Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C245 Song Family's Madam(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C245 Song Family's Madam(2)
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C245 Song Family's Madam(2)

Emperor Wenjing had always been very special to this sister who was somewhat similar to Empress Xianjia. Whether it was compensation or entrusting something to her, it didn't matter. In any case, she was still rather gentle to him.

He had a smile on his face and said leisurely, "Mrs. Soong, quickly dispense with the formalities! Madam has finally returned. Today is the third son's birthday. Zhen thought that you would not be able to make it back in time! Now, seeing that you have caught up, it is also one of the regrets of third brother."

He could not say the rest of the words. Otherwise, it would only add to the gap between the father and son.

Mrs. Soong had a smile on her face. Then, she looked at Dongfang Jin and said slowly, "Today is Jin'er's birthday. How can I, the aunt, not come to pay my respects? I treated Jin'er like my own son!"

Dongfang Jin stood up and walked slowly to Mrs. Soong. His eyes were warm and his lips were slightly curved.

"Aunt, you have worked hard all the way!"

"Aunt, you don't have to work hard. Today is your crown day. Aunt wants to give you a gift to congratulate you! I just hope you don't mind Aunt's gift being too light. " Mrs. Soong's eyes were smiling and her tone was obviously intimate and relaxed.

"Aunt, if that's the case, how would Jin'er dare to reject Aunt's gift!"

This was the only family he had left in this world, so he naturally had more respect and affection for her.

"That's good." As she spoke, Mrs. Soong had already taken the box of the attendant beside her. After opening the box. There was a piece of clothing made of cloud brocade, and the collar was faintly outlined with fine lines. The workmanship was exquisite. One could tell that it was not an ordinary item at first glance.

Soong Xiaoyou was very good at seizing opportunities. She saw that her mother had returned and had someone to back her up. She immediately rushed forward and held her mother's arm with a coy and coquettish expression.

"Mother has finally returned. You-er missed you to death! Mother is really biased! She actually rushed back only when Jin was celebrating his birthday and wholeheartedly sided with Jin. You-er is going to be jealous!"

After saying that, she said shyly to Dongfang Jin, "Jin, look. My mother only has you in her eyes. There will still be me, her daughter, there! "

Dongfang Jin smiled without saying anything. His eyes did not even look at her. When Mrs. Soong saw it, there was a trace of gloominess between her brows, but the smile on her face did not change at all.

She gently patted Soong Xiaoyou's arm and said with a teasing smile, "You will still be jealous of your Jin? Don't you like him the most? Do you wish to share half of your mother with him?"

These words had a deep meaning. What about those present who didn't understand?

However, at this moment, they were all looking at each other with their eyes, nose, and heart. They acted as if they did not see what was happening in the hall. What a joke. Who didn't know that Prince Xu was extremely respectful towards his aunt? Now that his aunt and the person he liked had met face to face, this was another war without smoke and smoke. And at this moment, they did not dare to guarantee what Prince Xu would do!

Soong Xiaoyou's face was full of shyness, her eyes glancing at Dongfang Jin from time to time. Just as she was about to speak, Dongfang Jin suddenly cut her off.

"Aunt is really joking in Jin'er's heart. Aunt has long treated Jin'er as her mother. Aunt has always loved Jin'er when she was young, just like mother!"

These words were watertight, making Mrs. Soong speechless.

"Aunt came back just in time. Today is Jin'er's coronation day. In a few days, it will be Jin'er's wedding day. Aunt is Jin'er's elder. It just so happens that Aunt can let Aunt see Jin'er's future wife!"

He turned to look at Lan Xuehan. His eyes were gentle and light and the corner of his mouth was smiling as he softly said, "Xuehan, come here!"

The corners of Lan Xuehan's mouth carried a lazy fragrance as she stood up and slowly walked to his side according to his words. Seeing the jealousy and hatred in Soong Xiaoyou's eyes, the smile on the corner of her mouth deepened.

Soong Xiaoyou wanted to use her mother to give her a show of strength, but it also depended on whether she would take the attack or not! In her previous life, she did not call herself a genius of the special forces for nothing. How could she be affected by such a clown?

It was precisely because of the meaningless and noble temperament in Lan Xuehan's eyes that Mrs. Soong immediately understood that this girl was not simple.

But it was also true that she had never underestimated her. Not to mention that she bravely accompanied Dongfang Jin out of the Floating Dream, not to mention that she made Dongfang Jin fall in love with her. Not only did she not marry Fei Qing, but she also did not say that her name had shaken the entire world at the Four Countries pageant. Just the fact that she was the direct disciple of the Skysnow Mountain and Dongfang Jin's direct junior sister... She did not have the slightest intention of looking down on her!

After Lan Xuehan came to his side, Dongfang Jin smiled and held her hand. Then he smiled and said to her, "This is my aunt, the wife of the head of the loyal constabulary. Aunt has always been recuperating in the State of Yue, so you have never seen her! "

Then he said to Mrs. Soong, "Aunt, her name is Lan Xuehan. She is the wife that I am about to marry!"

Mrs. Soong could not hear the tender love in her words. She looked at Lan Xuehan. Although there was a smile in her eyes, there was not a trace of warmth.

"I know. The matter between the two of you spread like wildfire and everyone in the world knows about it. Even if I am far away in the State of Yue, I have also heard of it!"

Furthermore, she also knew that Lan Xuehan was the daughter of Lan Muhua and Lau Mianyue husband and wife.

She had already seen those two people the moment she entered the door. It had been more than ten years since they last saw each other. They were still the same as before, without any change at all!

But how could she forget what happened back then?

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