Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C238 The Rod and the Crown(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C238 The Rod and the Crown(1)
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C238 The Rod and the Crown(1)

The next morning, the entire capital was shrouded in a joyous atmosphere. The hundred thousand zhang red silk covered the main roads of the capital, and everyone wore new clothes, adding a joyous atmosphere to the two of them.

The famous Drunken Fragrance Restaurant in the capital held a grand feast to celebrate their adulthood. The Imperial Palace had long been prepared. All of the civil and military officials had gathered at the Imperial Family Ancestral Shrine, and the Ministry of Rites had also been prepared.

Dongfang Jin was the only son of the Linfeng Country, and he was also the world-famous Young Master Wushuang. His coronation was naturally the top priority. However, the only difference this time was that he and Lan Xuehan held the ceremony together. Hence, his equal treatment was shared with his wife!

When Emperor Wenjing knew about this, he originally wanted to get angry. He strongly disagreed. However, when he thought of his own plan, he forcefully endured it. Now, he had already compromised to this extent. Moreover, Dongfang Jin had already made all the necessary preparations. Even if he didn't agree, there was nothing he could do. He might as well fulfill his wish and acquiesce to all of this.

The royal family opened the ancestral hall to pay respects to the Eastern ancestors, but the ceremony was held in the guardian temple. The Guardian Temple was the biggest temple in the Linfeng Country, located above the Dragon Vein. It had a deep spiritual pool, and was a world-renowned holy land of fortune. Moreover, the person in charge of it was an expert who was on par with Old Man Tianji.

However, there had never been such a grand ceremony held here before. This was because the abbot was an otherworldly expert and did not like these secular matters. He had never even agreed to the requests of the royal family's elders!

Thus, when everyone knew that Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan's Resting Rod and Crown Ceremony was held at the Guardian Temple this time. All of their eyes fell to the ground in shock. Such a great honor was simply a blessing that the Imperial Family disciples could not even beg for. However, when they thought about Dongfang Jin's unique identity and world-renowned talent, they could only sigh. It was hard to look up to him!

Early in the morning, Lan Xuehan was dug out from under the covers by Lau Mianyue, Yi and the rest. The gauze dress, the jade hairpin, and the golden steps filled the room. Burning incense and bathing, pearls adorned each and every one of them.

After some work, it was finally done. Lan Xuehan looked at herself in the mirror under everyone's amazed eyes, and there was also a little bit of disbelief.

The girl in the mirror was no longer dressed like a normal girl. Her hair was beautifully tied in a bun. After the hair in front of her forehead was combed, it revealed her bright and clean forehead. Her beautiful eyes, which were as bright as stars, seemed to be inlaid with tiny bits of ice, sparkling and sparkling. Under her delicate nose was an extremely delicate lips, like delicate flower petals in spring. They were bright and glistening.

She wore a blue dress that was half-rolled up with a light veil, and her slightly wide sleeves carried a lascivious style. The dancing butterflies that were faintly outlined by her skirt were about to fly. Such an exquisite and beautiful dress that did not lose any of its immortal aura made everyone exclaim in admiration. It had a hint of elegance and nobility compared to Tsinghua University's high and distant temperament in the past!

An unparalleled appearance, a rare temperament, and a peerless beauty, that was not out of the ordinary!

Lau Mianyue's eyes were filled with pride as she looked at her beautiful daughter. My family has a daughter who has just grown up and is still so outstanding, how could she not be proud?

"Han has grown up now and time has passed so quickly. That strange little girl from back then also became an adult in the blink of an eye! " Lau Mianyue's eyes were full of praise and emotion.

Lan Xuehan turned her head around and looked at her beautiful mother. She smiled and said," When the daughter grows up, she can protect mother and father! Isn't this good?"

"You! You're the only one with a sweet mouth. Today is the day you reach the end of the line, but in a few days, it will be the day you leave the pavilion. In this way, in the future, you'll still remember your parents!" Lau Mianyue pretended to be angry and said.

Lan Xuehan immediately said, "Mother, do you think your daughter is that kind of person? You and father only have one child, even if we become in-laws. You all still have to live with me in the future. Dongfang Jin will certainly be filial to you all. You have to believe in us! "

" Good, good. Mother believes in you. Actually, these are not important. What is important is that you have a happy life. Mother is satisfied. Seeing that Jin is truly sincere to you, Mother can rest assured and hand you over to him! In the future, you have to learn to be a good wife, understand? "

His daughter was about to get married again. Her heart was naturally filled with love and concern for her daughter who had grown up no longer in front of her.

"Yes, Mother, I understand. Don't worry!" Lan Xuehan understood her mother's intentions.

At this moment, a servant girl came in from outside. She respectfully said, "Miss, His Royal Highness has finished paying respects to the ancestors, so he sent someone to invite Miss to move to the Guardian Temple!"

Dongfang Jin was going to the Imperial Family to pay respects to the ancestors of the Dongfang Family, so she naturally was not suitable to follow him. Even though Dongfang Jin kept saying that he was going to enter the temple soon, she still felt that it was not suitable. Therefore, after much deliberation, she saw that Lan Xuehan was still unwilling to go. Dongfang Jin could only go to the royal family's ancestral hall himself!

After paying his respects to his ancestors, when he set off for the Guardian Temple... If he sent someone to call her again, she would follow him to the Guardian Temple.

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