Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C227 Ah Xuan's Debt of Love(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C227 Ah Xuan's Debt of Love(2)
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C227 Ah Xuan's Debt of Love(2)

Lan Xuehan, who was listening to Dongfang Xuan on the side, did not say anything. If someone was willing to give her money, how could she not accept it?

Lan Muhua and the others walked in front and had already stepped into the private room. Suddenly, they heard a crisp female voice, "Prince Ann, please stop." The voice was soft and gentle, full of tenderness. Lan Xuehan immediately understood when she heard it. This was probably Dongfang Xuan's peach blossom.

When Dongfang Xuan heard this voice, his smiling face instantly changed. The corner of his mouth slightly curled up, revealing his usual carefree and uninhibited manner. A trace of helplessness flashed across his eyes.

This shout also made Lan Muhua and the others look over. Lan Xuehan said with a smile, "Father and mother, you guys go in first. We will come over later."

Lan Muhua and Lau Mianyue nodded. This was a matter of young people, they did not participate.

After Lan Muhua and the others went in, Lan Xuehan turned around to look at the girl who boldly called Dongfang Xuan.

Her skin was as white as snow, and her beautiful eyes were sparkling with emotion. She was pure and honest. Beneath her delicate nose was a pair of lips that looked like beautiful flowers. They had a moist luster to them. It had a noble temperament and faintly carried a hint of the wind of a general. When she saw Lan Xuehan looking at her, she also looked at Lan Xuehan. Her gaze was kind and smiling, carrying a carefree manner that the noble daughter of the capital did not have. It made Lan Xuehan feel very comfortable at first glance.

She did not expect that there was actually such a girl in the capital! Lan Xuehan's eyes were filled with admiration.

However, the person beside her did not seem to like this stunning beauty. He turned around with an unnatural and indifferent look in his eyes. He originally wanted to leave or pretend not to hear, but his gentlemanly character couldn't let him lose face for a girl in front of so many people. He could only ask very politely, "Miss Su, may I know what you called me for? "

Su Qingyi naturally saw the alienation in his eyes and there was a trace of injury and sadness in her watery eyes. She slightly lowered her head and said, "Nothing. I just saw His Highness eating here and thought that it had been a long time since we last met so I just wanted to say hello."

" Oh, if that's the case. Then you can leave now that you have asked." Dongfang Xuan's words were ruthless.

Lan Xuehan, who was beside him, rarely met a person who suited her eyes. She looked at this beauty's sad expression. A rare intention to meddle in other people's business arose in her heart, then she smiled and said, "This young lady should go back first. He still has something to do today. It is not too late for you to look for him in the future."

These words gave her a way out. Sure enough, this girl said very smartly, "Then I won't disturb Prince Ann anymore. This servant will be leaving first."

Following that, she cast her gaze towards Lan Xuehan and said with a bright smile, "It is rare for me to meet a friend who knows my heart when I was young. I wonder if Miss Lan is willing to let me have this fate?"

Hearing him call out her name accurately, Lan Xuehan smiled in surprise. She did not expect that she was quite famous now. However, it was rare for her to meet someone who was pleasing to the eye. She was also happy to make friends.

"Okay, I just didn't know that Miss...?"

"I am the heir to the King Qing's mansion. Su Qingyi, you can just call me Qingyi." Her tone was carefree and unconstrained, which made Lan Xuehan have a better impression of her.

"Alright, you don't have to call me whatever young lady. Just call me by my name."

"Okay, okay. Then Xuehan, I will go back first. I will find you another day and come out to play. " As she spoke, she looked at Dongfang Xuan, but the person she looked at was still indifferent and distant.

Lan Xuehan saw all of this in her eyes. She also understood. If she asked Su Qingyi to stay now, it would only make her feel sad. She did not want to go back at this time. If there was anything, she would wait until she understood the situation. This way, she could help her at her discretion.

After Su Qingyi left, Dongfang Xuan looked strangely at Lan Xuehan. He lightly snorted and said, "When did I not know that you actually have such a meddlesome attitude? In the past, you did not casually make friends?" Even he had to expend a great deal of effort to enter this woman's eyes back then.

Lan Xuehan could hear the sarcasm in his words. She rolled her eyes at him and retorted, "This young lady has made friends all over the world. Naturally, it is only natural for us to make eye contact. We can do whatever we want. Don't tell me there is a need for us to do so?"

These words were very casual and it made Dongfang Xuan envious. He had always lived in the Imperial Palace and it was impossible for him to guard against the schemes and plots inside. How could he be as reckless and frivolous as she was, and do whatever she wanted? However, it was also possible that it was because of this that he wanted to get close to her!

However, when he thought of Lan Xuehan's actions just now. Dongfang Xuan said discontentedly, "I'll say it first. Don't think about being a matchmaker for me, right? I don't mean that. "

Lan Xuehan looked at him in surprise when she heard him. "Why? I think this girl is pretty good! She was clearer and cleaner than those noble ladies. If you don't like girls like her, then what do you want?"

After Dongfang Xuan heard it, he smiled and said," She is indeed different from those noble ladies, but that doesn't mean I have to like her! No one could say for sure about feelings. I don't want to have a family now, so naturally I won't disturb her! "

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