Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C244 The Song Family's Madam(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C244 The Song Family's Madam(1)
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C244 The Song Family's Madam(1)

Indeed, Dongfang Jin accepted the chessboard with a smile on his face. There was a faint warmth between his brows as he looked at Nangong Feng. Lan Xuehan opened the gift for her and her eyes flashed with surprise and touched.

There was a jade green hairpin, and there were three words carved on the tip of the hairpin. Ye, Feng, Ling. These were the last names of the three of them in her previous life. Seeing this long-awaited surname "Ye," Lan Xuehan recalled every single detail of the past in the depths of her heart.

There was a small line of words under the box: Past life dissipates, happiness in this life!

These simple words made Lan Xuehan's heart tremble. Everything that she had carried in her past life had always been the pain that had been pressing down on her heart. In countless of midnight dreams, she could feel a kind of overwhelming sadness.

Even though she had told Feng about the past and had already put it aside, she still could not deceive herself. Now, it seemed like she had never lied to this man who had grown up with her!

She looked at Feng and saw him looking at her with a rare warm gaze. When he saw her looking at him, he looked away with a slightly unnatural gaze. Lan Xuehan grew up with him, so how could she not be familiar with his smiling movements?

She immediately understood that this hairpin was personally carved by Nangong Feng!

Looking at the lifelike jade orchid, Lan Xuehan's heart was filled with gratitude. In her previous life and this life, she had always been very glad to be able to meet him and Yao!

Knowing that Young Master Nangong was embarrassed, Lan Xuehan laughed and shifted her gaze away.

When Dongfang Jin saw all of this happening, he looked at Lan Xuehan's touched eyes. His fingers, which were holding the wine cup, curled up slightly. He lowered his eyes and covered the dark color in his eyes.

It was Xi Moyao's turn to give gifts. Her face, which was covered by a veil, was full of smiles. Her eyes were filled with evil light. When the ambassador presented the gift, Xi Moyao suddenly opened her mouth and said, "This gift is for Prince Xu and Miss Lan. This emperor's daughter and Miss Lan hit it off like old friends at first sight. So this gift is to wish the two of them a happy adulthood!"

As she spoke, her gaze was always on Lan Xuehan. Such a naked and wicked smile. It made the alarm in Lan Xuehan's heart ring. She knew Xi Moyao very well. Although she looked aloof and unruly in front of outsiders, in front of her and Feng, she had never had any bottom line to speak of, so this gift was definitely not simple!

Sure enough, Xi Moyao continued to speak.

"This gift was carefully chosen by this empress for the two of you, so the two of you should go back and take a look! Do not let down this princess's sincerity!"

After saying that, her gaze wandered around Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan.

Dongfang Jin smiled warmly. "Second princess is too polite, thank you for your gift!"

After saying that, he looked at Lan Xuehan. Seeing Lan Xuehan's puzzled face and the somewhat coquettish anger in her eyes, he understood that even she did not know what this gift was.

Next was the gifts from the various ministers. It was nothing more than some rare treasures. Lan Xuehan had always been lacking in interest. Looking at the sincere faces of the crowd, she found it funny in her heart!

At the end of the gift, someone suddenly came to report that it was the wife of the loyal Hou. Mrs. Soong had arrived!

When this news was rather despicable, Soong Xiaoyou's eyes clearly lit up, and then she subconsciously looked at Dongfang Jin. When she saw the joy on Dongfang Jin's face, she looked at Lan Xuehan provocatively.

Emperor Wenjing obviously had something special about Mrs. Soong. He ordered the person who came, "Quickly invite her in!"

Lan Xuehan only noticed the joy in Dongfang Jin's eyes and did not look at Soong Xiaoyou. She understood in her heart that this aunt was a very close existence to Dongfang Jin. Today was his birthday and his only family rushed back. Obviously, he was very happy!

Not long after, the loyal Madam Hou and Soong Xiaoyou's mother appeared in the hall. Lan Xuehan looked at the woman in front of her, and her eyes were filled with astonishment. Through this woman, she could vaguely see why Dongfang Jin had such a beautiful appearance.

Thinking back, Empress Xianjia, who had amazed the world, was also a stunning beauty of Ye Ge. Son!

This woman was wearing a gorgeous palace dress, but it did not show any trace of vulgarity. On the contrary, she looked more beautiful and gorgeous. Her features were like a painting, and her eyes were full of waves. It was intoxicating to look at her. Her stunning jade face did not have the slightest trace of time, and she had a myriad of bearing. Even her daughter, Linfeng Juzhu, lost a bit of color when standing in front of her.

It wasn't that she didn't look good, but rather that her body lacked a bit of the charm of the passage of time. Too young and immature, while her mother was a woman who had been settling down for a long time. Every frown and smile, every single move she made carried an alluring elegance.

She walked to the center of the hall, then smiled brightly and bowed. She had a graceful bearing and carried a noble air and a hint of arrogance.

"This subject's wife will participate in the Emperor, long live the Emperor."

Her voice was tender and sweet, like a mountain spring, clear and pleasant to listen to. Such a beautiful woman added fragrance to her red sleeves. The Zhongyi Marquis received many envious gazes from the crowd.

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