Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C231 Prince Qing's Residence(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C231 Prince Qing's Residence(2)
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C231 Prince Qing's Residence(2)

When you first came to Beijing, you didn't know many people. So, I invited the old princess of King Qing's mansion and the old man in the palace, Zhou wet nurse, to help you. This Zhou wet nurse is Royal Father's wet nurse, there is no need to mention her seniority.

And this old princess of the King Qing's mansion was the biological daughter of the current King Qing, Royal Mother. She was an intelligent and transparent old lady. Only such an old lady could educate a loyal and upright Qing King, and her granddaughter had a good temper as well. You don't have many friends in the capital, this young lady of the King Qing's mansion. You can consider befriending her."

It was rare to hear Dongfang Jin praise someone like this, and there was actually a girl. Lan Xuehan expressed her surprise, but she deliberately dragged out her voice and said, "Prince Xu, I rarely hear you praise a person like this. The most important thing was that the other party was actually a girl. Tell me honestly, do you want me to become good friends with her? Don't you have any more obstacles when you take her into your residence?"

Dongfang Jin smiled bitterly when he heard this. "I have enough of you. I won't give myself any more trouble. Don't worry. Su Qingyi has someone she likes. She is deeply in love with Fourth Brother and will never change her mind! "

"Su Qingyi?" There should not be such a coincidence in this world, right?

"Yes, that's right. What? Do you know him?"

Lan Xuehan smiled and nodded," If we are talking about the same King Qing's mansion, then I think I know him. "

"This Linfeng Country only has one King Qing's mansion."

"Hehe, what a coincidence. Today, I was eating with my parents in Drunken Fragrance Restaurant, and I happened to bump into Ah Xuan. I even met that infatuated girl, but it's a pity. Flowers fall on purpose, but water flows without mercy! " Lan Xuehan said with a look of pity.

Dongfang Jin looked at her with a smile and said, "It is not a secret that the heir of the King Qing's mansion is concerned about King Ann in the capital. A few years ago, King Ann had been wandering the martial arts world and would only come back during the holidays. Miss Su also followed her father, King Qing, to the border. She had left for a few years.

Don't look at the delicate appearance of a young lady from the government. She is the daughter of the family of generals and tigers. She is not inferior to men in every aspect when leading troops to war, especially when she is equipped with martial arts. She has inherited the true skills of her father!"

" Dongfang Jin, you still say you have no interest in her? I feel that if it wasn't for the fact that she has someone in her heart, perhaps this young lady would have entered the Bamboo Garden! " Lan Xuehan's willowy eyebrows stood up, and her beautiful eyes were filled with anger.

Dongfang Jin looked at her innocent and angry appearance, and could not help but laugh as he shook his head and said, "It's rare to see you being jealous for me! However, this matter really is not what you think it is! It's just that her brother Su Qinglan and I are brothers, that's all. That's why I am more familiar with her.

Moreover, no matter how outstanding she is, isn't she still inferior to you? Don't you know that you are about to become the dream lover of all the men in Shenghe Mainland? If I had known earlier, I wouldn't have let you show off in the Four Countries Banquet, but now, I am the one who is at a disadvantage!" At the end of his words, Dongfang Jin's jade face had turned black, and it even seemed like he was gnashing his teeth in anger.

Lan Xuehan did not think that it was originally her who took the opportunity to make Qiao jealous, but in the end, it turned into this jealous jar to flip the bill. She shifted her gaze, trying her best not to meet Dongfang Jin's gaze that was full of oppression, and smiled flatteringly.

"Alright, doesn't this mean that I was born together? Otherwise, if you are so outstanding and I am too bad, wouldn't I be embarrassed as well?"

It had to be said that he had been with Dongfang Jin for so long. Lan Xuehan would finally find Dongfang Jin's destiny and pinch his happiness and anger.

When Dongfang Jin heard this, the dark clouds on his face dissipated. Then he smiled and gently pinched her small nose. "Alright, let's rest early tonight! Tomorrow, I will accompany you to visit the King Qing's mansion and invite the old consort to attend your greeting ceremony. I'll add the rod for you! "

"En, good!" Lan Xuehan was naturally happy that Dongfang Jin paid so much attention to her every matter. Only when you truly love someone, will you treat all her big and small matters as your big and important matters to deal with!

The next day, Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan had breakfast. After bidding farewell to Lan Muhua and his wife, they set off for the King Qing's mansion.

In the carriage, Lan Xuehan asked curiously, "From what you said, you have a good relationship with King Qing's mansion!"

Dongfang Jin saw the probing look in her eyes and smiled as he slowly spoke for her.

"When the Linfeng Country was founded, the King Qing's mansion followed their ancestors to conquer the world. Later on, after so many years, the King Qing's mansion had always kept a low profile. Maintain the middle path. The family had always been strict and strict, and it had always been a matter of relaxation and relaxation. Therefore, all the emperors in the past had always trusted the King Qing's mansion.

This generation's King Qing had thoroughly carried out the middle path. He had invited his own troops to the border early on. This dispelled Royal Father's suspicion even more. I have known Qinglan since I was a child. He... Ah Li and I, the three of us basically grew up together.

Half a year ago, after Qinglan became Crown, his family sent him to guard the border with his father. My relationship with the King Qing's mansion should have been inherited from the maternal family. Uncle Qing and my maternal grandfather are old friends and have a good relationship with my mother. So naturally, they are closer to me."

Lan Xuehan did not expect that the King Qing's mansion would be so noble and aloof. It was simply a family of food, even more noble than the Wang and Xie Families during the Wei Jin period!

However, she still admired the foresight of the King Qing's mansion. To be able to maintain the status of the family under the change of emperor, such a mediocre path was worthy of admiration!

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