Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C222 The Son-in-law Was Talking(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C222 The Son-in-law Was Talking(1)
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C222 The Son-in-law Was Talking(1)

After dinner, Dongfang Jin looked at the smile on Lan Xuehan's beautiful face and felt happy in his heart. However, when he saw Lan Muhua, there was always a trace of gloominess in his eyes.

In fact, before he brought Lan Lan Muhua and his wife to the capital, he had been hesitating. Because he was afraid that Lan Xuehan would ask about the Lan family, and Lan Muhua might tell her everything about the Lan family!

At that time, Lan Xuehan wanted to guess the reason why the Lan family had been targeting her these days. It was only a matter of time. And the things that he had secretly dealt with would slowly be exposed under the sunlight. At that time, many things would no longer be under his control.

However, he was very clear about her parents' position in her heart. If her parents did not attend this wedding, it would leave a permanent regret in her heart. This wasn't what he wanted to see. He secretly arranged so many things... It was to give her a grand and beautiful wedding.

Thus, he decided to take a gamble. He would bring Lan Muhua and his wife to the capital and let the matter of Lan family and the things that he had concealed gradually come to light. He would bet on the importance of him in Lan Xuehan's heart and tell her everything that had happened in the past, bit by bit, under the guidance of the matter.

He originally thought that everything was under his control, but now the chaotic situation and the increasing dangers were beyond his expectations. He did not want to leave this hidden danger between the two of them because he knew very well Lan Xuehan's character. If she knew all of this without any preparation, then this relationship... Perhaps it would forever be in a deadlock.

This kind of result was not what he wanted to see!

Lan Xuehan had been immersed in the joy of seeing her parents and did not notice that Dongfang Jin was lost in thought. Lan Muhua, who had been watching his wife and daughter, saw Dongfang Jin's expression. A trace of deep thought flashed across his vast and wise eyes.

Then he smiled and said, "Jin, come with me for a walk!" Such an obvious hint stunned Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan. But this was his father-in-law's words, so Dongfang Jin naturally had no reason to refuse.

A humble smile appeared on her beautiful face like a painting and she nodded slightly. "Okay."

Lan Xuehan, who was beside him, raised her eyebrows and looked at Lan Muhua in puzzlement. "Father, is there anything between you and him that you must avoid me and Mother? Can't you say it here?"

Lan Muhua smiled and said to her unhappily, "He took away such a good daughter of mine. As a father, can't I say something to him? What? Your father, I'm not some ferocious beast. Do you think I will eat him? "

Such teasing words caused Lan Xuehan's face to turn red. She slightly curled her lips. Embarrassed, she said, "Father, what are you saying? I just... I just..." It was just that she did not say anything for a long time.

Dongfang Jin, on the other hand, looked at her shy and charming face and said with a low laugh, "Alright, I'll accompany Uncle out for a walk. You stay inside and chat with Auntie!"

Lan Xuehan was not afraid that her father would make things difficult for Dongfang Jin. How could she bear to make things difficult for him when her father liked him so much? Furthermore, Dongfang Jin had a deep thought. Why would he suffer in front of her father? She was just curious about what her father wanted to say. However, looking at their intentions, it was obvious that they did not want her to hear them. So, she pretended to be impatient and said, "Alright, alright, you guys go out and chat!"

On the side, Lau Mianyue's delicate and beautiful little face was full of smiles, "Han, could it be that you are shy? Alright, they will go and chat with them. You just stay here and accompany mother."

Hearing her mother's teasing, Lan Xuehan's face turned red shyly and did not say anything.

Dongfang Jin and Lan Muhua sat in the pavilion in the garden. After ordering servants to serve tea, Dongfang Jin smiled and elegantly poured tea for Lan Muhua.

He looked at the young man in front of him. Every move he made carried a natural respect. A trace of satisfaction flashed across Lan Muhua's eyes. He had a noble status, but when faced with someone like him who had no status in the pugilistic world, he could be so humble and submissive. Besides genuinely loving his daughter, he really couldn't think of any reason to make this proud son of the imperial family to do this.

After pouring tea for Lan Muhua, Dongfang Jin's eyes met Lan Muhua's and said with a smile, "Uncle called me out. Is there something you need to tell me?"

Hearing this, Lan Muhua's face carried a trace of solemnity as he looked at him with a serious look. "You should know about the matter between Lan family and Han, right?"

He had received a message from Lan Feng a long time ago, saying that he had found the people of the Lan family in the capital. This was his place, and the mysterious force of the Lan family had suddenly appeared. If he said that he didn't know about it, he would never believe it. With his wisdom and thoughts, it wasn't difficult for him to guess that it was because of Han.

Lan Feng told him that the people of Lan family had already returned. Such an outcome made him unable to believe that this was the Lan family who wouldn't give up until they achieved their goal. Therefore, the only explanation was that Dongfang Jin had secretly attacked.

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