Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C223 The Son-in-law Was Talking(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C223 The Son-in-law Was Talking(2)
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C223 The Son-in-law Was Talking(2)

Lan Muhua's sharp and direct question caused Dongfang Jin's expression to darken. He restrained the warm smile on his face. He stared at Dongfang Jin closely, as if he wanted to see the meaning in his eyes.

In the end, other than calmness, there was nothing else in his vast and profound eyes. His thoughts spun in his heart, but his face did not move like the wind. He looked gentle and peaceful.

After a long time, Dongfang Jin's clear and cold voice rang out faintly, "That's right. Not only I already know, even she has guessed about it. Since you have come this time, I think she will ask you about this sooner or later. "

Lan Muhua's eyes showed no emotion when he replied like this, as if even Lan Xuehan knew about this matter was within his expectations.

"Back then, I told her that there were some things that had to wait until she reached the end of her life. I will tell her everything. Soon, it would be her day to reach the rod. So, of course, I won't hide these things from her anymore.

Han was born with extraordinary intelligence. These few years, she had learned a lot from Old Man Tianshan, and her mind was far from what an ordinary woman could compare with. So, I believe that she has the ability to handle these matters."

When Dongfang Jin heard this, a dark look flashed across his eyes. He looked at Lan Muhua and said calmly, "Uncle called me out today because he wanted to tell me these things, right?"

Such a question caused Lan Muhua's heart to stir. His eyes flashed with praise. That's right, this was what he meant. However, he didn't expect Dongfang Jin to be so smart that he could even guess this.

"That's right. The reason I called you out today is to tell you these things. The Lan family was too mysterious and unfathomable. With Han's abilities, she was no match for them. And I can see that you truly love Han. That's why I hope that you can protect her well after I tell you. "

This was also the reason why he had originally wanted Dongfang Jin!

When Dongfang Jin heard this, the corner of his elegant lips curled upwards. His tone was gentle. Of course. She will soon be my wife, my princess. From now on, protecting her is my responsibility and mission. Uncle, you don't need to say it. I will definitely protect her safety and happiness for the rest of her life! " This was not a moment of happiness, but a promise for the rest of her life.

He naturally would not say these words in front of Lan Xuehan. The flowery words in love only made people feel that it was not true. And this promise to the elders was an oath that he had to keep for the rest of his life!

Indeed, when Lan Muhua heard Dongfang Jin's words, his eyes were full of smiles. He nodded in relief and said, "Okay, I believe you!"

He had experienced hundreds and thousands of people, so he could naturally see the seriousness and seriousness in Dongfang Jin's eyes.

Lan Muhua organized his thoughts and slowly said, "Lan family is a reclusive family that has existed for a hundred years. Although the family has a long history, it is a cruel place with no emotions.

Nineteen years ago, I was the eldest son of Lan family and the heir of the family. That year, I was forced to marry by the family and forced to marry the eldest daughter of the Yin family. Unfortunately, at that time, I already had someone in my heart. I love Yue Er, so naturally, I won't marry any other girl.

However, according to the teachings of the Lan family's ancestors, as the head of the family, one must be ruthless and heartless in order to secure the position of the head of the family. Heh, what a joke. If a person's emotions and desires are extinguished, can he still be called a person?"

Lan Muhua thought of that hair-raising and abhorrent place again. His eyes carried endless desolation and ridicule.

He closed his eyes and continued, "Later on, I refused to accept the arrangement of the family and said that I would give up the position of the family head. However, the position of the family head of Lan family has always been inherited by the eldest son. If the eldest son is not around, the eldest son's child will also inherit it. How could such a rule change because of me! Therefore, under all kinds of helpless circumstances, I escaped with Yue Er.

At first, we hid and hid to avoid being tracked down by the Lan family. However, there was no way we could go on like this. I sent a message to my good friend Zhao Jichen. I hope that he can borrow the strength of his family to help us fight against the Lan family."

Lan Muhua looked at Dongfang Jin with a glimmer in his eyes when he mentioned Zhao Jichen. Looking at the slight change in his eyes, Lan Muhua pursed his lips. He said clearly, "That's right. This Zhao Jichen is your mother's younger brother, Zhao Yiyou, who has a different father. He is also your uncle!"

When Dongfang Jin heard this, his indifferent expression finally could not be restrained. His face was filled with pain, and his eyes were filled with endless sorrow and sorrow. A strong suffocating and low pressure rose around him, as if he had thought of something. His eyes were filled with traces of blood.

Lan Muhua looked at his emotions and thought that he was thinking of the revenge of his entire family. His heart was also filled with sadness. His good friend Zhao Jichen. Although he was a bastard son, he was the only son of the Zhao family. His sister, Zhao Yi, was shockingly talented. He was romantic and romantic. Unfortunately, he died young due to that crafty plot back then.

Lan Muhua pursed his lips and said, "Back then, the Zhao family was the number one family in the Linfeng Country. Their family's strength was on par with the Lan family. Therefore, Zhao Jichen helped me and Yue Er, and helped us to obtain the bargaining chips to negotiate with the Lan family. Therefore, we have agreed to a sixteen year agreement with the Lan family. "

The sensitive word" sixteen year agreement "awakened Dongfang Jin, who was immersed in sorrow. He tried his best to conceal the gloominess on his face. With a questioning look in his eyes, he looked at Lan Muhua.

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