Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C226 A Xuan's Debt of Love(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C226 A Xuan's Debt of Love(1)
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C226 A Xuan's Debt of Love(1)

But for him, he knows what he wants. So, he wouldn't bring the grudges from back then into their relationship. He was very clear about what he wanted. He knew that his goal was to destroy the Lan family. He wanted to take revenge for his mother and her family.

The gloomy night had buried all the filth. When the sun rose the next day, it was a new day.

The arrival of Lan Muhua and Lau Mianyue made Lan Xuehan extremely happy. Early in the morning, she pulled Lan Muhua and the others out. When it was noon, of course, they would go to their own Drunken Fragrance Restaurant to eat.

Just as they stepped into the Drunken Fragrance Restaurant's door, they heard a hearty voice, "Han, what a coincidence!"

Lan Xuehan followed the voice and looked over. She saw Dongfang Xuan walking towards her with a smile on his face. She also smiled and said, "It is quite a coincidence, why? Why are you here?"

"Of course I'm here to eat! I'm not like Third Brother, who needs to prepare for the wedding. I also need to entertain those three demons who have turned into demons. Therefore, Fu Sheng still has the time to spend half a day idling. " As he finished speaking, Dongfang Xuan had already walked up to Lan Xuehan and the others.

When Lan Xuehan heard him say "three freaks," the corners of her mouth twitched and she was very speechless. However, she thought about it seriously and agreed with him. Beiming Yu and the others were competing against one monkey-like genius. If such a person wasn't a monstrous genius, what else could he be?

Before she could introduce him, Dongfang Xuan very familiarly bowed towards Lan Muhua and the others. "Little nephew Dongfang Xuan, greet Uncle Lan's parents, Aunt Lan." His elegant manner carried his unique elegance.

Hearing this, Lan Xuehan was a little surprised. Her eyebrows raised and she asked with a smile, "How did you know that these are my parents'?"

Dongfang Xuan rolled his eyes at her and said with a smile, "The capital is only so small. Prince Xu's father-in-law and mother-in-law came to the capital. Such important news, basically all the people who should know already know."

What he said was right. When his parents came, they came openly, and Dongfang Jin was the kind of person who attracted attention with every move he made. This was naturally within her expectations.

Lan Muhua, who was standing beside him, looked at the young man in front of him. The space between his brows was calm and clear, and he seemed to be free and unrestrained. Although he had heard that his family name was Dongfang, he still looked at his daughter with an inquiring gaze.

He did not think that a prince of a country would give such a big bow to a commoner like him because of Dongfang Jin.

Lan Xuehan saw Dongfang Xuan giving such a big bow and the smile on her face did not change at all. She actually felt that it was very normal because she and Dongfang Xuan were close friends. The two of them knew each other and in the martial world, they never cared about each other's identity. Later on, she found out that Dongfang Xuan was the Prince Ann of Linfeng Country. The two of them had never distanced themselves from each other.

Therefore, in her opinion, this was a gift from her friend to her parents. It was something she should do!

However, seeing her father's questioning gaze, Lan Xuehan felt that there was still a need to explain. However, she really underestimated Dongfang Xuan's self-familiarity.

"Little nephew Dongfang Xuan is Han's best friend that she made while traveling the Jianghu! I have long heard of uncle and aunt's names. Now that I see them, it is indeed as the rumors say, shocking to the heavens!"

These words were said very smoothly, making Lan Xuehan instantly speechless. She knew that Dongfang Xuan always had that kind of cheeky smile in front of acquaintances, but she never knew that he also had such a sweet time with his mouth. However, looking at her parents' reaction, it was obvious that Dongfang Xuan's words pleased them.

"So it's a good friend of Han! Then we will accept the title of uncle and aunt." Lan Muhua said it very straightforwardly. If he was called uncle and aunt by the status of a king, he would not accept it. But if it was not related to benefits, he naturally would not make things difficult for his daughter.

Lan Xuehan and Dongfang Xuan were both smart people, so they naturally understood the meaning of these words. The two of them looked at each other and smiled. Everything was in silence.

"Alright, since we are going to eat, let's go in together. If we stand here, won't it affect the business of the boss?"

Ever since Lan Xuehan came to Drunken Fragrance Restaurant last time, everyone here knew that this was the Young Master, the boss of Drunken Fragrance Restaurant. Therefore, when they appeared at the door, someone had already informed Lan Feng.

At this moment, Lan Feng, who was in the back hall, hurriedly came over. As expected, he saw Lan Muhua. There was obvious joy in his eyes. Then, he quickly walked forward. Just as he was about to greet Dongfang Xuan, he was stopped by Dongfang Xuan, "There's no need for formalities. Today, I'm just here for a meal."

Lan Feng was neither humble nor humble. He had a smile on his face. "Thank you, Prince Ann. Your Highness, please take a seat upstairs." Then he looked at Lan Xuehan and the others beside him. His eyes were filled with warmth and affection. He smiled and said, "Welcome, everyone. It is the blessing of Drunken Fragrance Restaurant! Please take a seat at the top of the hall. I'll order the waiter to serve the dishes. "

There were many eyes in the hall. Lan Feng naturally would not be foolish enough to expose Lan Xuehan and the others' identities here.

Dongfang Xuan smiled and said, "Boss, if you have any good wine or dishes, please come up. Today, I will treat you."

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