Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C235 Another Kind of Love(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C235 Another Kind of Love(2)
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C235 Another Kind of Love(2)

"Xuehan, did you know? I always hoped to have a sister to chat with me to relieve my boredom. However, I only have one elder brother. Moreover, he's a handsome soldier with a rough heart." When Su Qingyi said this, her expression was very depressed.

When Lan Xuehan heard this, for some reason, she suddenly remembered the life in her previous life. In her previous life, she had always been rejoicing. Fortunately, she did not have any brothers or sisters. Because that kind of love and hate, it would be good if she could bear it alone. If there was one more person, it would be even more painful!

In this life, she was the beloved daughter of the Lan's husband and wife. Her parents had never wanted an extra child. She did not know the reason, but she would not ask such a private question.

So to her, brothers and sisters were just a name. She did not have any waves in her heart!

She fell into her own thoughts and did not hear Su Qingyi's later words. It was only when Su Qingyi gently pulled her sleeve and shook her that she recovered her senses. She subconsciously asked, "What did you say just now?"

Su Qingyi had a very keen sense of the grief that covered Lan Xuehan's body and she immediately understood. It should be that she said something wrong and brought up her grief. So at this time, she pretended to be relaxed and teased. : "That's why I said if you're willing to be my good sister who can tell what's on your mind, but looking at you, of course not. Sigh! I knew it. You don't like this friend of mine at all!"

Lan Xuehan saw through the cunningness in her eyes with one look and said with a smile, "Didn't we already become good friends yesterday? I didn't think that I was the only one who thought too highly of myself! "

"No, no. I was just joking with you. I was just joking!" Seeing Su Qingyi acting natural without any pretense, Lan Xuehan also felt a comfortable and relaxed feeling.

However, mentioning yesterday's matter in the restaurant. Lan Xuehan's curiosity was immediately piqued. "What happened between you and Ah Xuan?"

Su Qingyi's expression changed when she heard Dongfang Xuan's name. She no longer had a relaxed smile on her face. Instead, she was filled with sorrow and bitterness.

"What else can it be?! It's just that I like him. He doesn't like me! "

His love from a young age, with the accumulation of time, had gradually become a love that seeped into the bone marrow. Unfortunately, it was a love that was filled with bitterness the moment it came into contact with him.

When Lan Xuehan heard her words, she also became silent. She did not know how to comfort her. In the world of love, whoever fell in love first would lose. There was no reason to talk about this in the first place!

"Then what do you plan to do now?"

Su Qingyi dispersed her depressed look just now, and her brows were filled with determination. Her eyes lit up. "I will not give up. I have always liked him since I was young. If he likes to travel the martial world, I will work hard to practice martial arts. He does not like the women in the capital. I followed my father and brother to the military camp; he was free and easy, so I worked hard to make myself heroic; he liked the way I looked. I changed for him one by one.

Maybe you'll think I'm stupid when you hear me say that. However, a person's life is only limited to this lifetime. While I like him, I have also found the direction and attitude of my life. So, I don't regret it, and I won't give up. He doesn't like me now, but because he yearns for the outside world. It doesn't matter, I'll wait for him!"

Such a shocking declaration of love caused Lan Xuehan's heart to surge. She always thought that love was like her and Dongfang Jin, using their lives to protect each other, warm and unforgettable to each other.

But today, Su Qingyi let her experience another kind of love, which was to become even more beautiful for love. She had no regrets and only loved in her heart. Although this kind of love was only one aspect, it was enough to shake one's soul.

"I will not persuade you to persist or give up. I just want to tell you that if you need anything, just ask me. I will not decline anything that can be helped!" This was the help and blessing that she gave her.

"Okay, thank you, Xuehan. Actually, as long as there is someone who can listen to my words, I will be very happy. As for the rest, I also know that others can't help me." Su Qingyi understood in her heart that she was not an ordinary woman from a high school compound. She was a soldier who followed her father and brother to guard the border. She naturally saw more than others and was more open-minded!

"However, yesterday I saw that you seemed to have a very good relationship with him. If not for the fact that I already knew that you were Jin's princess. I thought that you were someone he liked! How did you two get to know each other!? "

Hearing Su Qingyi's words, Lan Xuehan smiled and said to her," If you say this, don't say it in front of that black-hearted person. Otherwise, you will be responsible for knocking down the jealousy jar! "

Remembering the world-famous romance between the two of them and seeing Dongfang Jin's love for Lan Xuehan, Su Qingyi teased," Haha, I have never seen Jin like this before. There is not even half a shred of the world's Four Young Masters, Cloud High Yang? It was simply a black-hearted person who liked to be jealous and petty! It can be seen that he absolutely loves you!"

Whether it was true love or not, Lan Xuehan naturally knew. In order to not let Su Qingyi continue to laugh at her. She said awkwardly," Didn't you want to know how Ah Xuan and I got to know each other? Do you not want to hear this?"

Knowing that her weakness was Dongfang Xuan, Lan Xuehan naturally had to be quick, accurate, and ruthless!

Indeed, as soon as these words came out. Su Qingyi immediately restrained her teasing expression and looked at her curiously.

"Alright, alright! I won't laugh at you anymore, alright? Hurry up and tell me. These few years, he has been traveling the martial arts world, and I am far away from the border. The days we meet are few and far between, so I want to know more about him. Only then will it be beneficial for me to succeed!"

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