Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C233 Su Qinglan(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C233 Su Qinglan(2)
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C233 Su Qinglan(2)

"I don't know if you're really sad or not. I came to see Old Madam today, but I didn't expect you to come back."

These words clearly meant that your sadness had nothing to do with me, and it had nothing to do with me. In terms of venomous tongue, ten Su Qinglan were no match for Dongfang Jin.

Su Qinglan suppressed the urge to cough up blood in his heart and said maliciously, "Yesterday, you sent a letter of greeting. Old Madam has been waiting for you for a long time! Go in."

After saying that, he turned to the side and walked to Lan Xuehan's side by himself. He said in a low voice," Xuehan, I say, why did you follow such a black-hearted person? Won't you be eaten by him till death in the future? Since you are not married yet, why don't you think about it? "

When Lan Xuehan heard this, she was already deeply speechless. If Dongfang Jin had not confirmed his friend's identity, she would have thought that he was Dongfang Jin's enemy and tried to poach him!

Before Lan Xuehan could say anything, Dongfang Jin, who was beside her, had already shot a flying knife at her. It was cold and cold. Then, the corner of his mouth curled up into a slight smile. He was scheming. "You and I grew up together. Now, I am going to have a family. But you're still a loner. A few days ago, I communicated with Uncle Qing Wang. He was very worried about you. He even asked me to keep an eye out for you. Tell me, should I give you a schedule right away? "

" Dongfang Jin, you are ruthless! "He was used to freedom, so he did not want to start a family so early. Originally, with Dongfang Jin on top of him, he could still use him as a perfunctory excuse. However, now that he was married, wouldn't his father use a knife to force him? If he added fuel to the fire for his father now, he could totally commit suicide!

This kind of angry but helpless tone was still very pleasing to Dongfang Jin's ears. The corners of his mouth curled up like a child's pride. He calmly pulled Lan Xuehan and walked into the room.

The interior layout was very grand and simple, giving people a sense of heaviness. Lan Xuehan looked at the energetic and kind old lady sitting on the main seat. She felt a kind of closeness. However, she also keenly noticed the shrewdness in Old Madam's eyes.

She followed Dongfang Jin and slowly walked forward. Dongfang Jin nodded slightly, his face carrying a respectful expression from the bottom of his heart. "Greetings Old Madam. We haven't seen each other these few days, but Old Madam is still so healthy and healthy!"

"Haha, it is Jin who knows how to speak. A few days ago, I heard the magpies outside the house call out continuously, thinking that something good must have happened.

That's right, the grandson who was far away in the frontier has returned. Jin, you're going to have a family soon, this is indeed a joyous occasion! Yesterday, you threw in a letter of greeting. It's this girl beside you, right?"

Old Madam looked at Lan Xuehan peacefully with a very obvious appreciation in her eyes.

"Yes, she is about to reach the end. Old Madam is a highly respected person, so I would like to ask Old Madam to add the pole for her. I hope to borrow Old Madam's blessing and let her have a perfect bow for reaching the pole." When Dongfang Jin said this, his eyes were on Lan Xuehan. It was full of tenderness that made time pass by.

Old Madam looked at the pair of male and female attendants standing in front of her. Her eyes were filled with a strong smile and gratification. She had watched this child grow up since he was young. After suffering so much, he finally obtained happiness. She was very happy with this outcome.

"Alright, Jin never thought about what I wanted. This is the first time, and it's such a joyous occasion. How could I not agree to it? Don't worry, I will definitely be there when the time comes. "

Su Qinglan, who was following behind them, immediately said," I will go with you when the time comes. " He had rushed back from thousands of miles away for the sake of his crown ceremony and wedding. Of course, he had to go.

Old Madam clearly loved this grandson very much. She smiled very happily. "Good, good. You and your sister will also participate. The two of you have always been far away from the border. You did not pay much attention to your marriage. This time, the two of them finally came back together, so they might as well take advantage of Jin's banquet. They might as well go and make friends. So that we can have a happy occasion in our residence, and make my wife happy as well."

For the future of the King Qing's mansion, her sons and grandsons were far away from the border. She was left alone in the capital. Now that her grandson and granddaughter had finally returned, she naturally hoped that the two of them would settle down as soon as possible. She would be able to spend some time with her during the wedding.

However, these words had poked Su Qinglan's pain. He looked embarrassed and shouted, "Grandma, our grandchildren have just returned to the capital. Recently, they want to spend more time with you, old man. So, there's no rush. "

Old Madam obviously enjoyed her own grandson being so careful and smiled. However, she was still unwilling to let go of this topic. "Since you want to spend more time with me as a show of filial piety, quickly get married. This is true filial piety, understand? "

Seeing that Old Madam was unwilling to let go of this topic, Su Qinglan could only look at Dongfang Jin for help. But he forgot that he had just said something bad about Dongfang Jin. He had dug a corner of Dongfang Jin's wall. Therefore, Dongfang Jin, who was standing leisurely at the side, had a smile on his face. He turned a blind eye to Su Qinglan's gaze.

Looking at Dongfang Jin's expression, Su Qinglan knew that this petty man was still jealous of what happened just now. He looked down on him in his heart. Just as he was about to say something else, he heard a sweet and clear voice behind him.

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