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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C242 Everyone Gave Their Gifts(1)
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C242 Everyone Gave Their Gifts(1)

When they reached the Third Rod, an old wet nurse walked out with the help of a maid. Her body was hunched and her face was thin. However, there was a shrewd glint in her turbid eyes.

The moment she appeared, Emperor Wenjing, who was sitting on the chair, immediately stood up and revealed a surprised expression. Apart from that, there was also a faint warmth in her eyes. "Zhou wet nurse, your health is not good. Why are you here?"

When Zhou wet nurse heard Emperor Wenjing's question, a smile appeared in her eyes. She did not show the slightest bit of humility and respect when she saw the Emperor. She was calm as if she was treating her juniors.

"Today, the little prince has taken a liking to a lady. The little prince wants to find a fortune. So he personally invited me to add a rod to his little wife. How can I not accept this?"

However, it was indeed so. Everyone knew that Emperor Wenjing was just an unfavoured prince before he ascended to the throne. And this Zhou wet nurse was Emperor Wenjing's wet nurse, who served Emperor Wenjing closely as he grew up.

Thus, after Emperor Wenjing succeeded the throne, he became even more respectful towards this loyal wet nurse. He had been raised in the Imperial Palace and had served her for the rest of his life. This Zhou wet nurse was already old and basically did not step out of the Imperial Palace anymore. It was just that she did not expect that this old man would be the one to add the rod for Lan Xuehan this time.

It was truly a great honor!

However, thinking about Dongfang Jin's identity and his birth mother, back then, Zhou wet nurse also treated Empress Xianjia with great respect and love. Now, it was understandable for her to treat Dongfang Jin with such love.

When Emperor Wenjing heard this, he looked at his son who had a calm expression. A trace of light flashed through his eyes.

"So that's how it is. If this girl had wet nurse to add a rod to her, it would be considered her good fortune!"

Lan Xuehan did not care about Emperor Wenjing's words but when she heard wet nurse say this, her heart was filled with a feeling of being moved.

She knew that Dongfang Jin valued her by adding the rod to her bow, but she did not expect that he would actually do it to such an extent! Everything was given to her best and everything she did was done to perfection. How could she not be touched when such a subtle friendship blended into everything?

Dongfang Jin looked at the meaning in Lan Xuehan's eyes and only slightly curled his lips. He smiled but did not say anything. He had never thought of letting her know what he had done for her, because to him, all of these were what he should have done. He loved her, so naturally, he would present everything in this world to her!

Zhou wet nurse, supported by a maid, walked in front of Lan Xuehan and looked at her kneeling on the ground. A trace of appreciation and satisfaction flashed across her eyes and her gaze became much more peaceful.

She took out a hairpin from the maid beside her. It was an extremely ordinary hairpin. The white jade was far from being as good as the previous two, and the pattern on it was also extremely ordinary. There was nothing special about it, but there was a hint of age in it.

Lan Xuehan did not care about these worldly things. What she cared about was her heart. Therefore, she smiled happily at this extremely ordinary hairpin and accepted it calmly. When Zhou wet nurse saw her actions, the admiration in her heart became even stronger.

Her eyes flashed slightly and there was a slight trace of reminiscence. "This hairpin is the same as the Little Prince's birth mother, Empress Xianjia's. It has been so many years, and it has been preserved at my place. Finally, I have given it away!"

When that stunning girl was mentioned again, many people in the hall changed their expressions, especially Dongfang Jin and Emperor Wenjing.

Emperor Wenjing's deep gaze was locked onto the hairpin, as if he was trying his best to see through the hairpin to find something, or to recall something!

Dongfang Jin's face, which was as beautiful as a painting, was covered with a faint layer of sadness. His eyebrows were slightly knitted, and it was a mix of sadness and confusion.

Lan Xuehan did not think about why Zhao Yi, who had a strong family background back then, had such an ordinary hairpin. She only took a glance at Dongfang Jin. Then she solemnly said to Zhou wet nurse, "Thank you, Zhou wet nurse. I will definitely cherish this hairpin for the rest of my life!"

This was Dongfang Jin's mother's thing, so of course she would treasure it!

"Good, good. I also know that you and the young prince are about to get married. Little Highness suffered a lot when he lost his mother. I hope that after you get married, you can live a good life and give him a home! "

To Dongfang Jin, the home of an ordinary person had always been a dream. Where would a home come from when the royal family was weak? Furthermore, Dongfang Jin had lost his mother as soon as he was born, and he no longer had the maternal family. This was even more of an extravagant hope!

Lan Xuehan suppressed the sour feeling in her heart and looked up at Dongfang Jin who was also suppressing her emotions. She then looked at Zhou wet nurse and said solemnly, "Okay!"

Zhou wet nurse's eyes revealed a strong sense of relief, then she smiled and looked at Dongfang Jin. "Little highness, you must be happy!" Replace your bitter mother and must be happy.

Dongfang Jin pursed his lips, his eyes deep and deep. He lightly nodded at Zhou wet nurse and replied." Yes, I will, I will definitely!"

The loneliness from the past eighteen years had all become yesterday when he met her. He believed that he and she would definitely be happy!

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