Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C234 Another Kind of Love(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C234 Another Kind of Love(1)
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C234 Another Kind of Love(1)

"Am I late? Did I miss something good?" As Su Qingyi spoke, she looked at her brother with a smile on her face.

Lan Xuehan tilted her head to look and saw Su Qingyi who she met in Drunken Fragrance Restaurant yesterday.

"It's not late. You came at the right time. Old Madam is currently discussing with us about your brother's marriage! You just happened to help persuade your brother." Dongfang Jin was afraid that the world would not be thrown into chaos and add oil to the fire. He completely ignored Su Qinglan's resentful gaze.

What a joke. He remembered clearly the matter of poaching him!

When Su Qingyi heard this, she giggled, "That's true. Big Brother is as big as you. Now that you have already carried the beauty back, but Big Brother is still a loner, it is inevitable that Grandmother will be anxious!"

These two people sang in unison, making Old Madam's heart burst with joy. However, it made Su Qinglan, who was standing beside her, completely lose his handsome face. Being inattentive in making friends and not being disciplined properly, these two words were very consistent with his current state of mind.

"Yes, yes. Jin and Qingyi are still sensible. You! Don't always be perfunctory to grandma. Grandma is already old now. Don't ask for anything else. I just hope that you and Qingyi can settle down and let me enjoy a few days of heavenly pleasures. This way, even when I leave, I can feel more at ease!" When Old Madam talked about life and death, her eyes were calm. However, these few juniors revealed displeased expressions.

Su Qinglan frowned and scolded softly, "Grandma, I will listen to you, alright? Don't say such words again in the future. You have to live a long life."

He had been guarding the border ever since he was crowned. He had never been filial to her. When he returned and saw the white hair beside her ear, his heart ached. Now, she was still saying such words. It was simply poking his heart.

Dongfang Jin also said disapprovingly, "Old Madam, don't say such words again in the future. Now I am about to get married. Qinglan and Qingyi also came back. It's time for us to be filial to you, old man. You said such depressing things. Didn't you make us feel uncomfortable? "

Sure enough, Dongfang Jin's words were effective. Old Madam heard and said with a smile, "Alright, alright. I was just casually saying it. Grandma was very happy to know that both of you were filial. Jin, don't leave with Han today. Stay and eat with Grandma. It has been so long. Grandma has finally gathered all of you."

Dongfang Jin naturally wouldn't reject this request. He looked at Lan Xuehan, intending to ask for her opinion. Lan Xuehan smiled and nodded. She could understand the old man's heart very well. Moreover, his family was her family. She would definitely treat the family he treasured with great care!

After it was settled, Old Madam was very happy and immediately ordered her subordinates to prepare lunch. And she was already old and could not bear to work for such a long time. She went back to her room to rest and let them call her at lunch. They left the young people here by themselves.

Su Qingyi took a step forward and smiled very brightly at Lan Xuehan, "Yesterday at the restaurant, I already knew that you are Jin's future princess. His eyes are like the eyes of others. Unique to the extreme, the wife he chose is much better than those ordinary people."

At this time, her words were full of praise for Lan Xuehan. Dongfang Jin, who was beside her, raised his eyebrows proudly. "That's right. How can the wife I have chosen be bad?"

Lan Xuehan felt very embarrassed when she saw Dongfang Jin showing off like a child. Obviously, Su Qingyi and Su Qinglan did not like Dongfang Jin to be so arrogant. They all looked speechless, indicating that they did not know this man with no moral principles.

"Good, good. Then can Prince Xu lend me your unique wife for a while, and let us talk about the topic of our children's families?"

Dongfang Jin knew what happened to the two of them in Drunken Fragrance Restaurant, so he was not surprised that they were so familiar with each other. However, Su Qinglan who was beside her said in surprise, "Little sister, when did you get along so well with Xuehan?" The two of them clearly came back together? But he only just got to know Lan Xuehan today. From the looks of it, the two of them were like good friends who had known each other for a long time.

"Brother, this is called the world of women. Even if I told you, you wouldn't understand." Su Qingyi looked at her brother with disdain, then turned her gaze to Dongfang Jin.

"You guys go. It just so happens that your brother and I have not seen each other for a long time. Let's reminisce about old times!" Although Dongfang Jin spoke to Su Qingyi, he looked at Lan Xuehan gently.

Seeing Dongfang Jin like this, Su Qinglan expressed that he was very hurt. He and Dongfang Jin had known each other since they were young. Since childhood, he had always felt that this fellow was like an immortal who was far away from the mortal world. He didn't get close to women. He had always thought that since his child could escape, he might not be able to get married.

However, he never expected that he would actually hold a wedding together with the crown prince. He even fell into the net of love so quickly, unable to extricate himself from it!

Sigh, the world really is unpredictable!

Su Qingyi brought Lan Xuehan to walk in the garden. The two of them walked slowly along the way, with a leisurely smile on their faces.

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