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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C243 Everyone Gave Their Gifts(2)
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C243 Everyone Gave Their Gifts(2)

Zhou wet nurse was old, so she didn't stay long. After adding the rod to Lan Xuehan, she left. After Lan Xuehan stood up, she saw the cold and handsome Beiming Yu opposite her. The charming and unruly Shangguan Lan, the elegant and graceful Nangong Feng, the gorgeous Xi Moyao, and the clear and cool Dongfang Xuan all had the light of blessing in their eyes.

Her heart was filled with a kind of satisfaction. Her parents, good friends, and lover were what she had always wanted in her previous life. Now, she had gotten all of them. This was the kindness of the heavens, the greatest fortune she had ever had since she was reborn!

After the ceremony was completed, the banquet was held in Chenggan Hall. Thus, everyone rushed to the imperial palace.

When the banquet began at night, everyone would present the gifts they had prepared for today's birthday. Lan Xuehan was about to become Dongfang Jin's princess, so even if she was only civilian woman previously, these people would not easily look down on her.

Furthermore, during the Four Nation Banquet, she had shocked the entire Nine States, and had completely spread the name of the direct disciples of Skysnow Mountain. With such fame, the crowd would naturally not let her down!

The envoys of Holy Snow Country first presented their gifts, but when this gift was opened, the expressions of the Linfeng Country's ministers changed one after another.

Especially Emperor Wenjing, who was standing on top, his eyes turned dark. If one looked closely, one could see that there was some anger in his eyes. On the other hand, the person who received the gift had a clear expression on his face. There was not a trace of hesitation on his face.

This gift was a map, a map of the Linfeng Country's Geographic Fortress. Such a detailed marking was made by someone from another country. A strong sense of crisis shrouded the hearts of every Linfeng Country official.

The hall was silent for a moment, and the atmosphere became more and more oppressive.

It was only until Dongfang Jin's elegant and smiling voice rang out, "Prince Beiming, you are really thoughtful! Such a generous gift, Jin was truly overwhelmed by the unexpected favor! However, she had long heard that the Northern Ocean Holy Lands' snow lotus had already opened. Jin was fortunate enough to pick a Snow Lotus for the person she loved as a betrothal gift. Such a great kindness would definitely be a toast to Prince Beiming today. Let's talk about the gratitude of Jin!"

As soon as these words were spoken, it was the official of Holy Snow Country's turn to have a drastic change in expression. Others might not know, but they knew it very well. The holy land of Holy Snow Country nurtured snow lotuses, and it could be said to be the holy treasure of the nation. Therefore, the royal family attached great importance to it.

The holy land's terrain was complicated, and there was also an army guarding it. But now, it was as if no one was allowed to enter and exit at will. How could they not be shocked by such a blatant slap to the face?

Even Beiming Yu's eyes flashed with a rare trace of anger when he heard this. The reason he gave Dongfang Jin this gift today was because he wanted to ruin the reputation of the Linfeng Country. It also created a certain amount of momentum in preparation for him to use it in the future. However, he had never thought that Dongfang Jin would leave such a trump card behind.

This way, the two of them would have a draw again!

But even so, he could not lose the dignity of a Crown Prince, "It's easy. Next is Miss Lan's gift. But the first one was prepared by Bengong, and the second one was given to me by an old friend!"

This old friend was naturally Lyi Beichen.

To be honest, in Lan Xuehan's heart, Lyi Beichen was an awkward child. Therefore, this time, she could not guess whether Lyi Beichen would give her a gift or not.

Therefore, when she received the gift at this time, she was still very happy in her heart.

When she opened the gift, a pure white jade hairpin glowed with a hazy light. It was like the bright moon in the sky, dreamy and misty. After seeing the hairpin's appearance clearly, everyone's eyeballs fell to the ground in shock!

If they didn't guess wrongly, this should be a world-renowned rare treasure. Jade Moon hairpin!

This hairpin would emit a bright white light in the dark night, just like the luminous pearls of the South Sea. It could light up the night. Such a treasure was naturally treasured by all women in the world. Unfortunately, these were all rare goods. That place was so easy to obtain!

However, today, not only did they witness the legendary Peach Blossom Flowing Moon hairpin, I also saw the jade moon hairpin. Such an encounter was enough for them to reminisce for the rest of their lives, a treasure that everyone in the world craved for like a flock of ducks. Lan Xuehan immediately obtained two pieces.

The noble ladies below all had jealous looks in their eyes. They wished they could replace Lan Xuehan with their own bodies!

The second gift opened. Although it was not that stunning, it was still a good treasure. However, what puzzled people was that such a smooth blood jade, the carving skills on it were not satisfactory. It was as if it was carved by a newbie!

Lan Xuehan could see the color of the flowers on it at a glance. Her eyes were filled with the light of stars. This jade was indeed carved by him. The color of the flower on it was actually the color of the four-leaf clover.

She had told him before. The four-leaf clover was a grass of luck. Everyone who saw the four-leaf clover would live a life of peace and happiness! He was still young. After hearing about it, he was very surprised. She insisted on showing him the four-leaf clover. So... He was the only one who could draw such a pattern!

This younger brother of his had always been a very important person in his heart and had never changed. And now, he had put in so much effort for her. Had he already let go of what happened back then?

The second gift was Nangong Feng. When his peerlessly handsome face looked at Lan Xuehan, a little awkward. Lan Xuehan laughed secretly when she saw this. One should know that it was embarrassing for someone as thick-skinned as Young Master Nangong. That was really a big deal!

She was a little curious about the gift that Nangong Feng had given her!

Naturally, she first gave Dongfang Jin a plate of Cold Jade Ink Chess. It would not be a waste to give such a peerless chessboard to Dongfang Jin, because she remembered that Dongfang Jin liked chess the most!

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