Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C239 The Rod and the Crown(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C239 The Rod and the Crown(2)
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C239 The Rod and the Crown(2)

When Lan Xuehan saw Dongfang Jin at the city gate, she was still stunned. Although she had developed a certain resistance against Dongfang Jin's monstrous face, it still couldn't resist the impact of the current situation.

Her picturesque features were elegant and elegant, and her thin red lips were slightly raised. It carried an intoxicating drunkenness. His ink-black hair and jade crown were pressed against his head. His free and unconstrained hair carried with it his unique, lofty, and unparalleled elegance. He was dressed in a white robe that was as white as snow, and his entire body was completely untainted by dust. He only had the white creamy jade pendant at his waist. However, no one could ignore the unique dignity that he possessed.

Standing beside the carriage, it was as if he had received the sky and water as one. Standing alone was already more than a myriad of glory!

Dongfang Jin looked at Lan Xuehan, who was slowly walking towards him, and a trace of amazement flashed in his eyes. The curve of his mouth became bigger and bigger, and he slowly reached out his hand to Lan Xuehan.

Lan Xuehan naturally understood what he meant. She put her slender hand into his slender and white palm and recognized him as she stepped into the carriage.

"Dongfang Jin, I don't want to appear with you!" After sitting in the carriage, they drove on the road. Lan Xuehan suddenly said this, which made Dongfang Jin raise his eyebrows.

"Why?" He asked without thinking, as if he already understood that this was a casual sentence from Lan Xuehan. Yes!

"Because you are even more beautiful than a woman. If I go out with you like this... Doesn't that mean that I will be inferior to you?" Lan Xuehan said it in a righteous manner, as if it was a matter of course.

However, it made Dongfang Jin's handsome face darken. A man saying that he was even prettier than a woman was indeed not a good thing for Dongfang Jin.

He pulled Lan Xuehan over and pulled her into his embrace. He looked down at her with cold stars in his eyes.

"What did you say? Say it again."

Seeing Dongfang Jin like this, Lan Xuehan shifted her gaze and did not look at him.

"Nothing, nothing. I mean it is my honor to be able to become an adult with you. That's it." Forgive her for her lack of integrity. She didn't want Dongfang Jin to do anything shameful in the carriage at this time. She still needs to see someone in a while!

Lan Xuehan's tactfulness clearly pleased Dongfang Jin. He curled the corner of his mouth and said with a smile, "That's more like it."

The two of them played around and soon arrived at the Guardian Temple.

After Lan Xuehan got off the station and stood beside Dongfang Jin, she sized up the scenery of the Guardian Temple. One had to admit that a place like the Linfeng Country's National Temple was not simple. This scenery, this imposing manner, was not something an ordinary small temple could compare with.

Just as she was sizing it up, the door of the temple opened and a row of monks walked out. They quickly stood on every step of the stairs, holding the Buddhist beads in their hands, muttering something to themselves, as if they were praying for blessings.

Lan Xuehan was behind Dongfang Jin, and he was slowly pulling her up the steps. Bearing the blessing of the monk, they stepped onto the path of adulthood together.

Only after arriving at the temple did she see clearly. Inside, Emperor Wenjing, the ministers of Linfeng Country, as well as the emissaries of Feng and the other three countries had also come. Lan Xuehan knew that Feng and the others definitely did not want to miss out on such an important day.

When Emperor Wenjing, who was on the top, saw Lan Muhua, his eyes were filled with surging emotions, but in the end, they all turned calm.

Lan Muhua naturally glanced at Emperor Wenjing indifferently before shifting his gaze away. He did not want to talk about the past anymore!

When he was in front of Emperor Wenjing, Dongfang Jin was cold and distant. He lifted his white robe and knelt in front of Emperor Wenjing.

"This son has grown up today. There must be karma in the past! Thank you, Royal Father, for your hard work and guidance for so many years. I hope Royal Father can live a long life and use the filial piety of my entire son."

These words were very straightforward. He had become an adult. The enmity between his grandfather's family and his mother, which he had schemed against for many years, was about to begin. He remembered every single one of them clearly.

At this moment, he started to collect old debts. He hoped that Emperor Wenjing would not interfere in this matter, and that he would be willing to serve him for the rest of his life. However, if he wanted to stop him or hurt the person he treasured the most, then don't blame him for not caring about the relationship between father and son!

With Emperor Wenjing's shrewdness, how could he not understand such words? Therefore, his eyes were filled with intense anger, but when he saw the endless coldness in Dongfang Jin's eyes. He had completely vented his anger. This son was the one he had given the most hope to. He was also the one who was the proudest.

However, he was also the one who hated him the most!

The ministers at the side all shut their eyes and focused, looking at the turbulent undercurrents between the father and son in front of them. Although these words did not sound wrong at first, but if one were to take a closer look, it was actually the frost sword. Now, when they saw Emperor Wenjing's reaction again, they didn't dare to say anything!

Lu Cheng, who was standing next to them, saw that the atmosphere had become stiff. He pursed his lips, then put on a flattering smile and walked a step away from Dongfang Jin.

"Your Highness, get up quickly! Today is your wedding day, and it is about to come. Your Highness, please tell the Ministry of Rites to start bowing!"

This shout had awakened Emperor Wenjing. He covered up all the emotions in his eyes and looked at Dongfang Jin, who had already stood up. He said in a low voice, "Let's begin!"

The Ministry of Rites official took a step forward. He first bowed to Emperor Wenjing, then to Dongfang Jin. Finally, he said, "The auspicious time has come. Let's start with the rod and the crown."

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