Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C224 Eastern Request(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C224 Eastern Request(1)
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C224 Eastern Request(1)

Looking at Dongfang Jin's questioning gaze, sadness and helplessness flashed across Lan Muhua's eyes. With a heavy tone, he said, "The Promise of Sixteen years is that after sixteen years, my child will return to the family and inherit the position of the family head!"

After knowing all this, Dongfang Jin finally understood why the people of Lan family never let go of Lan Xuehan. Especially that Xiao Mingyu, who was also her fiance!

"Now, Han is already fifteen years old. The sixteen year promise is about to come, but I don't want her to go back. The biggest debt I owe in my life is her. My biggest hope is that she can live happily for the rest of her life like a normal child. But... When I found out that she had given her life to the Ziwei Divine Crest, I no longer had any expectations. Thus, I only hope that she can live her life according to her own wishes.

If she returns to the Lan family, she will inherit the position of Patriarch. Then, all of this will become nonsense, and no one in the world will know about it. There was a spiritual field in the Lan family, and it was rumored that it was a place that had been passed down from the ancient times. There were many mystical spiritual spells and cultivation techniques that couldn't be explained by common sense.

After the successor of Lan family performed the ceremony of inheriting the family head, he would be sent there to cultivate his cultivation technique. Before entering, the elders would feed the patriarch the medicine that they had concocted in advance. This would allow him to cultivate with twice the result with half the effort. This medicine seemed to have such a great effect. It was the forbidden medicine of the Lan family. But in fact, this medicine was the last medicine to extinguish the last shred of emotion in one's heart. After taking it, one would remember things, but they would not have any feelings. Looking at the past was like looking at a passerby without any emotional waves at all. If so, what is the difference between this and a puppet? "

Dongfang Jin couldn't help but be surprised when he heard Lan Muhua talk about such secrets. However, after the shock, it was true that there was endless anger and fear. He couldn't imagine it. If Lan Xuehan really took this medicine and became the patriarch of Lan family... What kind of madness and despair he would feel!

Therefore, he would never allow such a thing to happen!

However, Dongfang Jin was puzzled by a question. "What is the last shred of friendship?"

Lan Muhua looked at him. In order to break this solemn atmosphere, he smiled and said, "If this medicine can turn a person into a heartless and heartless person, then did you give it to me when you didn't understand? Then what about you and Han now?

This medicine could only destroy the last trace of friendship in a person's heart. In other words, this medicine only worked when this person was originally heartless and heartless or his heart was like stagnant water! "

" Is this how all generations of successors of the Lan family survived? "

"Yes, the Lan family adopted a devilish training method for their successors. As the heir of the Lan family, he must never have what he liked. Everything must be prioritized by the Lan family. I was lucky back then. When I was young, my mother couldn't stand the training of the Lan family. So, she brought me back to the maternal family. My mother's maternal family is also a Prominent clan. Therefore, I was lucky enough to avoid such cruelty. It was also at that time when I met Yue Er. She was just an orphan. However, she was gentle and kind. This way, she attracted me deeply!"

When Lau Mianyue was mentioned, Lan Muhua's entire body emitted a kind of happiness. His eyes carried the tenderness that belonged solely to Lau Mianyue.

Dongfang Jin looked at Lan Muhua who was like this, and a trace of understanding flashed across his eyes. Previously, he did not understand this kind of feeling. But after Lan Xuehan, he deeply experienced this feeling of envy!

After learning about the secret from Lan Muhua nineteen years ago, Dongfang Jin's eyes became gloomy again. He gradually found out the truth about what happened in the past through the investigation later on. Now, it seemed like Lan Muhua had no idea about the Lan family's attack on the Zhao family. Otherwise, he wouldn't have faced him so calmly at this moment.

Dongfang Jin lowered his eyes and concealed all his emotions. Then, he looked at Lan Muhua and said with a bright and firm look, "Uncle, I have a request. I hope you can agree to it."

Lan Muhua's eyes showed some surprise, then he smiled and said, "You can just say it. If I can do it, I will not decline it."

"I hope you will not tell her about the Lan family for the time being. It will be our wedding soon. I don't want her mood to be affected because of this."

Most importantly, he didn't want any accidents to happen before the wedding!

"Okay, I promise you. I also hope that she will have a happy and happy wedding. I will keep this from her for now."

After receiving Lan Muhua's care, Dongfang Jin smiled gratefully.

When Lan Muhua and Dongfang Jin returned, they saw Lan Xuehan and Lau Mianyue chatting happily. Dongfang Jin walked to her side and said to her, "Uncle and aunt must have had a hard time along the way. It must be hard on them. Let's go back first. We'll come back tomorrow, alright?"

Lau Mianyue looked at Dongfang Jin and the others when she heard him. Then, she asked very naturally, "Han lives in that courtyard? Is it close to mother's place?"

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