Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C241 Reverend Ji Wuhui(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C241 Reverend Ji Wuhui(2)
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C241 Reverend Ji Wuhui(2)

Dongfang Jin was the son of the Tian family, and also the most famous Four Young Masters in the world. With such a noble and unparalleled status, and such an important matter, how could he let a common person with no status come here?

Even though they were discussing, they didn't dare to say it out loud. It was because they were all clear that this Prince Xu placed his fiancee at the heart of his heart and doted on her. So, it was very likely that His Highness would agree to this matter in order to win the heart of the beauty! But... It was hard to say for sure about His Majesty.

When Dongfang Jin heard this, he smiled and his gaze was warm and warm.

"Uncle Lan, if Father has such intentions, Jin would naturally be happy to do so!" This kind of answer was not out of their expectations. It was just that their gazes were all focused on the seated Emperor Wenjing, wanting to see what he meant.

Emperor Wenjing, who originally thought that he would object, only glanced at Lan Muhua. The corner of his mouth curled, and there was no trace of hesitation on his face.

"Sir is going to be Third Brother's father-in-law soon. This kind of greeting can be considered as the blessing from the elders. Of course, it's enough!"

He was very clear about Lan Muhua's identity as the heir of Lan family. With such a noble background, it would not be a disgrace to crown his son. Furthermore, Dongfang Jin had already agreed to it, so there was nothing for him to object to.

Lan Muhua seemed to have expected this outcome. His eyes were vast and calm. There was a gentle smile on his face. He elegantly walked in front of Dongfang Jin, then took out a white jade hairpin from his bosom. The hairpin glowed with a faint white light. There were no patterns on it. It was natural.

Such a big deal surprised everyone below. It was obvious that this hairpin was not an ordinary item. They had not expected that the commoners they originally did not think highly of would actually have such a valuable item in this world.

The coronation ceremony this time could be considered another topic that everyone in the world was talking about. Emperor Wenjing's grand gesture, Abbot Wuhui's sudden appearance, and Lan Muhua's precious items.

This was the first time in history that such a grand ceremony had truly broadened everyone's horizons!

Next, it was Lan Xuehan's turn. She smiled languidly, and her expression was incomparably radiant. She knelt in the middle, but no one could move their eyes away from her.

It was no wonder Prince Xu only married one wife in his entire life!

Lau Mianyue looked at her daughter kneeling in the middle with a proud look in her eyes. She took light steps and slowly walked towards Lan Xuehan. Beside her, Yi also carried a plate and followed by Lau Mianyue's side.

Previously, Lau Mianyue was standing in the corner. Except for a few people in front of her who could see clearly. The others did not notice Lau Mianyue's face, but when she walked out of the crowd, everyone's eyes were filled with astonishment.

No wonder Lan Xuehan was so beautiful. Looking at the incomparably handsome Lan Muhua and then looking at the beautiful and peerless Lau Mianyue, they finally understood!

Lau Mianyue's gaze was gentle as she looked at Lan Xuehan and elegantly took out the hairpin from the plate.

Peach Blossom Flowing Moon hairpin!

Everyone's eyes fell to the ground in shock. This was the number one treasure in the world! The pink jade hairpin was carved in a lifelike manner, and the light flowing around it carried a hallucinatory color.

Most importantly, according to rumors, this hairpin was an item from the Divine Realm. Therefore, after the wearer wore it, they would maintain their youth and extend their lifespan. None of them had expected that this legendary hairpin would actually appear here. This was simply an eye-opener for them!

Lan Xuehan naturally understood the legends and origins of this hairpin. She looked at her mother with eyes filled with gratitude.

Lau Mianyue smiled and patted her head, then softly said, "This hairpin's mother has preserved it for several decades, just to bring it to my dear daughter one day. Today, mother finally got what she wanted. Mother doesn't understand the world and the situation. Mother only hopes that you will be safe and happy in the future. If that's the case, then mother will be satisfied!"

As a mother, this was her most sincere blessing to her daughter!

Lan Xuehan's eyes were filled with gratitude as she looked at Lau Mianyue and Lan Muhua. She felt fortunate more than once that she was able to meet such parents in her life. She gave all her love to her. Even though this identity brought countless dangers and hid many secrets, however, she had never complained before.

The Second Rod was given to her by Old Madam of King Qing's mansion when she appeared. They all had a trace of disbelief. Everyone knew that... In terms of aristocratic families, the King Qing's mansion was the undisputed number one aristocratic family!

They knew that there was no sign of decline since their progenitor inherited the throne. However, the King Qing's mansion had always kept a low profile. Old Madam was the true ruler of the mansion, so she basically never participated in the banquet between the nobles.

However, she never expected this. Lan Xuehan actually invited Old Madam to join the banquet this time. This kind of honor was enough to make all the noble ladies jealous!

After waiting for the rod, Old Madam smiled and said to Lan Xuehan, "This rod is to hope that you can become the person you wanted to become in the future. Where is the person!? Only after spending more than half of her life did she know what she really wanted. When I see that you're transparent, I should know what I want!"

These words immediately touched Lan Xuehan's heart. She could not help but admire Old Madam's shrewdness. She could even read her thoughts in such a way.

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