Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C237 The Two of Them Talked(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C237 The Two of Them Talked(2)
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C237 The Two of Them Talked(2)

Dongfang Jin pursed his lips and looked at him with a cool expression. That's right. They're not targeting me, but her. She is the successor of the Lan family's current family head. Their goal is to bring her back to inherit the Lan family!"

Upon hearing this, Su Qinglan's face was filled with shock. He stood up immediately and raised his voice, exclaiming, "What did you say? She is the successor of Lan family? Dongfang Jin, are you crazy? Since you know, you still want to marry her?"

"I'm not out of my mind. That's right, I know that she is the successor of the Lan family. But this has nothing to do with me marrying her. She is her, and the Lan family is the Lan family. There is no need to confuse these two! " Dongfang Jin raised his brows and spoke in an indifferent manner while facing Su Qinglan's exclamation.

"But, she is a member of the Lan family. And you have an irreconcilable grudge with the Lan family. With such a relationship, how can you marry her?" Su Qinglan didn't agree with Dongfang Jin's decision.

"Why can't I marry her? I have said it before, they have nothing to do with it. Besides, the reason why the Lan family and Royal Father joined hands in the past... I have also investigated it thoroughly. Perhaps you have heard about what happened in the past. You won't be so opposed to it!"

"Alright, go ahead. Listen, I also want to know what kind of words you want to use to change me. "

Dongfang Jin told Su Qinglan everything that Lan Muhua told him about the past. In the end, he added, "So, she also hates the Lan family."

Only now did Su Qinglan calm down. He said with a frown, "But even so, it was because of her parents that the Zhao family caused this disaster. Are you sure you don't have a knot in your heart?"

"Of course not. Qinglan, I have always known what is most important to me! Back then, the grandfather chose to help the Lan's couple out of friendship and morality. However, no one had thought that the Lan family would be so despicable as to cause a bloodbath later on. There is a head for grievances, there is a head for a debt. I still understand this principle! " When Dongfang Jin said this, a gloomy light flashed in his eyes.

"Alright, since that's the case, then I won't say anymore. What do you want to do now? The Lan family is in the dark now, and you're in the open now. It's inevitable that you'll be in a passive position." At this point, besides compromising, there was nothing else he could do!

" It's very simple, using the same method to deal with all kinds of changes. Since they want to play, then let's play with them! "Dongfang Jin's clear eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty killing intent, causing Su Qinglan to be shocked in his heart.

It seemed like that girl had already become the inverse scale in his heart that he could not touch. Whoever touched her would die!

"But, have you ever thought about it? Now that the war in the world was on the verge of breaking out, with the addition of the Lan family, I'm afraid that you won't be able to handle it! " It wasn't because he underestimated him, but because the Lan family was too mysterious and powerful. The other three kingdoms were also eyeing him covetously. In such a situation where they were being attacked from both sides... He was really worried about him.

"Don't you see that I look like the type of person who would fight a battle without confidence? I have already made arrangements for these things. Whether it's the Lan family or the Holy Snow Country, I have never underestimated them. However, don't underestimate me!"

Su Qinglan felt much more relieved after hearing this. He knew Dongfang Jin very well. He had always been a black-bellied ancestor who planned strategies and strategies. He was the only one who blackmailed others, and no one had the right to scheme against him!

"Alright, since you've said so, then I'm relieved."

"Mm, and, she doesn't know about these things, so don't expose it in front of her."

Su Qinglan looked at him in surprise, then solemnly said to him, "Jin, I feel that the most important thing between the two of us is trust. Now, these things are gradually coming to light. If one day... She was caught off guard and found out about this matter from others, it will cause unimaginable harm to the two of you!"

Dongfang Jin heard this and was silent for a long time before saying, "I know, but there are some things that you don't know. At the beginning, I really didn't think that I would fall in love with her. And I still love her so much that I can't pull myself out of it. This is my luckiest and most vexing thing!

Right now, a lot of things are gradually getting out of my control, so I have decided to tell her everything! But not now, I will tell her everything after the wedding."

He knew Lan Xuehan's character very well. The pride in her bones was incomparable to anyone else. If one day, when both of them were caught off guard... If all of this was revealed, then the relationship between the two of them would be in grave danger.

He was unwilling to take such a risk, so he wanted to use a marriage contract to help her first, then find a suitable time to tell her everything.

When had Su Qinglan ever seen such a Dongfang Jin? He carefully protected this love and calculated everything. He was afraid that something would go wrong! Was this him still the same person who stood high above the clouds, the Young Master Wushuang who had never entered the mortal world?

"I'm curious to see you like this. What exactly is love like? To actually be able to make a person change so much! That girl Qingyi is like this, you are also like this now."

"When you meet her, you will naturally understand! This can only be understood by you experiencing it yourself." He had never thought that he would do such a thing for love. But now, he truly understood what love was.

He was willing to drink the soreness, sweetness, and spiciness of love!

Everyone would have their own destiny to appear. It might be early or late, but it would always bring with it an unstoppable momentum and force into your life!

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