Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C228 The Emperor's Doubt(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C228 The Emperor's Doubt(1)
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C228 The Emperor's Doubt(1)

When Dongfang Xuan said this, Lan Xuehan thought about it and felt that it was right. After that, she smiled and didn't say anything. This kind of thing had always been dependent on fate. When fate arrived, it would naturally be done. If there was no fate, then... It would be useless even if he wasted his whole life!

In the Imperial Reading Room in the Imperial Palace, Lu Cheng looked at Emperor Wenjing, who was holding a memorial but did not see a single word for a long time. A thoughtful look appeared in his eyes. In his impression, this kind of situation was extremely rare for Emperor Wenjing. And every time it appeared, it meant that Emperor Wenjing really encountered a difficult problem.

However, he didn't say much. The first principle that allowed him to survive in this Imperial Palace that ate people and did not spit out bones was not to guess Mistress's thoughts. He did not look at it much, did not say much, and did not do much either!

After a long time, Emperor Wenjing suddenly said, "Lu Cheng, do you still remember the matter of the heavenly lady in the four kingdoms?"

Lu Cheng's heart paused and then said in a low voice, "Replying to the Emperor, this servant remembers. Legend has it that the four kingdoms' royal families all have something that can verify the identity of the Goddess. Furthermore, whoever obtains the Goddess obtains the world!"

"En, that's true. This is no longer a secret. A hundred years ago, a master prophesied that a goddess would appear in a hundred years. And help the dragon get the world. Furthermore, they had given each of the four kingdoms a treasure to verify the identity of the goddess, and that expert was rumored to have extraordinary abilities. That is why the royal families of the four kingdoms firmly believe in this statement and have been waiting for the appearance of the legendary Goddess."

Lu Cheng knew that Emperor Wenjing would never mention this matter for no reason. There must be someone suspicious about it.

" Did the Emperor discover this person? I wonder who it is?"

Looking at Lu Cheng, Emperor Wenjing asked in a calm voice, "You have always been by Zhen's side. Who do you think it is?" He liked people like Lu Cheng. He would stop at nothing. He was neither stupid nor too smart. He was annoying.

Lu Cheng's face tightened, and then he bent down in fear and trepidation. "This servant is stupid, I dare not guess the Holy Decree!"

Emperor Wenjing laughed lightly. There was no longer the pressure of an emperor. He spoke like an ordinary person, "No matter, you have been by Zhen's side for many years. Don't you even have this bit of eyesight? Zhen forgives you for being innocent. Speak."

At this point, if he did not say anything more, it would inevitably anger Long Yan. Therefore, Lu Cheng carefully voiced out the guesses in his heart.

"This servant guessed that it should be Miss Lan Xuehan who is about to become Princess Xu."

Just as he finished speaking, he heard Emperor Wenjing laughing loudly a few times. At the end, he said, "Lu Cheng, you really do know Zhen's thoughts! That's right, Zhen guessed that it was her."

Lu Cheng immediately put on a smile and said, "The Emperor praises me too much. This servant was just blindly guessing! It was only because Miss Lan was older that she was able to compare to Prince Xu and Prince Beiming and did not seem to fall behind. These few days, the world had also spread that this direct female disciple of Skysnow Mountain did not disgrace the sect and other topics. This servant had heard a lot and naturally guessed that it was Miss Lan! "

Her words were reasonable and reasonable, making people have to sigh. She was really an old fox that lived in the Palace.

Emperor Wenjing quietly listened to these words and waited for quite a while before saying, "When she displayed that kind of talent back then, Zhen began to doubt. In fact, thinking about it carefully, Skysnow Mountain is very strict in accepting disciples. Back then, she was able to take in Third Brother. First, it was because Third Brother was naturally talented and intelligent, and second, it was also because Old Man Tianshan accepted the Empress's love.

And that Lan Xuehan must have some extraordinary aspects to make Old Man Tianshan treat her so differently. There was an ancestral rule in Skysnow Mountain that all disciples had to protect the people of the world as their responsibility. If Lan Xuehan was really the Heavenly Lady, it would make sense for her to love the world so much. "

Lu Cheng listened quietly. After Emperor Wenjing finished speaking, he raised his doubt," Then why didn't the Emperor verify it directly? "

Emperor Wenjing looked at him and a dark light flashed across his eyes." Third Brother treated Lan Xuehan as his treasure and now it is going to be a big wedding soon. His defense was watertight. Furthermore, I think he knows this matter better than Zhen. However, he did not make any movements at all. He must have his own plans. In that case, he will definitely not allow Zhen to have the chance to verify Lan Xuehan's identity. "

When mentioning his son who was lost in love, Emperor Wenjing's tone was filled with disappointment.

Lu Cheng could tell that Emperor Wenjing was angry at the moment. He quietly changed the topic. "What does His Majesty plan to do next?"

"The entire capital is under the control of Third Brother. It is obvious how important this marriage is to him. Therefore, it was not suitable to make him frown. This has caused the conflict between us to grow bigger and bigger. Since the matter had already come to this point, since he wanted to marry Lan Xuehan, I will first fulfill his wish.

Waiting for the wedding. After that, we can find an opportunity to verify Lan Xuehan's identity. At that time, if she was the goddess, then it would be a win-win situation for Mo to marry her. If she is not, then it would not be too late for us to think of another way."

Hearing Emperor Wenjing's plan, Lu Cheng smiled and flattered," Your Majesty is wise! "

However, Emperor Wenjing suddenly thought of the news reported by secret guard yesterday and frowned, "I heard that Lan Xuehan's parents, the Lan's couple, arrived in the capital yesterday?"

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