Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C225 Eastern Request(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C225 Eastern Request(2)
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C225 Eastern Request(2)

When these words came out, Lan Xuehan's face instantly turned red with embarrassment. Her mother still didn't know that she and Dongfang Jin lived together before marriage! Just as she was thinking about how to reply, she heard the shameless person beside her reply very calmly, "Auntie, she and I live in Bamboo Garden not far from your place."

Such straightforward words made Lau Mianyue smile awkwardly. She really did not expect these two to move so quickly. They did not have any sense of male and female defense at all. However, after all, the two of them were about to get married. This could only mean that the two of them were in a good relationship. Lau Mianyue was not the kind of person who was not open-minded.

After a moment of awkwardness, she and Lan Muhua looked at each other and said with a smile, "Then you guys go first!"

This kind of conversation made Lan Xuehan keep her head down in shame until she left the yard. She fiercely removed Dongfang Jin's hand and then said with shame and shame, "Dongfang Jin, why have I never found out that your skin is so thick?"

Dongfang Jin felt her shyness and said with a very piercing smile, "Uncle and aunt have a good relationship. They will understand this matter. It's useless to be shy now. It's better to be calm. Anyway, we are about to get married. This is human nature. "

Such a composed look instantly made Lan Xuehan spit out a mouthful of blood. She took it to heart. She was clearly a modern person, but Dongfang Jin's skin was more than a hundred times thicker than hers!

Not wanting to say more to him, Lan Xuehan angrily walked away first. She left Dongfang Jin behind to look at her beautiful back, his eyes filled with tenderness.

Yin Qianying received the news that Lan Muhua and his wife had come to the capital. Her beautiful eyes were filled with hatred and anger. Her flower-like face was as ferocious as a devil from hell. It was frightening. She said word by word, "Lan Muhua, Lau Mianyue, it has been sixteen years. We are finally going to meet again! This time, I will return the pain I have suffered a hundred times to your daughter. I want you to see her suffer so much that she wants to die!"

Back then, if it wasn't for her being imprisoned by the Lan family, she wouldn't have allowed them to torture her for so many years. Even though she was now the wife of Lan Muhua in the family tree, she was the young madam of the Lan family. However, she hated Lan Muhua as much as she loved him back then.

Therefore, the only reason she was still alive was to take revenge!

The corner of Yin Qianying's mouth curled up into a frightening smile as she said to the outside, "Yin Yue, come in. I have something I need you to do."

Yin Yue replied and entered. Her appearance was ordinary but her brows were filled with coldness. This made her entire person even more gloomy and astute. Her footsteps were light and her aura was long. There was a kind of natural pressure surrounding her body. She quickly walked in front of Yin Qianying and said with a respectful expression, "Miss, is there anything you need to tell me?"

Yin Yue grew up with Yin Qianying and later followed Yin Qianying into the Lan family. She was the person Yin Qianying trusted the most. Most importantly, her martial arts cultivation was very outstanding in the entire sky. Back then, it was also because of her excellent foundation that she was nurtured by the Yin family Master. She placed her by Yin Qianying's side. Therefore, many of Yin Qianying's matters were left to her to handle. And she had never failed either.

Yin Qianying crouched beside Yin Yue's ear and whispered softly. Finally, Yin Yue very calmly said, "Yes, Miss. Don't worry. I will settle this matter!"

"Alright. After this matter is settled, it will be Soong Xiaoyou's turn to appear. At this time, I want to see what they will do. Remember, you must do it after the wedding."

The most painful thing in this world is not being unable to obtain it, but the loss after obtaining it!

"Yes, I will remember it. Don't worry, miss!"

In the dark night, all undercurrents began to surge. This world finally began to become restless.

After Dongfang Jin brought Lan Xuehan back to Bamboo Garden, he did not return to the master bedroom. Instead, he told Lan Xuehan that he still had things to deal with and went to the study. Lan Xuehan also knew that he was quite busy recently, so she went back to sleep by herself.

After Dongfang Jin came to the study, he stood by the window for a long time. His slender back was extended by the dim lights, bringing with it a loneliness that made one's heart ache. After a long time, he turned around and walked towards the bookshelf. He opened the secret compartment in the bookshelf. There were many letters inside, and the paper was slightly yellow. It was enough to tell that it had been there for a long time.

Her slender fingers were holding the letter. Her fingertips were white, revealing a rich sense of desolation and sadness.

On the letter was the information he had been investigating about the extermination of the Lan family in the past. According to what he knew, Royal Father was afraid of the Zhao family. However, because of his mother and the Zhao family's meritorious service, he didn't intend to kill them all. He only wanted to demote the position of the Zhao family.

However, at that time, the Lan family interfered and tried their best to cooperate with Royal Father. He was carrying the empire of the Linfeng Country behind his back. At that time, he would ascend to the throne. Although he had the support of the Zhao family, he was still treading on thin ice. Most importantly, in his heart, the throne was far more important than his mother. Just like that, they planned the extermination of the Zhao family eighteen years ago.

Since then, he had lost his mother as soon as he was born. He was alone in the face of this palace that was surrounded by tigers and wolves. If it wasn't for his master bringing him to Skysnow Mountain, he would have become a lonely soul in this palace a long time ago.

The people he sent out only found out that the Lan family and Royal Father were working together, but they never found out the reason. Tonight, after conversing with Lan Muhua, he finally understood what had happened in the past. It was such a coincidence that no one was able to guard against it. It was like a joke made by fate, and they couldn't do anything about it. But they were forced to accept it.

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