Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C246 Happy Birthday(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C246 Happy Birthday(1)
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C246 Happy Birthday(1)

Mrs. Soong's eyes were deep as she stared at Lan Xuehan for a while. The corner of her mouth curled up into an unknown smile. "Jin'er, Aunt underestimated you and You'er. I thought that you two would be able to further develop! However, I really didn't expect that the world would be so unpredictable! "

Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan were both very smart, so they naturally understood the meaning of Mrs. Soong's words. Lan Xuehan looked at them with interest and did not say a word. Dongfang Jin smiled faintly and his eyes lowered. "Aunt must be joking. Jin'er treated Xiaoyou like her biological sister. She has never had a relationship between a man and a woman!"

When Soong Xiaoyou heard this, her eyes turned red and her expression darkened. She pulled Mrs. Soong's sleeve tightly. Mrs. Soong smiled and said, "Jin'er, don't take it seriously. Aunt was just joking!"

After which, she shifted her gaze to Lan Xuehan and said with a smile, "Han looks to be more sensible than this lass and is naturally very good to match Jin'er. Aunt came back in a hurry and did not prepare for your arrival. Tomorrow, Aunt's house will prepare a banquet for you to return. Let Jin'er bring you along! Aunt will make up for it when the time comes. How about it?"

Lan Xuehan's gaze was light and the smile on her lips did not change in the slightest.

" Mrs. Soong must be joking. Of course, you do not need to care about these vulgar gifts. When the time comes, the madam will prepare the banquet and Xuehan will definitely be there!" The matter between the two of them spread across the world. How could Mrs. Soong not know? She had prepared a gift for Dongfang Jin but left it out for her. This intimidation was so obvious. Was she bullying that she could not see it?

Dongfang Jin also clearly saw Mrs. Soong's intention to go against Lan Xuehan. He frowned and then said with a smile, "Aunt has been busy for the whole day. Quickly take a seat! I will bring Xuehan over first."

"En, go! Don't forget to find a time to visit your aunt at the Song residence." Mrs. Soong glanced at Lan Xuehan from the corner of her eye and showed a gentle face to Dongfang Jin.

"Okay, Aunt, don't worry. Jin'er will naturally not forget!"

After saying that, she brought Lan Xuehan to her seat.

The people in the hall could clearly see the battle without any smoke, especially Xi Moyao. She stared at Mrs. Soong and scolded the old witch in her heart. Lau Mianyue saw her daughter being treated like this and she was also unhappy in her heart.

Just as Lan Xuehan sat down, she pulled Lan Xuehan's hand and asked with a gentle and loving expression, "Han, are you alright?"

Dongfang Jin looked at the anxiety and worry of his future mother-in-law and his heart was also filled with a faint feeling of guilt. The corner of his mouth curled and there was a trace of embarrassment between his brows.

"Aunt Lan, I'm very sorry. I guarantee that today's matter will never happen again!" One was his aunt whom he respected greatly, and the other was his beloved that he doted on. This dilemma was indeed giving him a headache.

Lan Xuehan smiled and looked at the two of them, then shook her head and said, "Mother, what can happen to me? Fortunately, this was only Dongfang Jin's aunt. If it was Dongfang Jin's mother, then I really have to consider this marriage. "

The joke in her tone made Lau Mianyue's brows loosen up. She looked at Lan Xuehan and smiled as she said, "It is true that when children grow up, they will not be able to help their mother. How can they speak up for others so quickly? Mother only asked you a few questions, look at you. You are defending just like that?"

Being teased by her mother like this, Lan Xuehan's face only turned red. There was no rebuttal. It was not that she was defending Dongfang Jin, but she understood Dongfang Jin's feelings towards her. It was not worth being angry with him over such a small matter. Besides, this was only his aunt, not his biological mother. She did not need to make herself unhappy!

She understood Dongfang Jin's situation very well. With the fall of maternal family, there was only one family left in this world that was related to him by blood. Of course, he had to pay extra attention to it!

This understanding was extremely touched in Dongfang Jin's eyes. The corner of his mouth curled into a warm smile. His eyes were filled with a faint light. He looked at Lan Xuehan as if he was looking at an endless sea. He was instantly drowned in it.

He grabbed Lan Xuehan's hand, stood up and said in a clear voice, "Today is the coming of age ceremony between Han and me, thank you all for your blessings. Han and I are a little tired. We will take our leave first. Everyone, take your time!"

After he finished speaking, he nodded at Lan Muhua and the others and then pulled Lan Xuehan out of the hall. Seeing Nangong Feng and Shangguan Lan's smiling eyes, Lan Xuehan lowered her head and urgently asked," What do you want to do? "

Dongfang Jin gently pinched her soft hand and softly threatened, "If you don't want me to carry you out, then be quiet!"

Lan Xuehan immediately stopped arguing when she heard him. Dongfang Jin, this person, would definitely do it if he could say it. He was shameless. She still wanted to go out and not be shot to death with his eyes!

Truly, shameless to the extreme!

Emperor Wenjing, who was sitting in the leader's seat, looked at the two of them who were leaving. He frowned and a cold light flashed in his eyes. However, when he thought about how the envoys of the three kingdoms were still around, he couldn't do anything too overboard, so he immediately covered up the glimmer in his eyes.

He smiled and said to Beiming Yu and the others, "Third Brother has been busy for the whole day. He must be tired. So, the three of you must not mind! "

This could be considered an explanation.

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