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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C200 The Marriage Was Just Mentioned(1)
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C200 The Marriage Was Just Mentioned(1)

Lan Xuehan strengthened her conviction and said to Xi Moyao with a smile, "That's right! Those who have ambition can achieve what they want. Three thousand Beyond Grade A can swallow Wu! I firmly believe that this poison will definitely be cured. Don't worry!" The world of sorrow had never been her character. Things had already come to this point. The key was to find these few medicinal herbs as much as possible.

Nangong Feng also covered the heartache in his eyes and pretended to be carefree as he said, "Don't worry, I am now the Crown Prince of a kingdom. It's not difficult to find a few herbs for you. It's said that good people don't live long, and disasters are left behind for thousands of years. Someone like you... At the very least, you'll have to live for at least 900 years! So, you definitely won't die!"

When she heard this, Xi Moyao frowned and said with disdain, "Nangong Feng, if I were you, I would definitely live past 40 years and commit suicide!"

Seeing Lan Xuehan and Nangong Feng looking at her with puzzled eyes, Xi Moyao smiled very arrogantly and explained, "Nangong Feng, you have always been like a butterfly, seducing good women everywhere. But if you are missing this skin, where is the capital? So it would be better to live a carefree life of more than 40 years, and then find a place to commit suicide. Otherwise, if you look at yourself in the future, you'll feel disgusted!"

..." "Lan Xuehan felt that her words were absolute!

... "Xi Moyao, even if you die from the poison now, if you die in front of this young master, this young master won't even spare you a glance. Otherwise, I'm afraid that I won't be able to control myself and turn you into ashes!" At least he had good intentions and treated it as if it was a donkey's liver and lungs. He thought that eight years had passed. This vicious woman would at least have some changes, but she had actually become even more vicious. Such a venomous woman, she wasn't worried that he wouldn't be able to marry her in the future!

Xi Moyao smiled and raised her eyebrows in a rather proud manner, "It's fine, it's fine! No matter what, I will not die in front of you!" She still wanted this bit of face.

Lan Xuehan looked at the two people fighting in front of her with eyes full of nostalgia. This scene was a scene that had to be played every day in her previous life. After eight years, when she saw it again, her heart was filled with happiness and excitement!

She laughed and said, "Alright, we haven't seen each other for so many years. Today is the first time that we are reunited, so each of you should speak less!"

Xi Moyao smiled at Lan Xuehan in an ingratiating manner and then glanced at Nangong Feng's ugly face. "Yes, Boss! I will give you face. After all, you are going to introduce someone to us today. I can't possibly screw it up for you!"

These words also reminded Nangong Feng. He slightly eased the anger that had popped out of his veins and forced himself not to look at that face that deserved a beating. Then he turned around and walked towards the banquet that had already been arranged.

Lan Xuehan and the others saw this and smiled at each other clearly. Then, they also walked over there. Lan Xuehan looked at Dongfang Jin and found that the expression that she had lost control of just now had completely disappeared. At this time, it was not good for her to mention it again. So, she wanted to wait until they dispersed and ask him what the situation was!

The four of them sat down. Xi Moyao looked at Dongfang Jin's elegant and distant temperament. She smiled and said to Lan Xuehan, "Boss, you have such good luck with love here. It really surprises me! I have long heard that. Prince Xu was the leader of the Four Young Masters in the world, which shocked the Nine Prefectures. Amazing! I did not expect that you would be able to get such a supreme grade! Come! Let's have a toast because of your luck!"

Xi Moyao was still the same as in her previous life, evil and unruly, and extraordinarily arrogant.

Lan Xuehan looked at her with amusement, and then raised her glass according to her intentions. Nangong Feng, on the other hand, did not let go of any opportunity to attack her. "I say, Little Han has already resolved her marriage. What about you? Is there anyone she likes? Show them to us! I am looking forward to seeing who dares to take you down, the Overlord Flower!"

" Heh, Nangong Feng, are you trying to make things difficult for me today? Who would be willing to marry me with this face of mine? Besides, I haven't had enough fun yet. I won't be stupid enough to be like the boss. He's sending me to the grave of love so early in the morning!" When Xi Moyao said this, an inexplicable emotion flashed across her eyes. The way she looked at Nangong Feng also changed.

Although Nangong Feng did not say anything, he also knew not to poke people in pain. Hearing her self-deprecating words, she casually said, "There are some men in this world who are not superficial, right? Taking ten thousand steps back, if no one wants you in the future... I will be reluctant, how about it? "

It was clearly a playful tone, but it still made Xi Moyao's heart miss a beat. The hand that retracted the wine cup paused. She covered up the flash of anticipation in her eyes. "Forget it, I can't get close to you, young master Nangong. It's better to leave it to another woman!"

Nangong Feng was about to say something when Lan Xuehan interrupted him. "Alright, we haven't seen each other for many years. Why are you still like this?" They pinched each other as soon as they saw each other. It was as if they were enemies from his previous life.

"Hehe, that's it. I can't change it. At least now I can find someone to argue with. It's better than not having a trace of her in the past few years. Isn't that right? "This sentence was spoken plainly, but it carried the true feelings of the three of them and the lonely longing of these eight years.

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