treasures to be used by the country, he had to agree to this request as compared to the throne that was almost in his hands. Later on, the Xuantian Pavilion's Pavilion Master dissolved the Xuantian Pavilion, and he vanished without a trace along with the Profound Heaven Token.

For hundreds of years, the successive emperors of the Linfeng Country had wanted to find the Profound Heaven Token in order to obtain this treasure. However, they had all died in vain. The Profound Heaven Token, which they thought would never appear again, suddenly appeared in the martial world a few days ago. When the current Emperor Wenjing, who was also Dongfang Jin's father Dongfang Sheng, received the news, in order to prevent any accidents, he sent his son, who was renowned throughout the world, to find and bring back the Profound Heaven Token.

After hearing Dongfang Jin's narration, Lan Xuehan immediately understood that this matter was indeed of great importance. With the importance of the Imperial Family regarding this matter, they would definitely not give up easily. Furthermore, her father was the alliance leader of the martial arts world. This order appeared in the martial arts world. His father would definitely interfere. At that time, both the political forces of the imperial court and the martial arts world would target his father.

However, if he helped Dongfang Jin find the Profound Heaven Token, firstly, it would be perfectly justifiable. Secondly, it would solve the problem of the imperial court. It would be a win-win situation.

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