Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C249 Xueyhan's Ring(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C249 Xueyhan's Ring(2)
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C249 Xueyhan's Ring(2)

She opened the box that Dongfang Jin had given her and saw what was inside. Lan Xuehan felt that even though she was experienced and knowledgeable, she was still shocked by what was inside.

When the box was opened, a refreshing fragrance hit her face. It made her feel relaxed and relaxed. He looked at the hairpin inside. It was completely purple, and it looked like a tassel that carried a beauty that no one could move their eyes away from. The patterns on the hairpin were complicated and exquisite. It was enough to tell the heart of the person who sculpted it.

She exclaimed in surprise, "This is the heart of the deep sea sandalwood in the Southern Region?"

Dongfang Jin gave him a praising look and teased her with a smile, "I didn't expect you to recognize it. That's right, this is the heart of the deep sea of the Southern Region. "

After getting Dongfang Jin's confirmation, Lan Xuehan felt that the hairpin was burning. Today, the Peach Blossom Flowing Moon hairpin that her mother gave her and all the other gifts were not as precious as the one he gave her.

It was rumored that the sandalwood in the deep sea of Southern Province was the highest grade sandalwood in the world. The sweet fragrance emitted by the sandalwood could make one's heart go wild, calm their mind and calm their minds. Prolonging one's lifespan, forever preserving one's youth. The sandalwood in the depths of the South Province Sea was the king of the sandalwood, especially the heart of the sandalwood. Its effects were hundreds of times greater than ordinary sandalwood.

But because the depths of the Southern Province Sea was remote, it was even one of the ancient miracles. Hence, this became a legend, and no one confirmed it. She only found out about it when she was fortunate enough to read it in her ancestor's letter.

She just didn't expect that Dongfang Jin would actually make such a rare treasure into a hairpin and give it to her today.

"Dongfang Jin, do you want everyone in the world to come and kill me?" Although her tone was harsh, it wasn't hard for Dongfang Jin to see the tears in her eyes.

He elegantly took the wooden hairpin from her hand and inserted it into her hair. Seeing the purple light slowly circulating in her ink-black hair, it made her look even more elegant and extraordinary.

The corners of his mouth curled into a satisfied smile. "Then you have to stay by my side at all times!"

This sentence made Lan Xuehan suddenly feel that Dongfang Jin was planning to give her such a valuable gift.

"Dongfang Jin, won't your conscience hurt?" Lan Xuehan opened her almond eyes and asked him seriously.

Then, this fellow smiled and asked, "My conscience? Do I have this thing?"

... "" Alright, she was completely convinced.

Dongfang Jin looked at her. Dark waves flowed through his eyes, overflowing with emotion.

"Lan Xuehan, where's my gift?" He knew her very well. Today was an important day for the two of them. She definitely would not forget about this.

However, Lan Xuehan was still angry at Dongfang Jin for scolding her just now. Her tone was not good as she snorted, "I'm sorry! Young Master Wushuang, this little girl did not prepare a birthday gift for you. Next time, I will make it up to you next time!"

When Dongfang Jin heard her, he leaned closer to her and looked at her with an extremely dangerous smile.

" Are you sure you forgot? Forget it. But a birthday present, how could there be a reason to give it up next time? You know what I've always wanted. Why don't you give yourself to me as a birthday present?"

Lan Xuehan's face was burning hot. She drifted her eyes and did not look at his charming face. She swallowed her saliva with difficulty and gently pushed him.

"Dongfang Jin, you... Don't get so close to me! I was joking with you. How could I forget your birthday present?"

Her face was flushed red, and her body was constantly leaning back. Her mouth also softened. Dongfang Jin got up. He understood Lan Xuehan's character. It was alright to tease her appropriately, but if she went overboard, the one who would suffer in the end would still be him.

Lan Xuehan immediately heaved a sigh of relief when Dongfang Jin's body was far away. She lowered her head and did not look at Dongfang Jin. Then, she took out a small box from her sleeve. Then she murmured, "My present is definitely not as good as yours, but I can guarantee that. This is definitely the only thing in the world. "

These words aroused Dongfang Jin's curiosity. He smiled and opened the box. Looking at the things inside, Lan Xuehan's eyes did not flash the surprise she was looking forward to.

She was unwilling to give up and asked, "Aren't you surprised? This thing, I have traveled the Pugilistic World for so long and have seen countless treasures in the world, but I have never seen such a thing!"

Dongfang Jin smiled and said, "The stone behind Skysnow Mountain, you made it into a ring. What's so surprising about it? " It was just that this ring was indeed unique to the world. It was also his first time seeing such an exquisite appearance.

This is an extremely exquisite ring, inlaid with sparkling stones. Dongfang Jin had seen this thing before in Skysnow Mountain when he was young, so there was nothing surprising about it.

However, Lan Xuehan was not convinced. This was a broken stone, and it was clearly a diamond! It was just that these ancient people did not know what it was.

She snorted and said, "This ring was forged by this little sister with a lot of effort. This ring is a pair, and the other one is with me."

As she spoke, she took out the other ring as well. Dongfang Jin looked at the two identical rings, and a sweet feeling surged in his heart.

He never knew that she only gave him such a cheap thing, and it was also more precious than all other precious things in time!

His gaze carefully swept across the rings, and suddenly discovered two tiny words on the inside: Jin, Han.

The names of the two people were engraved in the ring, and the sweetness in Dongfang Jin's heart surged even more.

Before he could say anything, Lan Xuehan said to him very seriously, "Dongfang Jin, do you know? The rings are a bond between the two of them, a witness to a lifetime promise."

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