Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C221 Lan Family's Parents(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C221 Lan Family's Parents(2)
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C221 Lan Family's Parents(2)

"Let's not talk about whether you are willing to return to the Holy Snow Country with him or not, just the fact that he wants to leave the Heavenly Saint Capital is a problem. Taking away my princess from my place, if this gets out, won't it ruin my reputation? "

Lan Xuehan could not bear to see Dongfang Jin's confident and arrogant look and could not help but retaliate, "How do you know that I am unwilling to return to the Holy Snow Country with him? Miss Wan Yishu can escape from the marriage?"

Hearing her fearless words, Dongfang Jin narrowed his eyes. His eyes were cold as he looked at her with a smile that was not a smile. "Lan Xuehan, I'm warning you. You should strangle this idea to the bud as soon as possible. What do you mean by escaping the marriage? What's the difference? You better not even think about such a thing. Whether it is in this lifetime or in the next life, you will be mine!" His overbearing tone could not hide the feelings of friendship within.

Lan Xuehan heard it and her heart became delirious with happiness. However, she had a smile on her face. "If that's the case, wouldn't I be at a disadvantage?"

Dongfang Jin looked at her playful appearance and could not help but pull her into his embrace. Then he smiled and whispered, "If you don't suffer a loss, I will also be yours! Furthermore, if I tell you a good news, you will be even happier!"

"What good news?" Lan Xuehan looked at his clear eyes in surprise and saw the gentleness that rippled inside.

Dongfang Jin pretended to be profound and said slowly, "Uncle Lan, Auntie Lan will be in the city tomorrow."

Hearing this, Lan Xuehan asked happily and urgently, "Really? Can I see my parents tomorrow?"

Seeing her excited look, Dongfang Jin laughed and said, "This kind of thing, how can I joke with you!"

"Haha, Dongfang Jin, you are really great." She was married, and the most important person in her life was there. This kind of good luck was enough for her to cherish for the rest of her life!

The next day, because Lan Muhua and Lau Mianyue were coming, Lan Xuehan specially woke up early in the morning. Dongfang Jin did not go out either. He packed up early and went out with Lan Xuehan to welcome Lan Muhua and the others.

Looking at the sparse crowd on the official road, Lan Xuehan stuck her head out a few times. She asked Mo Xing when. For the sake of Lan Muhua and the others' safety, Dongfang Jin arranged for them to stay in the Duke Xu's Palace. All the girls in the Duke of Xu's Palace were basically Liuyun and Yi who were by her side. Therefore, Lan Xuehan left them in the mansion to clean up the rooms for Lan Muhua and the others.

This was the first time Mo Xing saw Lan Xuehan in such an ungraceful and impatient manner. When he first saw her, she was also in such a hurry to go home to see her parents. It seemed like the Lan family couple in the young lady's heart was even higher than the prince!

Dongfang Jin, who had been calmly reading in the car, was disturbed by Lan Xuehan's impatience and smiled. "There's no hurry. Someone said that they will be here soon. It would be useless for you to be so anxious. The sky is so hot. It is better to be quiet! "

It was already midsummer and the temperature gradually rose. This kind of heat made Lan Xuehan keep shouting. Although she was a special forces soldier in her previous life and was used to working hard, people who were familiar with her knew. She had always been a very picky person and had never been good at living.

So, in the summer of her previous life, as long as there was no mission, she would not go out to block the sun. Instead, she would stay in the house and sort out the housework or read books. In this life, when she first came, she was brought to Skysnow Mountain by Old Man Tianshan. That place was cold all year round, so she didn't have to worry about summer at all.

Although she could go down the mountain and train every three months. However, she usually chose spring. When it was summer, she would return to Skysnow Mountain.

Therefore, to be precise, she had never experienced summer here! These few days, she had been extremely hot. Even though Dongfang Jin's Bamboo Garden was surrounded by jade bamboos, she still let Yi and the others put ice cubes in the room.

At this moment, in the secret compartment of Dongfang Jin's purple sandalwood carriage. She also specially placed ice cubes in it. That was why she could sit comfortably.

After another hour or so, she finally saw the carriage of Lan Muhua and the others that had been waiting for a long time on the official road. Lan Xuehan did not care about the temperature that had risen outside. Instead, she hurriedly got off the carriage and walked towards Lan Muhua and the others.

Dongfang Jin looked at Lan Xuehan's anxious back and the glaring sunlight outside. He smiled faintly and picked up the good oil-paper umbrella beside him. After elegantly getting off the car, he walked to Lan Xuehan's side and helped her support the shade.

And this scene was coincidentally seen by Lan Muhua and his wife who got off the car. The two of them looked at each other and smiled, their eyes full of satisfaction.

Lan Xuehan did not notice this scene, but said happily, "Father and Mother, you are finally here!"

Looking at his daughter who was about to marry into a woman, Lan Muhua suddenly had a feeling that his daughter had just grown up. A loving smile appeared on his handsome face, "When a daughter marries into a woman, how can father and mother be late?" After saying that, his smiling eyes swept across Dongfang Jin who was standing beside him.

After hearing Lan Muhua's words, Lan Xuehan's beautiful face quietly blushed. On the other hand, Dongfang Jin who was standing beside her had a leisurely smile on his face.

"Uncle and aunt have been traveling for a long time. The weather is also so hot. I think they must be tired. Why don't we return to the residence first? It's not too late to talk about anything later!"

Dongfang Jin's meticulous warmth once again delighted his father-in-law and mother-in-law's heart, especially Lan Muhua. His eyes were filled with satisfaction as he looked at Dongfang Jin with an increasingly loving gaze.

He had been optimistic about Dongfang Jin before this. Now that he had succeeded, he would naturally be happy!

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