Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C240 Reverend Regretless(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C240 Reverend Regretless(1)
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C240 Reverend Regretless(1)

After Dongfang Jin's first bow, it was Lan Xuehan. Therefore, as soon as the Minister of Rites finished speaking, a large group of people dressed in colorful clothes came out from both sides. They were maids with fluttering sleeves. They stood on both sides with respectful expressions.

Dongfang Jin knelt in the middle with a gentle smile on his face. Emperor Wenjing, who was sitting on the seat of honor, walked up to Dongfang Jin. Lu Cheng was holding a jade plate in his hand. There was a crystal clear jade hairpin in it. The carvings on the hairpin were exquisite. The patterns were vivid and lifelike.

Those who recognized the item immediately took a deep breath. After which, they revealed shocked expressions. This item was forged from the jade of the ley line of Qi Huang Mountain. Such a huge price... Perhaps only the direct son of the Emperor could afford it. However, such an obvious meaning would probably make the princes' eyes turn red again!

Dongfang Xiao and Dongfang Mo's eyes had long since turned red. Looking at Royal Father who was so biased, their hearts were filled with jealousy. However, looking at Dongfang Jin kneeling in the middle, they had no choice but to suppress this hatred in their hearts.

Dongfang Jin was too powerful. None of them were a match for him. Therefore, they naturally wouldn't be foolish enough to provoke Dongfang Jin. They had just given up their lives for nothing. However, silence was a state of dormancy! They had been waiting for an opportunity, a chance to die if they did not succeed!

Emperor Wenjing did not care about the looks of others and gave this to Dongfang Jin in the future. His face was silent, but there was a hint of warmth in his eyes.

"Third Brother has finally reached the top. I hope you won't fail to live up to your reputation for many years and benefit the people!" Such a simple sentence made everyone confused, but it also seemed to have some meaning in it.

However, Dongfang Jin understood. He had always known that Emperor Wenjing had painstakingly nurtured him. It was nothing more than hoping that he could become a sharp sword and open up the territory for Linfeng Country. He only wanted to laugh at how ambitious Royal Father was!

"I will remember Royal Father's words!" No matter what, he would give Royal Father some face today.

When it was time for the second crown, an ethereal voice sounded. Even Lan Xuehan was surprised that the person's martial arts had reached the point of returning to its original state. He was not much weaker than that old man!

"This second crown, I wonder if this old monk has the honor to crown Prince Xu? "

As soon as he finished speaking, a monk wearing a monk robe landed on the main hall. It was quiet and peaceful, profound and unfathomable. This was the feeling that this monk gave everyone the moment he appeared.

Emperor Wenjing, who was standing beside him, clearly recognized this person. A rare look of surprise and respect was revealed on his face.

"So it's Abbot Wuhui! Didn't the abbot go into seclusion for many days? Why did he come out of seclusion today? "

"Haha, Amitabha. This old monk has been in seclusion for many days now. However, someone asked this old monk to open a convenient door, so this old monk came out early. "

As he spoke, the smile in his eyes was obviously directed at Dongfang Jin. Dongfang Jin just smiled and didn't say anything.

When the people below saw this, they were all surprised. No one had thought that the world-renowned abbot Wuhui would have such a deep friendship with Prince Xu!

"Amitabha. Although this old monk is no longer a person of the mortal world, it's rare for him to meet someone who forgets his age. I wonder if Prince Xu is willing to let this old monk add the second championship for you?"

Reverend Flawless' peaceful face was full of smiles. He looked at Dongfang Jin calmly and majestically, quietly waiting for his answer.

A sincere smile bloomed on Dongfang Jin's elegant and elegant face." It is my honor to be able to obtain the crown of the abbot! "

Even Beiming Yu couldn't help but raise his eyebrows when he saw Dongfang Jin's special treatment. Everyone knew that the temperament of all the experts in this world was beyond the mortal world. They were people who didn't want to be tainted by the mortal world. However, they never thought that their relationship with Dongfang Jin would be so good. This made him a little surprised.

"Alright, this old monk has long forgotten about the affairs of the mortal world. Therefore, I don't have any yellow or white objects. Please don't laugh at me, Prince Xu." Reverend Flawless spoke very frankly. There was a smile in his eyes as he took out a wooden hairpin from his bosom.

This item was immersed in this simple and ancient aura, as if it had been sealed for a long time. When it was taken out, there was a faint fragrance. However, the distance between them was too great. It was just that he did not smell it. Everyone looked at this hairpin and only felt that it was too ordinary. However, the person who took it out was different. The value of this hairpin was different!

When Dongfang Jin saw this, his eyes flashed with a faint light. Then, with a smile on his face, he said gracefully, "Abbot, you are too polite. It is already an honor to be crowned by you. As for those mundane things, they have dirtied you!"

"Haha, Prince Xu really overestimated this old monk!"

As for the third crown, it was originally the old patriarch of the royal family who crowned Dongfang Jin. However, at this moment, Lan Muhua suddenly said, "Let me add the third crown! How about it?"

Although he was asking Dongfang Jin about this, his eyes were still fixed on Emperor Wenjing. However, the officials who didn't know his identity were discussing amongst themselves.

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